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Release Candidates / Bioshock Infinite
« on: 11:11 AM - 03/26/13 »
I'm going to test the translators from 1 and 2 today at some point to see if they will help for the time being.  Played with a controller for about 4 hours on normal last night, feels like they made you super OP.  Haven't even come close to death once. 

Release Candidates / Jtag to get RC's out sooner
« on: 02:54 AM - 11/05/12 »
So, I have this friend that has a Jtaged xbox.  He never plays online with it, however, he downloads games before they come out just so he can get the story sooner (I played and finished Halo 4 about 2 weeks ago at his place).  I am also pretty sure the dudes at WikiGameGuides (formerly NexGenWalkthroughs) do this with games as well because they always seem to have the hardest difficulty guides completed (no easy task for those of you used to vid capping and editing) the day of launch or shortly thereafter. My question to you, OBsIV, is why don't you do this soley for the purpose of getting RC's out in time for the game launch?

This question has kind of been bugging me:  There has to be some standard code generated by the console based on what you do with the analogs.  That gode gets interpreted by the game which translates into how the reticule moves.  Right?  If this is so, isnt there a way to reverse engineer that code for a perfect translator every time?  or do you already do something similar to this?

XIM EDGE Discussions / SmartPost shipping method
« on: 05:35 PM - 09/13/12 »
Ok, so I busted the screen on my xim 3.  Million-in-one Rube Goldberg accident.  Anyways, I go online to order the edge and I select the SmartPost option.  Why?  It was $3 less.  "More efficient" FedEx claims.  Bullshiz!  I was stoked to see that it arrived at the FedEx facility in my city this morning and was in transit.... but not to my house.  All SmartPost means is that they hand it over to USPS instead of just putting it on the truck that runs the route by your house every day.  This means anywhere from 1 to 3 days extra time for it to get to you.  In my case 2 days, and through google maps I found that the package travels roughly 50 extra miles.  Efficiency, my @#$%. 

Just thought I would give y'all a heads up if you are about to order something. 

The max in-game sensitivity was raised from 20 to 30.  I assume this effects the ST.  It needs an updated translator. 

I would like to have a decent number of decent people to Play Reach with.  I'm tired of going positive 25 and still loosing because my teammates are obviously retards.  But not as tired of greedy developers cranking out the same crap game every year *coughActivisioncough* so come play a game made by a developer that still actively cares about its fans and who makes sure their games actually work through the use of betas (hey I don't see Slactivision banning cheaters and adding in user-made maps to the MM hopper.)

Plus, good luck doing this in COD:  http://www.bungie.net/stats/reach/gamestats.aspx?gameid=915155329&player=KodRaiN

yeah, my whole team got perfections.  I look to see some of you in games like this with me. 

GT: KodRaiN

For those interested in it, my reach service record (keep in mind I got the XIM3 about half way into my halo career, starting at a 1.1kd at the time): http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/Career/ServiceRecord?gamertag=KodRaiN

XIM 3 Discussions / Anniversary uses Reach aming mechanics
« on: 09:49 AM - 11/15/11 »
I am pretty sure the aiming mechanics in Anniversary are that of Reach.  I switch between the two (Reach and the original Halo) quite frequently, using the Reach translator on the original Halo as well.  Right from the start it felt just like Reach.  Also, the 'default' control layout in Anniversary is the exact same thing as Reach's, so you don't have to create a new layout.  This makes sense from a developer's standpoint, as well.  Best to keep something like that the same for their player base if they are going to be switching between the two frequently. 

Oh, and man does that sniper sound sexy now...

XIM 3 Discussions / I play [game name(s)] add me.
« on: 08:16 PM - 11/09/11 »
I am creating this thread in hopes that it will allow us to find each other on Xbox Live more often.  Mainly for social gaming.  Here is how this thread goes: 

Type the name(s) of game(s) that you play often so that other XIM users can add you to their friends list on XBL if they also play those games.  Make sure when you send a friend request to that person, you also let them know what game(s) you play and that you are a fellow XIM user.  Please update your posts as you start to play new games and/or discontinue playing older games on a (roughly) monthly basis.  Thank you and I hope to see some of you online.  My goal is to create this as a sort of directory of active XIM users and the games they play.  Please only post once to make it easier to scroll through posts.  I hope this idea works and if not, sorry.   

I play Reach often, occasionaly I play gears 3, halo 3, and MW2.  I usually play anywhere from afternoons to late nights (mountain time)   GT: Kodrain

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