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Feedback / Forum profile customization
« on: 07:28 PM - 06/15/14 »
I was just thinking...

There's not really much to our forum profiles.  It would be cool if we could add stuff like a bio, a few pictures (to show off our sweet setups), and maybe a place to imbed videos of our gameplay.  Maybe some blogs, too. 

Although there's really only about a hundred of us or so that regularly post in the forums on a weekly basis it seems. 

XIM 4 Discussions / Poll: What phone OS do you use?
« on: 06:09 AM - 06/15/14 »
One of the lingering questions regarding the XIM4 launch is the order in which the two remaining OS after Android get the Mobile Manager first.  On one side you have the (likely) more popular iOS, but there are some issues with it utilizing bluetooth.  On the other side you have the Windows Phone which more than likely has fewer users on this site, but releasing an app on this OS will be much easier.  This poll is designed to assist OBsIV in making a decision that makes the XIM community happier as a whole. 


I have posted photos of my portable gaming lapdesk in a few other threads, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying such a thing? 

I made this with relatively no planning and It has held up to a ton of travel and use for over 3 years.  100% of my XIM-ing is done on this board, not just when I travel.  It's really handy when I need to store it as it donesn't take up much space at all.  It is made out of plastic cutting board and parts from a hardware store.  It's a little sloppy in places, but I just ordered more materials to make another one.  Cutting board makes a spectacular surface for optic/laser mice due to how nearly frictionless the surface is when in contact with the bottom of a mouse, yet it grips clothing material quite nicely.

This particular model is about 12" W x 13" L (26" unfolded) x 5" H.  I have had no issues with lack of mouse space, and I play at 20-30 sens. @ 5600dpi.  This compact size would not allow for a full-sized keyboard, but who really needs one with a XIM?  The XIM and the keypad are held in place with Velcro. 

The new one will be essentially the same thing, just cleaner, more professional, and slightly longer (allthough that can be customizable to a point based on your preference).  The cutting board I used for this one was 1/4" thick, but I had to double it up at the hinges to make sure that joint was strong enough.  The new one will be made of 1/2" thick cutting board (that comes in 12"x18" sizes, the scraps are used to make the controller holder).  I can also do them in yellow, blue, red, green, and brown (I have only looked into the 12"x18"x1/2" stock, larger stock may be color-limmited and more expensive).

I am estimating that I will charge about $75-$85, depending on the total cost of materials and time involved, and that shipping will be about $20 in the US.  I would make these as they are ordered which will result in about 3 weeks from order to delivery depending on my work schedule and the time it takes for the cutting boards to arrive in the mail. 

Here are some additional pictures: 

I will post pictures of the next iteration that I build in about a week and a half.  Please let me know what you think and if this is something you might be interested in obtaining.  Feel free to ask any questions/ give suggestions as well. 


Easily the best part of the M$ E3 press conference, in probably the majority opinion based off the buzz on the internet.  Here are the basics based off what was briefly mentioned and some extra things I've been able to logically infer from what has been stated:

-Remastered campaigns of Halo 1 and 2.  For sure they are adding fresh paint to Halo 2's campaign, but I am still wondering if they are updating Halo 1's textures from the anniversary remake released in November 2011, or just including that overhaul. 

-Halo 3 and 4 campaigns and multiplayers.  At this point it sounds like both those games will be left unaltered with the exception of user interfaces and the matchmaking systems.  Since the MC Collection comes on one disc, ALL content unlocked, loading a mission/multiplayer map also loads the respective game's engine.  This means campaign and multiplayer playlists that jump between the four installments. 

-Over 100 multiplayer maps.  OK, so when you look into that number, and break that down across four installments, this means EVERY official map from each game.  Here's the list of official maps for each game:
__Halo: CE_ (Xbox) 13 maps:  Battle Creek, Blood Gulch, Boarding Action, Chill Out, Chiron TL-34, Damnation, Derelict, Hang 'EM High, Longest, Prisoner, Rat Race, Sidewinder, and Wizard. 
__Halo: CE_ (PC) 6 maps:  Danger Canyon, Death Island, Gephyrophobia, Ice Fields, Infinity, Timberland. 
__Halo 2_ (Xbox) 23 Maps:  Ascension, Backwash, Beaver Creek, Burial Mounds, Coagulation, Colossus, Containment, Desolation, Elongation, Foundation, Gemini, Headlong, Ivory Tower, Lockout, Midship, Relic, Sanctuary, Terminal, Tombstone, Turf, Warlock, Waterworks, and Zanzibar. 
__Halo 2_ (Vista) 2 maps:  District, Uplift.
__Halo 3_ 23 maps:  Assembly, Avalanche, Blackout, Citadel, Cold Storage, Construct, Epitaph, Foundry, Ghost Town, Guardian, Heretic, High Ground, Last Resort, Longshore, Narrows, Orbital, Rat's Nest, Sandbox, Sandtrap, Snowbound, Standoff, The Pit, and Valhalla. 
__Halo 4_ 24 maps: Abandon, Adrift, Complex, Daybreak, Erosion, Exile, Harvest, Haven, Impact, Landfall, Longbow, Meltdown, Monolith, Outcast, Perdition, Pitfall, Ragnarok, Ravine, Shatter, Skyline, Solace, Vertigo, Vortex, and Wreckage.

Oddly, that only brings us to a total of 91 maps, and that would be assuming they remake/add in every map from Halos 1-4, even the remakes of, uh, remakes? Dawg?  My only other theory is that by "Maps," 343 is referring to both campaign and multiplayer levels.  At an average of 10 levels per Halo, that would be 40 of the 100 maps, so a lot of the lesser-known maps might not make the cut. 

Another thing that has me curious is that I've read on a few articles that only six of the Halo 2 maps are getting a fresh coat of paint.  I don't know how accurate of a statement that is, but maybe there will only be six Halo 2 maps?  Who knows.  At this point it would be safe to assume that each Halo will have a full campaign and at least a few of the better-known maps running on the original engine.  I hope that includes Halo 1, whether or not they have fresh textures and skyboxes. 

Also mentioned on a few different articles was that each game will have their old glitches intact.  I really don't know the validity of that information, but it could be a good or a bad thing.  If this includes the campaign, the speed-running community will be very happy.  If it includes the multiplayer (exiting nearly every CE level, H2 double/quad shot/BXR, and superbounces) it could make a few of the hardcore people happy, but would be more than likely leave a sour taste in the mouths of people used to more recent titles with fewer blatant glitches/exploits. 

-4000 gamerscore.  I'm stoked about this because I have nearly every achievement for the halo games save for Halo Wars, Vista, and one in Halo 4.  Hopefully they don't add in too many lame ones like that Mantis stomp one in Halo 4...

-Halo 5 beta access. 

-Halo Nightfall.  Digital live-action by Ridley Scott, expanding the Halo universe.  Forward Unto Dawn was decent given its budget.  Let's see what Mr. Scott can do. 

All this is available November 14th on the Xbox One for only $60.  I'm pretty stoked about this and I am interested in what the rest of you think about it.   

XIM 4 Discussions / Mobile xim manager/desktop xim manager
« on: 11:34 AM - 05/17/14 »
I seem to remember hearing that the first priority OS mobile manager for the XIM4 will be on Android, and that there will also be one for the desktop, and on-the-fly ajustments can be made Edge-style, Is this still the case?  Will the mobile manager(s) be availiable at launch?  How soon after the Android will the iOS and WP8 (and perhaps other mobile versions for W8 tablets if necessary) apps be availiable?  I am assuming the pecking order is Android/desktop, iOS, WP8...  I understand exact info might be impossible at this stage of development, but any info at all would be great for people shopping for new phones any time soon. 


General Discussion / MJ
« on: 07:54 PM - 03/21/14 »
MJ.  yes.  Mary Jane. Cannabis.  Marijuana.  Whatever you wanna call it.  Being as I live in Colorado, It's all over the place in the news, (and in general, and in my system).  So I'm trying to get a video gamer's/Non-Coloradan perspective on it. 

So whaddya think of it?  Is it "the devils drug?" or are you more like, "Whatever, do what you want so long as it doesn't become a problem or drain on society."  Do you think it should be legal and regulated and taxed?

Do you use it?  Do you use it while video gaming?

I understand this is might be taboo to post on this site because it's still illegal most everywhere else.  I'm just curious, that's all.

General Discussion / post your internet speed test
« on: 02:46 PM - 01/28/14 »
So I'm mainly curious as to what most of you use for internet an how good it is.  So imbed your speed test results and let me know how much you pay per month. 

As of now I am in between ISP's but I was using Century Link.  7 down, 5 up at about $60 a month.  Methinks they were molesting my wallet...

General Discussion / Metal (music)
« on: 06:21 PM - 01/16/14 »
I could really only find one other thread pertaining to metal, but it was over 3 years old.  Let's try this again.  I want this thread to be a place where we can discuss all things metal, what some of our favorite bands are and why. 

I'll start:

I started playing the drums around the age of 10.  I had a few lessons for about the first year.  I really liked playing classic rock songs, basically anything that was played on a classic rock station.  In 8th grade I did jazz band, all the way through my senior year of high school.  My interests changed through middle and high school.  I started getting bored with classic rock songs and started becoming more interested in bands like Green Day, Nirvana, and System of a Down.  As their drum parts became easier and easier to play, I became more bored with them. 

Around my sophomore or freshman year I was given a copy of the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack.  On it were bands like Ill Nino, Killswitch engage, In Flames, Slipknot, and Lamb of God.  I loved it all.  The speed, Energy, Intensity... Ever since, metal is almost all I listen to.  Out of all modern major forms of music it is the only genre that places value on musicianship and skill over anything.  Many metal musicians are among the most talented and versatile musicians in the world.  Many don't do it for money, they do it to impress the world's musical elite. 

My music Library:
Abigail Williams, Aborted, Agiel, The Algorithm, All Shall Perish, Allegaeon, Amon Amarth, Animals as Leaders, Animosity, Anup Sastry, Arch, Archons, Arsis, Behemoth, Beneath the Massacre, Benighted, Between the Burried and Me, Beyond Creation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Born of Osiris, Brain Drill, Burning the Masses, Cacophony, Cerebrum, Children of Bordeom, Circle of contempt, Circles, The Contortionist, Cradle of Filth, The Crown, Cryogen, Cynic, Daath, Decapitated, Decrepit Birth, The Devin Townsend Project, Dimmu Borgir, Disavowed, Enfold Darkness, Ensiferum, Ever Forthright, The Faceless, Fallujah, Fields of Elysium, First Reign, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gorod, The HAARP Machine, Hate Eternal, The Holy Guile, Hour of Pennance, Human Abstract, In Flames, Infant Annihilator, Inferi, Into Eternity, Job for a Cowboy, Kamelot, Keep of Kalessin, Lamb of God, Last Chance to Reason, Luciferion, Make them Suffer, Man Must Die, Martyr, Mechanisim, Meshuggah, Monstrosity, Necrophagist, Nevermore, Nile, Obscura, Odious Mortem, Opeth, Ordinance, Origin, Periphery, Psycroptic, Pyramaze, Rings of Saturn, Satan's Host, Scale the Summit, The Shattering, Signal the Firing Squad, Sikth, Sleep Terror, Soilwork, Soreption, Strapping Young Lad, Structures, Substructure, Symphony X, Tesseract, Textures, Threat Signal, Thy art is Murder, Tool, Uneven Structure, Vader, Vale of Pnath, Veil of Maya, Vessania, Volumes, Winds of Plague, Wintersun, Within the ruins, Xerath, Yrkoon. 


Xbox / Looking for MW2 players
« on: 05:41 PM - 01/09/14 »
This may sound weird, but I've been having dreams about this game.  I used to play it pre- XIM all the time, and in my opinion, it's the least-garbage COD.  Man I miss the Intervention, SPAS-12, FAMAS, and UMP.  plus the maps were the best.  Not too many routes through them and better spawning. 

Anyway, if you are looking to play this game again, add me on XBL.  KodRaiN.  Just add "MW2" in the message.  Not to get back up to speed and see if they've ruined this game with updates.  I swear, if they reduced the SPAS to just a queef because kids complain that a shotgun shouldn't be that strong or ranged...

General Discussion / How big is XIM?
« on: 02:29 PM - 01/02/14 »
As in, how many total units of 3's and Edges have been sold?  I've always been curious...

Feedback / Non-Xim related discussion forrums
« on: 11:06 PM - 12/30/13 »
It'd be all like:

XIM Community >>  Non-XIM Discussions >> Sports (or whatever)

Your audience is growing.  This site is growing.  Most similar sites offer these locations for off-topic discussion amongst the community.  (the red vs. blue site is a perfect example)

so it is written

Xbox / Borderlands 2 (duping if you want)
« on: 10:54 PM - 12/30/13 »
Just a heads up to anyone who still plays this game still.  Would be nice to have a few more friends online consistently who play this. 

I also have a ton of guns I will dupe.  Most of the famous legendaries at most of the previous level caps, too.  I have sollected almost all of the most useful legendaries, pearls, and seraphs at OP8.  I can also help boost characters.  Pretty much all I do anymore is Boost and speed run story. 

There's not a XIM working on one yet.
There aren't any games worth getting for them (that aren't already released on current-Gen).
New consoles cost more at launch (especially outside the US).
Release day version consoles are more likely to have problems (Remember the red rings on the 360)?
All your friends wont have one (so not even party chat). 

Granted, when the beta launches, Obsive will be glad for all you guinea pigs. 

As will I when I finally get a console, because all the software kinks will be worked out and most major complaints will be addressed, not just with the XIM4 but the console it'self. 

just my two cents...

General Discussion / Optimal DPI for XIM
« on: 08:14 PM - 12/30/13 »
Is there a DPI that is optimal, a DPI after which higher is irrelevant, or is the higher the DPI, the better?

I was always under the assumption that the higher the DPI your mouse has, the better the feel on the XIM.  I remember when i first got a XIM3 I was using and old Dell mouse at about 200-400 DPI.  It felt awful and I had to increase the XIM sensitivity almost to the maximum value otherwise aiming felt sluggish.  Shortly thereafter I upgraded to a Logitech G500, running its maximum of 5500 DPI (I know the newest model of the G500 goes to like, 8600 or something insane like that).  Feels much better, and I'm pretty sure it's the most popular mouse used by XIMers.  I know other XIMers are using other mice, like Razers, that run well under 3k DPI.  Would it be worth it to upgrade to the new G500?  I wear out G500's about every 3 years and it's almost that time...


Release Candidates / Bioshock Infinite
« on: 11:11 AM - 03/26/13 »
I'm going to test the translators from 1 and 2 today at some point to see if they will help for the time being.  Played with a controller for about 4 hours on normal last night, feels like they made you super OP.  Haven't even come close to death once. 

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