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None work at this time. I've personally tested both the PDP Rock Candy Wired X1 Pad & the POWER A Mini Pro EX Wired X1 Controller, both are not recognized. Until Obsiv adds them in a later FW update, you will have to use an official MS X1 Pad.

Thanks so much for the info i was literally in line at bestbuy about to buy that Power A one....lol guess I gotta get that expensive OEM one only for it to break on me again. sigh

My xbox one controller just started that dreaded drift issue.
Before replacing it with OEM, I was wondering if anyone had good experiences with third party cheapos.
I know it's not officially supported, but thought it would be worth it to ask to save me 20 bucks...


Cool, stipple pens are pretty cool!

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 01:27 PM - 07/17/15 »
Honestly HCs needed a range nerf, they pretty much made scouts obsolete since they could reach out & touch someone from long ranges and do more damage at the meaningless price of you have to reload more.

However I'm mainly referring to the ones like TLW & Thorn, where you could literally outsnipe an actual sniper with them from the opposite side of the map.

However, I do think they went a bit overboard. Then again I think they went overboard with a lot of what they are doing.

But that was the thing right...HC's and SR's were supposed to compete at long range, but one has more bullets and higher RoF, while the other was stronger, but less bullets and lower RoF... It's weird to put the HC to the category of close to mid with the pulse rifle and auto rifle...

I always saw it as:
Pulse Rifle vs Auto Rifle
Hand Cannon(except TLW) vs Scout Rifle.
Shotgun vs Fusion Rifle
and I guess sniper rifle is on its own.

If HC's are meant to be close range, they better nerf TLW a lot...because that'll be all that anyone uses (even more than now...)

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 01:01 PM - 07/17/15 »
Ugh....not good news...

Nerfing handcannons... I always though HC's were supposed to be a powerhouse at most ranges but low RoF so you can't miss shots...so now they're saying HC's are only meant for close to med range? Basically everyone will be moving from thorn to TLW....

I have an old gun that I ascended... Lord High Fixer. It's got the send it perk for increased range, and another perk that increases range even more when aiming down sight. Can't get this gun anymore, so if these two range perks offset the nerf, this gun will be my go to for everything....

All in all, unless scout rifles feel amazing now, I'm quite sad.

Thanks guys!

Good advice Od1n, I'll have to figure out a way to simulate pencil/pen and still make sure the lines are visible, yet contrasting. That's why I used blue, but I get what you're saying, it's a bit distracting and difficult when a kid compares it to their drawing with paper and pencil.

General Discussion / Shamless plug for my Youtube channel
« on: 01:01 PM - 07/15/15 »
Hey guys,

This isn't even game related, but I started a youtube channel for how to draw videos, mostly for kids drawing Disney characters and stuff. Got the idea from watching my neice spend an hour trying to draw Elsa from a youtube video...I thought it would be cool to try, as someone who likes to draw, I love teaching kids.

If you guys have kids (or if you guys like to try yourselves), let me know if these videos help them draw anything :D

If anyone likes, please sub, I'll be doing a new vid every week hopefully ... thanks!

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 04:29 PM - 06/23/15 »
Not sure I follow. If you want buffed bullets like FR or LitC, you would want smaller mag size, right?

My point is that the base reload is so slow, 1x buff from chain of woe doesn't do much. And getting 3x is tough in PvP (unlike PvE).

IMO a good combo would be:
Final Round
Smallbore (increased range, even smaller mag size)

Assuming you can get headshots, reloading in between kills will be fastest with outlaw, small mag size gives better chance at using FR, and range boost helps.

I think flared magwell makes it reload slightly quicker than thorn, which is pretty slow still.

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 02:27 PM - 06/23/15 »
The reload speed on this gun makes the thorn look fast. If you can chain of woe 3x, it's good, but in PvP, that'll be a bit hard, and 1x buff doesn't do too much.

Outlaw is what will be nice. From what I understand, Outlaw is max reload speed after precision kill (for 5 sec).

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 03:25 PM - 06/22/15 »
Just got it actually and I kinda like it, hits hard like thorn, but doesnt take an exotic slot.

Trying to get a reroll with outlaw (max reload speed after precision kill) and final round, which would make the small mag size useful.

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 03:44 PM - 06/19/15 »
did you get it from just a regular crucible match? I've only heard of it dropping from salvage and IB....

Would love to try it...I love hardhitting, low RoF...if it can roll with Outlaw that would be awesome...

General Discussion / Re: Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 11:55 AM - 06/19/15 »
Has anyone gotten the Ill Will handcannon?

General Discussion / Re: E3 2015
« on: 04:09 PM - 06/18/15 »
with the wii they have the best selling console there ever was so far, no other console sold that much
and with the 3ds they have the handheld counterpart in their hands too
nintendo might not be successfull with the wiiu, but that doesnt matter much since the 3ds is carrying them pretty well

it will at least take another console generation with no success for nintendo to be forced to go the software way

I wouldn't judge the success of a console on just how many units sold, but games as well.
That being said, I couldn't get comparative figures.
Total Wii games sold as of March 31, 2014: 895.22 million
Total Xbox 360 games sold as of December 2009: 353.8 million.

3rd party games also notoriously do not fare well on Nintendo consoles. Nintendo floats because of their flagship games, which isn't a bad thing, but I don't see it carrying them forever. There isn't a new Smash Bros or Mario game every year like COD or Halo, etc.

I've always enjoyed Nintendo games, just never really cared for the console (after N64). The wii was for effing around at a party with some friends, that was about it...

General Discussion / Re: E3 2015
« on: 12:23 PM - 06/18/15 »
If their new system comes out in 2016/2017 then it's life cycle would have been four or five years, which is pretty good considering it's 'failure'. Remember that at this point Microsoft had already abandoned it's 'failed' console and released the 360.

I think the main disappointment has been with the fact that Nintendo should know better...they've been in the business for how many years now...For Microsoft's first console, it was almost expected that it wouldn't last as long, especially considering the time is came out (quite a bit after ps2). The 360, only their second console, like 8 years? That's pretty crazy.

I know MS has a lot of money, but still...Nintendo has been a disappointment since the gamecube honestly...they just haven't kept up with mainstream gaming. If they are just gonna keep depending on a  few flagship games like Zelda, they will go the way of Sega...

Actually....I kind of want them to go software only....put all their resources into making great games instead of subpar consoles (yes yes just my opinion)

General Discussion / Re: E3 2015
« on: 03:59 PM - 06/17/15 »
Is that on the PC version as well, I don't remember being able to speed up the meter. That's one of the reasons I was afraid of replaying it in recent times. I remember the combat getting a little too dragged out thanks to animations.

I believe it would be in both, in the settings menu, you can set the speed of battle(which is basically the meter), and turn on or off the ATB (whether or not the enemy can continue to attack while you are making menu choices.)

They better as hell not be having no chibi Cloud running around...no amount of HD will make chibi characters ok....

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