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Game Support / Archive for old game settings?
« on: 07:09 PM - 12/01/20 »
Greetings! Dusting of my PS4 and tried setting up XIM Apex for Uncharted 4 MP. Didnt see it in the game settings list anymore. Is there a place to retrieve those? Or is it not listed anymore because its old and there were no game settings for it to begin with?

Game Support / Re: The Division 2 Config
« on: 07:44 AM - 03/22/19 »
Im a PS Nav user. Trying to get the analog swap to work so I can use the mouse to nav the map and make selections instead of left analog. Doing something wrong anyone done this yet?

Edit- Got it. But active on button hold. Toggle is the solution but map doesnt open troubleshooting it now.

Edit2- Had to play with the delay. Apparently the Aux Config activation was way faster than the registration of the map activation key. Bravo for the delay feature. Well done XIM. Still some boosting to do but works mostly.

Default is 3 for both left and right for me.

Don't know if Training at zero wouldve been better though.

Game Support / Re: The Division 2 Config
« on: 06:54 AM - 03/22/19 »
Thanks Mist and Team BTW.

Game Support / Re: The Division 2 Config
« on: 06:53 AM - 03/22/19 »
You don't have to reinstall guys. Just go to options->global settings-> force download.

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends will need a retrain?
« on: 09:04 AM - 03/21/19 »
So this is the game that is creating such a backlog for Mist.  ;). I wish we could train things ourselves pump this STs out faster.

Game Support / Re: Division 2 st?
« on: 08:55 AM - 03/21/19 »
Ive been following the Stickies above in planned support.  Training just finished up but mist is finishing the rest of the procedures to get the ST out the door.  I'm checking throughout the days last few days Haha.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 05:59 PM - 03/19/19 »
Training finished this morning and while I'll be working on the 4 STs today I don't expect to be finished today. Save those F5 buttons. :)

O'Rly? 4 STs for TD2?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 11:49 AM - 03/12/19 »
Looking forward to Division 2. Looks like its released already for those that have purchased the gold or ultimate editions.  :'(

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption 2
« on: 09:07 AM - 11/14/18 »

Create a sub-config, where Nav L2 trigger is R2. Done.

Good idea. Glad I'm a Nav user. I'll try to give it a shot. Thx.

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption 2
« on: 09:30 AM - 11/07/18 »
So I'm having a bit of trouble with dueling and R2. For the dueling it states slowly press R2 then pull all the way. Since it's a mouse click and there is no pressure sensitive R2 does anyone have a work around. I tried just playing as is but I'm losing quite a bit.

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption 2
« on: 10:31 PM - 10/30/18 »
pdogg, The look mechanic is different between third person perspective (default) and first person perspective. The back/select/touchpad button changes between these two perspectives. The correct config should be loaded for whichever perspective is active in game.

TY sir. Interesting. Do you guys basically assign the back/select/touchpad button to switch between STs also to sync which view you select? Didn't know it could do that. Man Im still back in the XIM1 days thankful I can use something other than the gamepad.

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption 2
« on: 11:43 AM - 10/30/18 »
Sorry for the noob question guys. It's been a really long time since I purchased a rockstar game probably since RDR1.  I tried a search but couldn't find a clear answer. I didn't play GTA either so I'm out of the know. Why are there two STs? Is there an option in game to strictly play in 1st person?

Exactly the information I was looking from owning all the XIM devices I just wanted to know whats the pro from the last version.  Thanks for the detailed reply Anti.

I replied in your 1st thread http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=48696.15

but since this is the proper place for issues....I'm posting a link to my story and maybe you can relate.  It does sound like your dealing with two different issues though, but sounds very close to mine.  Maybe you can take the same steps I did and you'll notice what your XIM does more if you watch it right when it disconnects.


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