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Smart Translators / Re: Homefront ST please
« on: 06:00 PM - 03/16/11 »
For what it's worth, my blops ST works fine for homefront. I use the exact same profile and it seems to play how i like it. All though homefront seems a bit sluggish in comparison to blops (not the xim but the controls in general even with a controller)

thanks, sorry for any grief

So i figured out how to manually put it in pc mode (with the red button) and flashed the new firmware. now everything is working. i apologize for my hastiness. still i wonder about that return policy.

We received your RMA request applied to the Order Number X-15220920.
You RMA number is 8.
In few days you will receive an email with important instructions.
Please, do not ship the item(s) until you receive an authorization email from us.

Thanks for using XIM Technologies.

A few days is an unacceptable timeline for a customer who orders overnight shipping.

I apologize if I am over reacting to this situation, I understand that you are probably very busy selling lots of new XIMs. However your company policy appears to penalize me greatly for a mistake you made. Maybe who ever gets paid to "test each XIM3 before it leaves" isn't doing their job properly. Perhaps they should be penalized instead of me. Poor quality control can ruin an otherwise outstanding company. The same could be said for customer service.

So you are telling me that if no single device registers when plugged in by themselves, my XIM3 is faulty?  I am curious what the timeline is for me to receive a working XIM3? I payed for overnight shipping with my purchase and that now seems like an incredible waste of money, unless you are planning on overnighting me a new one tomorrow (which i did not get that impression from the warranty information). I am trying to stay calm right now but I am beginning to feel like this is going to go poorly for me. This is also very discouraging

4. XIM Technologiesí Responsibility
(a) After You return Your XIM3 XIM Technologies will inspect it. this implies a long wait for a working product as well as cost on my end for shipping
(b) If XIM Technologies determines that Your XIM3 malfunctioned during the Warranty Period under Normal Use Conditions, XIM Technologies will (at its option) (questionable) repair or replace it, or refund the purchase price to You. Repair may use new or refurbished parts. Replacement may be with a new or refurbished unit.
(c) After repair or replacement, Your XIM3 will be covered by this warranty for the longer of the remainder of Your original Warranty Period, or 95 days after XIM Technologies ships it to You. does this mean that i will only have a 95day warranty now instead of one year because you failed to have proper quality control?
(e) If Your XIM3 malfunctions after the Warranty Period expires, there is no warranty of any kind. After the Warranty Period expires, XIM Technologies may charge You a fee for its efforts to diagnose and service any problems with Your XIM3.

Again, I am trying to stay calm, but i was very excited to receive this gadget and i spent alot of money, not only on it, but all the other items (mouse, keypad, lapdesk, wired controller) and it is beginning to look like I am about to get screwed.

when plugged in w/out controller, just mouse or KB, it still recognizes nothing. how could the controller effect this?

it really doesn't work. it wont register any device i plug into the usb, even just one at a time. what's an RMA?
is it possible for me to discuss my problem over the telephone?

also xim stays on when xbox is powered off


i researched this first before i purchased

why would it work for someone else and not me? the controller works fine plugged into the xbox.

OK, I am kinda freaking out. My xim only recognizes the xbox when I plug it in.  I am using a logiteck g700, afterglow controler (light and vibration turned off), and a little dynex numpad. no matter what order of plugging and unplugging, the only thing that is recognized is the xbox. all items are brand new. i purchased them today and am now $400 in on a seemingly very frustrating adventure. I can't access any of the configs or turn it to pc mode to update any firmware. I really hope someone has a solution for me because i feel like pulling my hair out and smacking my head against the wall right now. I shouldn't feel this way about something i spent so much money on and was so excited to receive.

i think it may be worth mentioning, the usb ports are stiffer than any i have ever used. as in there is much more friction in inserting and removing the plug

I am having the exact same problem. please help!

XIM 3 Discussions / FedEx overnight question
« on: 07:34 PM - 02/21/11 »
Hi, first post, been lurking for a while. I am very excited i just got my order through. I got insurance with fedex overnight. Do I have to be here to sign for my package, or will they leave it on the door step?

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