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Shared Configs / Re: My Halo Infinite Config
« on: 10:44 AM - 11/23/21 »
I've been using the mcc st with no ballistics.  Then even the infinite st with no ballistics.  Feels good enough,  turned around is slow.

They are great but I decided to try this just to see.  It is supposed to be this ultra fast?  I can't control it at all.  A 180 is less than an inch.  So im guessing im not getting something here.

Dpi: 800
In game settings as suggested
Copied and pasted configuration

Edit:  ok I don't think my dpi is saving to my mouse.  So that's obviously a problem  lol.  Its on board is 3200 and changing it in the software isn't saving it to the mouse.  Hmmmm.

Edit 2!  Ok I got it.  Had to dial down the aim to 300.  But not bad!  Not sure which i prefer ballistics or not.  I'll try this for a few days.  Thanks!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Community Gameplay Videos
« on: 07:46 PM - 05/31/16 »
Keep'em comin.  I only play hanzo, so some McCree action is fine by me!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Community Gameplay Videos
« on: 12:31 PM - 05/28/16 »
nothing crazy, some highlights from my first few games of overwatch.  all hanzo.

Game Support / Re: Overwatch L1 and R1 bind
« on: 12:24 PM - 05/28/16 »
L1 on left shift (it's sprint and roll at time, this is my default key for those actions)
R1 on mouse scroll button
Ult on side mouse middle button

I've only played with hanzo and don't really notice the slowdown. 

perfect character for me, played halo PC for 8 years so I'm no stranger to leading and predicting movement.

doom st is working just fine

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Overwatch PS4 XIM 4 group
« on: 06:28 PM - 05/25/16 »
Paging spidey, remix, dale.  Are we playing this?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Doom Hype!
« on: 08:22 AM - 05/20/16 »
In game smoothing?

It's right under the sensitivity

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Doom Hype!
« on: 08:22 PM - 05/19/16 »
From my social media feed and forums......it's extremely sad how low key the buzz for this is

This is the exact game I've needed for a decade.  I like all kinds of games, but doom started all this for me.

The music, the gameplay, the level design........walk off home run.  I realize the mp is no Q3A, but the single player is @#$% bliss.

The mechanic is so good I just use a controller.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: My Division STv2 Setup (XBOX ONE)
« on: 01:25 PM - 03/22/16 »
Wait, 0315 is newer than 1114?

1114 is Def not it, no paste function

.....didnt notice the 2014 and 2016 lmao!! 

OK finally got it to work, it's better for sure.  Fine aiming still isn't great, but manageable
I'll probably still aim better than with a controller anyway.  Thanks venom

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: My Division STv2 Setup (XBOX ONE)
« on: 01:08 PM - 03/22/16 »
Aha, I think I just have the newest manager

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: My Division STv2 Setup (XBOX ONE)
« on: 12:59 PM - 03/22/16 »
I really want to try this, but that paste function isn't there for me.  I think it's the newest manager, I'll look around

Nice update overall as well.

Alight, I'm on mobile so apologies for no link, but.....

343 posted a blog about not only fixing the aiming but providing tons of options.  Dead zone, velocity granularity, x and y senss, etc etc etc

today we rejoice.  Comes December.

just tested it and theres no difference unless im doing something wrong

1) set H5 ingame settings: sticks lefthand
2) swap controller sticks in xbox system settings under devices
(or is it important to do step 2 first? edit: no i tested it both ways)

i tried it via controller turning where you slowly peg the stick more, the velocity bump was at the same place as with the normal stick layout
it doesnt feel any different with the mouse either on both original H5 ST and experimental H5 ST
worth to have mist test it too though

maybe it was a placebo effect?  i dunno, seemed legit.

now that I think about it, doing all that you are just right back where you started lololol

he did say southpaw and not left handed tho, so make sure you use southpaw

that's it.

I assume the movement curve will be pretty linear no?  guess we will see.

I think that guy is a genius for even thinking to do that, but I am kinda worried about top turn speed etc

hopefully it's all good.

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