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Nacitar.. we are just messing around with you. :D  My friend and I are just having a good time and hopefully make you feel all tin-gi-lili inside ;D with all those grammar issues I have. Hey it's almost Christmas! knock yourself out.  Also, I was hoping that Junti would lock this message because of my grammar, but no such luck.  Anyway, I like to spare everyone and end this here since I will probably not bother to read your response.  Here is a bit of advice from the no-grammar superhero.

Not everyone shares the same passion as you... you odviously get-off when it comes to grammar plus your other hobbies and you judge people by those standards. Kuddos and good luck.... I care less! I have other interested and desires... If you do a quick search on this forumn (I don't expect you to), you will find that I am an auto mechanic, my bother and father are mechanics and we own our business... Figure that... men with no-grammar owning their our business for 23 years and counting and making a great living in the process.  Wow! what has this world come to? please God tell me  :o... oh I forgot... there are many sucessfully men and women in this world without a college or high school degrees.  just a skill and a desire.  Here is another example... Mister Grammar man.

My father never finish high school, did not have a penny on his name, just common sense and a skill and we are now wealthy.  My bother and I graduated from college, obviously my English teacher was a biatch :D, since she pass me. Probably while my bother was doing her...Now days, when we consider writing/sending Memos and important mails/letters to those important customers or people in our life... what would we do? oh yea.. I could proof read but I don't have the those Mad Writting skills you have... ahhh.. we'll ask our secretary to do it.  :-\  - @#$%.. once again what has this world come!... people with different skills in this world. Oh my  :o   Why would we need an accountant?  Or will you pick on me if I say 2+2 is 5.  Even though and accountant could make it so  ;D

Hey!! don't get me wrong, Writing is extremely important (this is True.. I'm not mocking) and everyone agrees.  Who the hell is going to write those reference books for the shops. I hope they were written by professional writter and not Maria the hooker from down the block.  once again, you obviously have mad writting skills and maybe wrote some of these books...But you! judging other people according to your standards. We'll that's not my style..this is me...I not going to change or ask any of my friends or even my secretary to spend a couple of minutes to proof-read this post for you. sorry, you and your standards are not that important to me ( hey I say to me - to you and other people is everything).

like I tell my Girl... "Baby...you can have the last word and win as many discussions/debates as you like but you better be there when I am horny"  hahahaha  ;D

I wish you the best and successfull life... I mean that..oh and Marry Christmas

hahaha, you probably proof-read that post several time before posting it.   ;D anyone that bother to read your other messages can tell the difference.  I, on the other hand, don't give a crap  ;D. So here are a couple of misspell words four u.  "yep, you di no vote for him, so their is nothing too prove"  It is Sad but true, I don't have to prove anything because of the simple fact that you don't matter or will change my life for the best or worse.

Also, like Obama kept telling McCain during one of the debates, "I did not say"  - I was better then anyone. - "then" - you probably had an orgasmnsss <-another misspell word here... right about there!  :o  But once again, I guess I was mistaken, I thought you knew how to read and assume once again that I say i was better. remember what they say about Assuming. Google it if you can't figure it out. Also, this shows you how narrow minded you are and the only thing you can fall back is your grammar since obviously that is all you know.  ;D

you know what's funny... I am picturing you reading other post on similar discussion and picking on people' grammar... ;D.  hahaha I can hear you .."ohh.. ohh.. ohh..I got him now.. he misspell Fucc u"  :D - good luck and have a nice day!

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: With all due respect...
« on: 04:22 PM - 12/04/08 »
The News Section is a great idea!  Regretfully, it was last updated on June.  Maybe someone from the team should put something there about the flex and ETA (if only to say "NO ETA as of today").  if anyone asked, we can tell them to follow the yellow brick road.



since you like to quote

P.S.: Let's hope Obama proves me wrong

what is it that Obama has to prove to you? that he can lead? what's your argument here?  what the difference between McCain, palin and bush? why don't they have to prove themselve to you? comment like this, tells me the type of person you are... let's hope Obama proves me wrong!.. please grow up mister "people have to answer to you"

Sorry for what?  My inability to see things through your implicitly superior mind?  More arrogance.  Surely there's something constructive to come...

just common sense... by the way, I voted for bush when he first ran but after his first 4 years and noticed his Hollywood's cowboy attitude, nonsense, and lack of common sense. I changed my mind but he won again when people like you voted for him for 4 more years.

"McCain sounded like an R-tard and Obama sounded like an angelic harp resonating throughout the room")

I like McCain and my comparasion was between Bush, Palin and ignorant people that try to apply or run this contry with out the capacity or knowledge to lead us. now if you want to talk about the education and knowledge between the candidates feel free to google it.  I don't have the time or the desire to explain myself to you.  I did my research when I voted. you should have done yours.

Once again, implying ignorance, tied strongly to your excessive arrogance.
once again, just common sense.  there plenty of Ignorant, and mentally chanllenge people in this country and I'm not voting for them.  just take the time to google and listen to their commentary. or maybe you lack the intelligence or capacity to decipher the conversation.

Oh my... in your outflow of arrogance you typed "I am idiot" (no "an"), and then use the word "then" instead of "than",

Hahah, you pick on my grammar on a public forumn.  hey, knock yourself silly. You will problaby find a couple of more errors on this post as well.  I don't bother to proof read what I type on a public forumn because I don't think it is necessary.  obviously, you do and kuddos for deciphering my writing.  well done!  i can see not everything is lost. at least, you can read and write.

hahaha.. prove you wrong! you probably think that everyone in this forumn needs to prove themselve to you.  I was going to continue this little game of quoting but I'm tired and I have better things to do.

Good luck


« on: 10:32 AM - 12/04/08 »
i'm in.. maybe we could split the groups by the type of game since not everyone plays the same game.   I'm in for BF:BC, GoW2 and RV2.



Palin is just another Bush. All looks but no brains

So I take it you're physically attracted to Bush.

That's a new one to me.

P.S.: Let's hope Obama proves me wrong... I voted for McCain.

EDIT: "Palin is just another Bush"... if you disregard that Bush is a person's name, that line is funnier.

wow! you know what I meant so i'll skip that. 

now, most people in america know more than Palin and Bush put together.  I feel sorry for you, if you did not realize that.   just take a couple of minutes to to listen to Bush, Palin and obama talk.  Listen to their debates.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have an issue with ignorant, dumb, mentally challenge people.  I have friend and I am idiot myself when I drink. however, I want my president (my leader) to know more then me and have common sense.  and we all know, Palin and Bush sadly have none. if that is your choice for a leader more power to you.

Also, I don't want to make this about race. However, if color is your problem, put a paper on the screen, whatever makes works for you, close your eyes and listen to debates again, their speech and how they communicate.  then make a decision.  I don't think America needs another D/C average President to *&^% this up even more.  Open your eyes  ::)

Palin is just another Bush. All looks but no brains

« on: 04:05 PM - 12/02/08 »
Hey Dex,

It is understandble that you are frustrated. and believe me when I say that we are all eager to get our hands on this ... Lifegamesaving tool we call the Xim  ;D.  just relax, play a couple of games and give the Xim team the time they need to get product ready. 

If you are trully a K/M gamer, This product is worth the wait.

It will be here soon. Just remember to order one for me.



It's not that the line no longer exists, its more that the line is no longer relevant.
Why is it no longer relevant?  There has to be some sort of fair way to get these things to people who want them.  I'm not sure exactly what is fair....  I've been a member here for a quite a while and still use the xim 1.  I don't post much, but i do check the status of the xim360 weekly.  I don't think it's right that someone who came here a month ago and posts everyday get one before others that have been here longer and don't post that much.

come one guys, I hate to go against the hype, but we all have to be realisty.  Line is still an issue. People will have to wait.  soldering might take 5 minutes, but once you add all the little things that comes with putting the unit together: striping, making the hole for the cable, test the unit, shipping and anything else that I might have missed, we are talking about a considerate amount of time per unit. 

Line is still an issue.  Yes, I agree that the flex will greatly reduce the waiting time but people will still need to wait days if not weeks. but what the hell! we all have been waiting for months , what's a couple more days ;D. Anyway, I still believe making the DYI unit will help greatly.  it will help the Xim team to focus on those customers that don't know or don't want to solder. 

anyway, that's just my opinion and I (we) just need to be patiente and order one when the times comes.



XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM2 Price Estimate $$$
« on: 11:32 AM - 11/26/08 »
I guess we all agree on the same thing.  This is going to get a lot worst. and the more the goverment interving with their so call bail out plans the deeper we make the hole.   Pretty soon the only things america will be selling is weapons. well at least we are good at something.

I had a tough time soldering my DIY kit but this looks so much easier.  I want 2 of these baby.  I see Xim360 growing into something big  ;D. congrats to all you.  Just keep the price of the DIY affordable.

Snooze - that picture of the guy banging the keyboard is SICK .. :o

I see you point.  They slow down the game; they added feature like recoil and other features. However I think it would be unfair if the crutches only apply to a certain number of people. However, the game limitations apply to everyone that plays the game. Think of it as a game of football, Baseball and/or volleyball.  During the decades, these gamesí rules, limitation and dimension have changed and great players have adapted and succeed over these obstacles.  Take Football as example.  A High number of players complained when protection like Helmet, shoulder pad were introduced.  Some players stated that the pads were slowing them down (which it was true for them); other thought it was not manly enough. However, after a while and as everyone got used to the changes, people realized that players were more aggressive and they were hitting each other with more force because ... you guess it! The protection. Another example, The Beach volleyball court size is smaller compare to a decade from now.  The point here is that people adjusted. And great players always work to get better and adapt to the changes.

  I see your point, but I also see the point of millions of people.  Not that many people in the world can move that fast. Not that many soldiers can jump, turn around in mid-air and shoot a rocket and still survive (wow!  ;D)... I see The Game developer trying to create games that are more realistic, Iím not saying these games are realistic, but they are trying.  They are introducing things like recoil, accuracy, damage range depending on the weapon. .. I don't get me wrong; I loved games like Q3 and Half Life.  Those are classics!! But thing have changed and we need to adapt to the times or just don't play the game like many football and volleyball players that could not cope and fade out.

Finally, I don't play COD5 and I don't care for it. Why? I don't want to invest the time on it. I can only play 1 or 2 games at the time because I only have the weekend to play. However, if had more time I could see myself play COD5 and be good at it, maybe not the best but good enough.
Remember, that 98% of the times, the best players (mostly in sports, game) are usually young people that invest time to the game.  These players are always practicing (physically or mentally) no matter the time of the day.

By the way, I love the GoW2 horde... nice!




General Discussion / Re: microsoft clamping down
« on: 07:15 AM - 11/20/08 »
I went ahead and download the update yesterday and like many of you stated, nothing changed.  so I guess, I'll have to save my bunker for another crisis. 

Also, Like Techno, I read through part of the Agreement, I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to mess with my XIM360  ;D , and M$ will be monitoring and make changes in the future depending on their finding.  So that leads me to believe (just a guess)that we will be fine as long as not many XIM players use the XIM to abuse or run Macros to might appear like Cheating to microsoft.

just my 2 cents.



General Discussion / Re: microsoft clamping down
« on: 11:55 AM - 11/19/08 »
Just curious guys,

today is the day... has anyone with a XIM360 updated their Xbox360's Dashboard?



come one... you guys throw the word "skill" for every little excuse. boo hoo .. recoil is bad... okay.. Here is a quick summary of the word skills; Skill: profiency, facility or dexterity that are acquired or developed through training, experience or practice.  this is just simple defenition. 

just because you don't like it or by a miracle of the universe, you are not good at it, it doesn't mean the game sucks.  Did occur to you that you are the one that suck at this particular type of games or in other words, you did not practice enough to acquire the skill necessary to be good at it.  Just take the time to think about a bit... don't pull a Bush on us.... when you were born, did you started walking withing the hours, days? or did you started crawing first, develop the muscles, practice by falling in you @#$% until you master the movements.  it is the same with anything else.  Learning computer, programing, games. 

here is another example close to home.  do you actually believe that the Xim team woke up one day and they possesed all the skill to put together the Xim. or maybe they acquired all the skills by touching a shrine? - email me the location please --anyway, first, the Xim team probably  develop the basics skill by reading, reasearching, practicing and learnign from ther failures (just like everyone else). Same thing with game, but in a smaller scale. Instead of year, it will probably take you days or hours.  and remember, some people will learn or adapt at lot faster depending on the game.

So Grow up people and tighten your little pink skirts, yurn on your Xbox and practice, practice and practice so you can acquire the skill necessary to play the game. if for whatever reason, you are not the best, that is okay!.. you still get your share of kills.  otherwise, find a another game you are good at and can flip, jump, and still shoot rockets of your behind.

remember, Just because you don't like chocolate, that doesn't mean it doesn't taste good.




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