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I enjoyed the first MP beta more so than I have enjoyed recent COD games. I enjoyed Blackout oddly enough considering I didnt care for PUBG or Fortnite. It is possible I will play quite a bit of blackout. Some games lull me to sleep due to not a lot of action and slow play like PUBG and Fortnite, thats just me. Additionally, some of this can be tied to frustrating look mechanics in some games. Is this the best COD? I dont know. Both betas felt really good for me.

I cant say i enjoyed the beta more than some previous COD titles but i did enjoy this more than WWII. I do see this game being similar to one of the older BLOPs where xim guys and their FALs had a field day. One of those semi autos(auger DMR) w/ or without the operator perks was nasty at its peak range. This with both high calibers on. Only struggles i had with it was the touchy spawns flipping in an unfavorable way. I typically start off bad when the new game or beta comes out until I figure the maps out. I didnt suffer through that this time. Still on the fence though.

Eizo works great. Very happy with mine.

Anata no nihongo wa warui desuka?

They dont have to do anything to combat it in this game. Its a choir to play this game already due to terrible controls and frame issues. That small team is overwhelmed as it is, im sure this issue is far down the list to address.

General Discussion / Re: ...Is toysrme dead ?
« on: 09:48 AM - 01/08/18 »
I don't know about that. He did have input into creating quality configs but I never liked his configs. I don't think he could use his configs himself. I remember watching his videos and thinking how bad his aim was for all the @#$% talking he liked to do. He would just camp one spot and desperately try to hit targets at a distance.

He did share a lot of interesting info with the forums, though. Like how you can hack MW2's files to increase the sensitivity past 10 on Xbox 360 or how playing games off a flash drive made them load faster and stream textures almost instantly. But yeah, I doubt his shenanigans would fly on the forums these days. Though, I think we've all matured since then. I wonder if he has too.


Yeah, he has a cult following for who knows why. Any of his supposedly inciteful or technical post we're copy and paste jobs from other boards passed off as his own. If he was half as intelligent as his google-n-tell online persona, he wouldnt be yet still a blue collar construction worker. He is the guy who thinks he is as smart as grad school people with 30 years actual experience because he can Google it.

General Discussion / Re: WW2 XIM4 Community Montage
« on: 01:36 AM - 11/23/17 »
I have been having some fun with snipers. Saved a few clips on xbox one. There are others with better skills with snipers though.  You can use these if ya like. How do you want them? Are you going to friend me on xbox or do you need them uploaded to youtube?

I just noticed the windows 10 xbox app allows me to download videos to share via email or share via twitter. How you want it?

General Discussion / Re: WW2 made me quit Call of Duty
« on: 10:34 PM - 11/15/17 »
People complained that "one man army" was usable with noob tubes. People complained how ghost was being used and stacked  in the original black ops. The devs listened to the community complaining about the stacking of perks in an inbalanced and trolling way. Now the game is designed restrict and limit how much cheese you can put on your style.

Lolpop, you may be an alright player but there are trolls out there who want to be off the radar, have silencers, invisible to airstrikes and then sit in corners. Produces terrible gameplay. I am glad you cant stack like that and am sure there are many others who agree.

I am glad:
you cant go totally silent and off the radar at the same time.
you cant put four attachments on SMGs, shotgun, and LMGs.
you have to use a slower speed division to shoot incendiary shells.
you cant have faster speed while ADS with LMGs, and SMGs.
you cant go silent, run fast and sit in corners with incendiary shells at the same time.

General Discussion / Re: COD: WW2 beta servers are up!
« on: 06:09 PM - 08/31/17 »
My game is in japanese. My location is on japan but everything else is set to english. Anyone know if i can change this.

Played a bit. MWR ST seems ok to me. I deleted this beta and change my locale back to the US to see if it will dload an english version.


The tinkering with snipers began with the lead dev at treyarch. He has a vendetta against snipers. At first he was the only dev screwing with them, then he got a fan following or hate group to back him and it put pressure on the other devs. I don't think a devs personal preference should be thrown on all the players when its not even a popular opinion. I understand they are artist but unpopular is still unpopular. It comes at a cost of fandom.

The spawn system will always be flawed. Its either spawn trapping or people spawning on you. Its extremely hard to avoid both problems as a developer. Spawn traps are the weaker players problems due to their own ability. Spawning on people is the developers problem which ruins every players experience by random spawning right behind you. I don't understand why ruining every players experience is better than just letting weaker players be weaker players.

They just need to develope these games with the aim of removing the "millment"(millennial mentality) from it. Like not allowing people to get something for nothing, for example care packages.

Im such a fanboy now. You guys got me back into reading up on whats out there. I got curious to what people are using. Found this: http://www.144hzmonitors.com/other/best-cs-go-monitor-what-pro-players-use-2017/

Only two of those monitors have below 15ms input lag and there are pros using them. One of the BenQs is around 4-5ms and the Eizo at below 1ms. I dont have that one but got the 60hz version. I'm loving it.

Is Xim (Obsiv) working with them? Just curious because at the bottom of their page they say "XIM Tech will provide the Grifta with drivers and support on launch! For their amazing XIM4 take a look at www.xim4.com".

Also, what is "antler"? I noticed the trademark down at the bottom of the page for Grifta and Antler.

General Discussion / Re: Elite Controllers vs XIM4?
« on: 12:37 PM - 12/07/16 »
IMO, it's player preference. If you don't play with controllers or not good with controllers, a scuff won't change that immediately. On the flip side, if you don't use a mouse to play, you won't be good immediately. Over time they would get better though. We ximmers have people here that don't play so well with mouse but they are comfortable with it. Same goes for scuff, there are scuff owners who don't do well. Ultimately, the individual player is the reason for why he is good or doesn't do well.

I like the power lead. I hope we can come up something to use these.

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