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General Discussion / One handed Dual Sense controller mod
« on: 06:43 AM - 01/13/22 »
I take my hat off to him for coming up with this, and making it free to download. For anyone with the use of just one arm this will make gaming possible.


Game Support / Re: Crysis 2 & 3 remastered
« on: 08:54 AM - 01/11/22 »
Just started Crysis 2 remastered and tried the Crysis 1 remaster ST .... horrible, so I tried a couple of others and Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts feels ok.

General Discussion / Re: Astro A50 and Xbox Series X?
« on: 09:54 AM - 12/21/21 »
My point is the benefits you gain from a dedicated DAC/AMP and high-end cans, or expensive gaming headset and MixAmp, are negligible for next-gen console gaming. Two years ago I would have agreed with you, but itís not worth the effort on PS5 and XSX for very little difference for positional audio cues, which are all processed digitally by the console soundchip.

I looked at the Ifi Zen Can or Mayflower AMP and DT990s fairly recently. As good as they are for the price, thatís $500+ AUD I donít need to spend. If I was an audio snob or comp gamer, I might care enough to bother, but a soundscape tweaked for positional cues sounds bloody awful. You also have to route a splitter cable and mic through the controller for game chat, which is a whole other level of frustration.

I wouldn't buy cans that need more than 30 Ohms to drive because you're locked into a dedicated AMP. They won't work with a controller, MixAmp (or similar gaming audio device), nor with a mobile device. I recommend the X2s because they're excellent bang for buck and they're versatile. I wanted all-rounder headphones that sound great for gaming, movies, TV & music rather than a dedicated pair just for soundwhoring, which ruled out the ATs for me.

Controller audio from PS5 and XSX is very good and close enough to a $1000 dedicated gaming audio setup to render the purchase obsolete. I have both and would be happy to simply use controller audio these days. Itís much more convenient, sounds surprisingly good, doesnít disable VRR, works with XIMís Push To Talk and allows for console-based audio processing to work as designed.

Just bang a 3.5mm mic and decent, affordable, easy to drive cans onto a controller and be done with it, hence the simplicity of the X2 (or equivalent) & BoomPro recommendation. No mucking around with audio extraction and cable spaghetti, itís plug and play, works with everything and is near enough to a soundwhoring setup to be good enough. A dedicated audio setup will always sound better, but doesnít make a significant enough difference for next-gen console gaming to justify the effort or expense.

Try Dolby Atmos and 3D Audio on Xbox and PS5 - theyíre very good surround sound solutions for the price ($10 and free), and you can always ignore them in favour of plain stereo if you want. A MixAmp M80 isnít needed for 30 Ohm cans, will sound whisper quiet for headphones that need more grunt and restricts your setup to stereo only, but it does allow for EQ tweaking. Thatís the one addition Iíve considered for a quick and easy controller audio solution, but thereís a long 3.5mm cable on the M80 and Iím unclear on its purpose (I'm assuming it's for an Astro headset), so I havenít pulled the trigger.

As for the X7, it's still a great bit of kit 7 years after launch, but I don't use it for Dolby Digital or SBX processing these days. SBX causes a frequency spike at 80Hz which messes with my mic in OBS and GoXLR won't take a DD signal from my consoles, so my setup is limited to stereo. I can get around that with controller audio and console digital processing, or I can power down the SPDIF channel on the GoXLR and enable DD on the console.

What the X7 does better than anything else is consolidate audio input from my PC, Mac, GoXLR, TOSlink matrix and phone or tablet into one central, compact device that outputs to my X2 cans and Logitech Z5500 5.1 speakers. I can't do that with a Zen, Mayflower or Schiit stack, they don't have anywhere near the number of inputs required for my audio setup. When I want to use game chat, I just unplug the BoomPro from the X7 and plug it into the console controller...easy peasy. Significantly less hassle than cable splitters on Xbox or a BT-W2 adapter on PlayStation.

Just tried controller audio for the 1st time on Xbox series x and I have to say that it was much better than I thought it would be  :)
I have a bunch of nice headphones, and have both the X7 and the Mayflower Arc mkii, but on games where I use a mic plugging my PC38x's into the controller port makes it simple, and the sound is pretty good using Dolby atmos or DTS headphone x ... thanks for the heads up anti  :)

General Discussion / Re: Free Xim Apex
« on: 07:44 AM - 11/30/21 »
how about some kinda contest? that would fun :)

thanks for your generosity though

I have two, I'm sending cloud the one tomorrow. When I get to my apartment in Nashville I may do something like that for the second one if thats kool with the mods! I want to play on a controller anyway wanna get ready for the nexus!

Wow ... you are actually going to send it to someone with 1 post who, joined the forum the same day you post that you want to give it away  ::)

I have the Lucidsound LS35x and the Arctis 9x.

Bought the ls35x first and thought the sound was good for a wireless headset ... BUT ...  the plastic covers on the sliding adjustment cracked and split while it was still under warranty. (don't know if this is a problem with the newer ls50x)

I later found out that this happened to other buyers as well.

Bought the Arctis 9x and the big thing about them that hit me first was the comfort. Sound is maybe not as good as the Lucidsound, bit it's good enough for me. (rarely play with them tho as I use a mayflower arc mk2 and headphones)

Oh I almost forgot ... the Arctis 9x sometimes switched themselves off and had to be switched on again.

Thanks for your thoughts, Alan. Iím not into streaming, just thought this might be a decent solution for playing on my PC and Series X, but its standout feature seems to be SXFI and my headset isnít supported.
Really struggling to find a device that gives great positional audio and that works with 4k 120Hz consoles and PCs.

SXFI is not compatible with xbox ceebs  :(

Yeah there was a lot of bad feeling in the forum when the xim3 launched.
I luckily got in on the 1st batch having just joined, and remember keeping my head down when all the vitriol was flying around from a few long time members.

Be nice if they could come up with a way that forum members could preorder and maybe pay upfront in advance ... I know that I would readily pay in advance.

Yes its still max sensitivity, XIM Apex STs also work for NEXUS. However you can set stick and motion sensitivity as high or low as you want through the Manager App. Not only that but you can set X and Y sensitivity and even fully customize stick curves.

Ah ... I should have known that, silly me thx.

So old Apex ST's will work with Nexus and you wont have to do a massive backlog of games  ... sweet  :)

So will we have to set the in game settings to max like we do for Apex ?

The reason I ask is that the max look speed is a bit fast for me when I have to pick up the controller for some parts of a game with Apex, and since we will now be playing with a controller ... will we have to set the in game settings at full sensitivity?

That depends. Motion aim works like a mouse, so bad looks mechanics will still negatively affects Motion. However if you are experienced with thumbstick aiming there's a lot you can do to improve it from the native controls.

Thanks for the reply ... I'm playing with an Azeron for my left hand, and in a totally relaxed hand position, and the Nexus would have been my solution for the games with bad look mechanics .... BUT .... I will buy one anyways as I will always support any product from OBsiv. :)

So when I saw the Nexus reveal I thought it was going to be the solution to all those games that don't work with Apex.
However in OBsiv's blog it states "Motion Aim uses the same high precision Smart Translator system as XIMís console mouse adapters"

So my question before buying one would be ...  will it be easier to make ST's for those games with bad look mechanics, or will we still have the same problems that the Apex has with those types of games?

Congratulations ... must have been a lot of hard work getting there.

So we will still have to use ST's for console games ? I'm wondering how the Nexus will be for those games that can't get ST's, (like Saints Row, GTA etc.)
Will the motion sensor work or will we have to use it like an ordinary controller ... ( apart from being able to use curves)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Keyboard or Azeron Keypad?
« on: 06:55 AM - 09/08/21 »
Do you want digital movement for fast strafing, at the expense of left-stick aim assist? Go with a keyboard.

Do you want analog movement for 360 degree movement at variable speed that works with left-stick aim assist? Go with an Azeron.

Another consideration is it's much easier to configure an Azeron for wheel menu navigation than a keyboard.

Hey anti ... just noticed that the new Azeron Cyborg comes with a metal "restrictor ring" for the analog stick.
You take the thumb cap off, fit the ring, and pop the cap back on, then reduce the deadzone in the software ... should help for those that want faster strafing ?
Mine is on the way .. get it next week  ;D 

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless is a big mouse and works with Xim.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: PS Nav controller alternatives
« on: 04:45 AM - 07/28/21 »
Love my Azeron Compact, but not the Classic. I have an Azeron Cyborg preordered for September.

Lol ... me too.

I've been playing with an early prototype for quite a while ... not the full blown Cyborg version with extra switches and raised hand rest, but one with the switches and the analog stick housing on adjustable ball joints.

The extra adjustability of the analog stick angle is a huge improvement ... to be able to turn the angle of the stick outward without having to swivel the finger it sits on is a big plus :)

I've ordered the version without the d-pad on the stick, I'm going to try to get used to using an upward nail switch and 3 of the extra rear switches ... i've never used stick click or d-pad click as I feel it puts extra pressure on the housing.

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