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Right, sorted it. The 20ms seemed to sort it. Then I also changed all the buttons to keyboard rather than joystick buttons. Had a few games and the problem seemed to be sorted completely. The keyboard/joystick change might just be placebo as the 20ms change seemed to sort it, but I'd had in mind to make that change anyway.

Thanks for helping me to trouble shoot!

Set the button timing to 20ms and see if things improve on console. And I agree with the powered USB hub, my Azerons donít work on XIM without using one.

Will do, tried settings above and below the default 10ms - but not as high as 20ms. Going to try a different powered hub than the one I used as well, just in case.

Are you using a powered USB hub?

I wasn't, but tried one to test after you mentioned it. Still getting the same issue. Will mess some more see if I can figure this out.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Azeron Cyborg Compact is out...
« on: 05:29 AM - 05/20/22 »
Azeron has released a new model, the Cyborg Compact. That makes my 5th Azeron purchase...dagnammit...but this one looks like the end-game model for both XIM and PC gaming.

I bought the original Azeron a few years ago, but didn't like the towers, nor the ergonomic wrist rest which caused impingement in my wrist due to the odd angle it forced my hand to take for the device to be usable. Azeron also hadn't created the 5-way d-pad hat at that stage, which was a major shortcoming.

When the Azeron Compact released, it was a revolution. We have the XIM community to thank for that model, in particular Roads, who suggested they ditch the towers and replace them with buttons, and W11cE for contributing to the firmware to ensure compatibility with XIM.

Azeron Compact is an excellent device, so I bought a backup Compact in case mine ever bit the dust (I'm a lefty, so can't use G13, Orbweaver, Tartarus etc). Both have the flat wrist rest, which is significantly more comfortable than the ergo model.

The fourth Azeron I bought was the Cyborg, but again I hated the towers. I haven't used it at all in favour of the older Compacts because of this. I've wanted to cut off the towers from day dot and we finally have that option with the Cyborg Compact.

Don't be me - go straight for the good stuff and get ye a Cyborg Compact with flat wrist rest pronto. They're live now on the https://azeron.eu site and will ship in May / June, depending on your place in the queue.

So gutted that I ordered the ordinary Compact only a couple of weeks before they launched this one!

I don't miss a press, ever. I also didn't mess with switch timing, except for increasing it on one when it'd consistently double-press instead of single.

If you've set the timing too low, that'd be why they're being missed. Console games aren't going to register a 3ms press.

The thing that annoys me is my Azeron not being detected by Azeron Software on PC, so I can't check what my settings are to help with this thread.

Yes it's a funny thing - as I say the presses show, without fail, in the Azeron software when connected to the PC. Also now had opportunity to test in Apex Legends on the PC and there is no missed presses.

Through the xim in Apex Legends and Warzone, there is regular failure to register presses and that's at default settings.

Liking the compact Azeron generally, but still unimpressed by the responsiveness of the switches. Tried different timings but it regularly seems to miss some presses in game.

Probably something Iím missing. Iíll have to see what itís like direct in a PC rather than in the Xbox via a xim.

You can edit the button timing in Azeron Software. I canít recall what thatís labelled (Iím not in front of the PC), but I had an issue with one of the buttons double-clicking all the time and changing the timing fixed it.

Thanks, I'll take a look at that - see if that gets it to be more responsive.

How are you mapping your Azeron? Iíll post mine, if youíre interested.

I use a G305 too and canít access the side-buttons (lefty mouser), but have a very comfortable control scheme setup on Azeron to compensate for my lack of mouse buttons.

I find the Nav too small with too few buttons to be usable with G305. It never felt right in my hand.

For me, Azeron is right up there with XIM as a game changer, I wouldnít play any game without it, including on PC (reWASD integration is great).

Have you seen the new Azeron device mock-ups? Itís much closer to a Nav and has some interesting features like inbuilt mouse sensor and scrollwheel. I would never use it as a mouse, but it looks viable as a Nav replacement if you think of it as a mini Azeron.

Really liking the Azeron Compact so far - but finding buttons joy_5 and Joy_11 don't respond well in games through the Xim Apex. Button clicks register perfectly fine in the Azeron software, but in game via Xim they're just not registering. E.g. I'll map reload (X), in Apex Legends, to Joy_5, but I'll have to mash it for the reload to happen. Wondering if I was missing something obvious.

Feels almost as if there's a rollover/ghosting problem - but as I say, in the Azeron software, there doesn't appear to be an issue. Was curious if you've experienced anything similar Antithesis?

Azeron Compact. Flat wrist rest. Join us. You know you want to.

I've joined - my Azeron Compact arrives today. I must be mad, I get to play about 2 hours a week and I just keep buying gmaing gear I'll barely use!

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: A curious sensation.
« on: 06:42 AM - 02/10/22 »
I'll have to try that. The Nexus feels really good to me, but think I said in another post - not sure how much use of the motion element I'm actually making.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Back buttons
« on: 06:21 AM - 02/10/22 »
wow perfect I don't even know that. ordered immediately

Is working for me so far - hopefully stands the test of time.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Back buttons
« on: 02:49 AM - 02/10/22 »
I loved the paddles on my Scuf., I can't get to grips with the buttons on the Nexus.
Can you describe better what you installed? what did you glue it with? that it holds.

I used Sugru (https://sugru.com/) - you can get it off Amazon. It's a mouldable glue that sets solid. So I just put a blob on each button and then shaped it to allow my fingers to rest on the buttons comfortable - hence why they all look different. You've definitely got to leave it to set for minimum of 24 hours though. Will clean off the buttons no problem as well if you aren't happy with it.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Back buttons
« on: 11:07 AM - 02/09/22 »
The back buttons as designed so that you swing your middle finger to tap with the side of it and then return back to your grip. They aren't intended such that you keep your fingers over them at all times.

When you want to constantly slide cancel in Warzone - you want to rest a finger on them. Not a major issue, for me adding on some Sugru means I can make them meet my use case.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Back buttons
« on: 03:17 AM - 02/09/22 »
Loving the Nexus so far. Iíve motion control at the default Ďstarterí settings and I donít think Iím really using it, unless Iím doing it inadvertently. However, just as a controller the device feels great.

Only concern I had was the back buttons. Iím a big fan of back buttons on controllers and these arenít the best for me - obviously YMMV. However, four blobs of sugru later and Iím happy to report the back buttons are much better.

Looking forward to getting better with the Nexus and actually using the motion aspect to its full potential.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Strategy was obviously correct
« on: 07:15 AM - 02/04/22 »
Been a Xim user since 2008, possibly earlier - since I lurked before registering on the old forum. I've bought a device at every launch and this was the smoothest I've seen. I happened to log on the forum today, saw that the Nexus was live and ordered straightaway with no problem.

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