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Oh how I remember the girls in the past that hated me for playing halo 2. Now my current girlfriend is not only better looking but also plays halo 3(and games alike.) owning guys with a controller. But she started playing games when she was young and with her brother... So I'm guessing that had something to do with it.

Hell, my girlfriend is a level 40 in halo 3. No joke.

General Discussion / Re: New to XIM
« on: 02:20 AM - 07/04/08 »
Yeah I've seen some talk about that mouse I think I'm going to take a look at it. Thanks.

General Discussion / Re: Why consoles > pc
« on: 01:51 AM - 07/04/08 »
I like the fact I don't have to hardware update my xbox just to play a certain game. I didn't like the massive cheaters on PC either. I hated the wallhacks and aimbots. Don't get wrong I really enjoyed playing quake and delta force. PC had some really great games but the only game I look forward to now is Diablo III.

Wow I haven't been this excited to play my Xbox since halo 1. I'm going to wait for the pre-built units to come out.

General Discussion / New to XIM
« on: 01:20 AM - 07/04/08 »
I have been trolling around these forums for 2 months(gotta love the search option.) and I just wanted to say hi to the community... Just finally got around to registering a user name. 

I do have a question though, does it matter what mouse you use? I guess what mouse do you find has the best results with as far as game play goes? What keyboards do you use?

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