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The chances of XIM APEX working on Xbox Series X/S is high given all the announcements of Xbox's commitment to ensure forward and backwards compatibility of their controllers (and other accessories) with current and next gen.

PS5 is a different story and we won't know for sure what we can do until we get the console in-hand.

General Discussion / Re: missed ps5 preoder
« on: 10:56 AM - 09/18/20 »
sheryip, where you are you seeing that?

it's the private sony invite pre order.  I was one of the selected ones.  did you want digital or disc?

Contacted you directly to your account e-mail address.

General Discussion / Re: missed ps5 preoder
« on: 10:50 AM - 09/18/20 »
sheryip, where you are you seeing that?

Any updates on that?

We can't even get a preorder in for PS5, so, not anywhere closer to answering that. :(

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: support idea for Nav users !.
« on: 10:45 AM - 09/18/20 »
Do you have any links to these Nav alternatives?

General Discussion / Re: missed ps5 preoder
« on: 07:12 PM - 09/17/20 »
Nope, gone in 10 seconds.

General Discussion / Re: missed ps5 preoder
« on: 06:43 PM - 09/17/20 »
Thanks! I hope I can make it happen this time. :)

Welcome to the community. Analog movement combined with mouse aim is excellent. Unfortunately the best devices you can use with this aren't being produced anymore (the Sony Move Navigation controller and the Logitech G13). You can buy used Sony Move Nav controllers though. And we support Switch Joycons.

General Discussion / Re: missed ps5 preoder
« on: 04:10 PM - 09/17/20 »
Hmmm, doesn't look like Target has it back.

General Discussion / Re: missed ps5 preoder
« on: 02:01 PM - 09/17/20 »
Yes, we are in the US. We also all signed up for the Sony preorder invite but never received any notification. Thanks for offering. Let us know if you get in on that.

General Discussion / Re: missed ps5 preoder
« on: 11:08 AM - 09/17/20 »
I hope that the XIM Apex works on the Playstation 5.

If it will work, it won't work without firmware changes. Unfortunately none of us were able to get a pre-order in. From what I can tell, preorders started early and they didn't limit it to one per customer. By the time we looked early morning of the 17th, everything was already sold out. If it's looking like we won't be able to get a console on release day, we will see if anyone would be willing to sell their console to us.


General Discussion / Re: New XIM Apex User
« on: 08:25 PM - 09/16/20 »
Welcome to the community. Unfortunately, while it looks very likely things will work on Xbox Series X/S because of their announcements of forward and backward device compatibility, we won't know for PS5 until we actually get the console.

Please plug your controller directly into your XIM (don't connect the hub). When you connect to your console do you see the normal green blinking initialization lights on your XIM at startup and does your controller work?

Ok, you mean the XIM hub. Sorry, I was confused because you used both "XIM4" and "XIM APEX" in your post so I wasn't sure exactly which device you were using.

If you've verified your hub isn't functional (meaning, if you plug it into a PC and plug your mouse into each of it's ports and it doesn't work), then, you can contact our fulfillment group concerning your options for possible replacement: https://store.xim.tech/crm.asp?action=add

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six ST
« on: 10:24 AM - 09/16/20 »
When can we expect a update.  Siege this feels off for me . Would really love a ST with micro aim if possible

We are looking for this next.

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