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Support / Reset password...
« on: 04:16 AM - 02/29/12 »
Someones trying to get in my account. They reset my password twice. IP address was Someone in Osaka Japan.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 User's Guide
« on: 04:27 PM - 04/10/11 »
Sorry. I have been away for a while in classes. No you don't have to have the controller unplugged from the XIM.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Turtle beach x11 prob.
« on: 01:37 PM - 03/20/11 »
Controllers that are not Microsoft branded cause issues with the X11s. I have them and a Gamestop controller and I get a humming on the other end. Otherwise they work great on a standard controller.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Scalper bought 15 XIM3
« on: 01:25 PM - 03/20/11 »
Just put in place a restriction that allows only an authorized retailer to sell the XIM3 unless it is used. And a clause that a used XIM3 must be under MSRP. Then have someone flag all XIM3s on Ebay based on that.

Release Candidates / Re: Report RC 318 Issues HERE
« on: 01:03 PM - 03/20/11 »
OBsIV. The sound is a controller related issue. Existing without the XIM3 connected and the controller connected directly to the Xbox. Just letting everyone know.

I've noticed no real big change in the way 318 works. So far everything is going well. A+

Release Candidates / Re: Report RC 318 Issues HERE
« on: 01:47 AM - 03/20/11 »
I did a little snooping around for something that was grounding out in my controller causing constant buzzing. Or as my friends say a vacuum cleaner.

I noticed the buzzing went away when my controller lights blinked. Like when you start a game and other players in your friends list are also playing that game. You ring of lights on the controller will blink.

I popped the 1st controller LED off and there it went. Still buzzes but not a vacuum. It was described as a bee.

Off to find the other source of ground and then write a tutorial on how to solve the issue without buying another controller. Hopefully only cutting a trace will do.

If the xim was a pure translation from a controller that did not eliminate dead zones and acceleration curves I would not care at all if you used it because you are still dealing with the same limitations as a controller while being able to use your peripheral of choice.  You know what the deal breaker is for me?  The fact that you have software assistance.  When you move your mouse and the reticle moves 1 pixel, there are controller signals being sent that move through the dead zone and then that one pixel.  You, a human, did not send the signal moving through the dead zone, a computer did.  You have software assisted aim as well as sticky aim as well as a more accurate and precise control method.

Again. The XIM was created to adapt a peripheral to be used in place of the controller at a 1:1 ratio. You can set it up however you want. When I move my mouse. My crosshairs move. So indeed I am moving the reticle. Because I dont see it move untill I move my mouse. Which is what I'm used to. Which is what the XIM does.

There are no tricks. And assisted aim is turned off whenever it can be because it gives undesired results.

Without you using a XIM and being able to test it for yourself. You cannot argue about what it does.

Please move along from this subject. As you obviously have no idea what the XIM does and enables.

My favorite argument is this.  "There are too many hackers on pc"  What the person is saying is that someone is making the playing field unbalanced and they don't like losing to people who unfairly tip the scales in their favor.  So they say "the xbox has less hackers that's why I play on it".  What this means is that they enjoy the level playing field that xbox provides them.  But they can't keep the playing field completely level, they must tip the scales in their favor with the xim.  They want the advantage of xim.  So it comes down to this.  You want all other variables to be fair to you but you turn around and use a device which is not fair to other players.  Hypocrisy much?

We will conclude that indeed the mouse and keyboard offer a much more accurate method of input for me. Especially for FPS games. And that controllers do not offer accurate input (For me). Also that XIM users want to be comfortable with the peripherals they have used for years. And that use of a XIM device is to enable that peripheral to be used.

I do not intend to tip the odds in my favor. By all means look at my recent CoD: BO game statistics. (EVGAFTW1/EVGAFTW2 on Xbox Live) Showing that my play is not above average and that I do not have an outrageous K/D ratio. No matter what peripheral you use. A player is either good or bad. If someone is good they will blame that player for having better connections, rapid fire mods, wall hacks, etc etc etc. Being an FPS player yourself I'll assume you know this first hand and that occasionally you will think the same thing about another player. We all do. You cannot negate that. The XIM was created for one purpose. To enable alternate peripherals to be used. Not to increase your odds at winning. That comes with your skill with said peripheral. Not what the device does.

To elaborate clearly on this. I will use a friend of mine as an example. He is very good with a controller. He came over to my house to see the XIM3 and try it out. He was horrible. Not because he is bad but simply because he is a pad player. And the same result ensues when I use a controller. Poor results in many matches. A few mediocre.

For hackers. You are misguided. Hacking is quite an issue on PC. Blind fire headshots around a corner. Wall raping in un-obvious places. Ex; walking through a hallway when a player a great distance away one shoots you through the wall. Even though there is no way he/she would know where you are. That is a problem.

Hacking and having a slight increase on accuracy are not comparable. By no means are they equal. Its like playing speedball with my BL G6R G6 against another player with a 98 custom. Not even close to the same level.

You argument is null in that there is no valid excuse for assuming all XIM users are purchasing their devices to be used for tipping odds. Morals have nothing to do with the XIM in any way. Personal preferences do.

As Ghandi would say. "Hate the sin, love the sinner." and also Ice T. "Don't Hate The Playa. Hate The Game"

Release Candidates / Re: Report RC 314 Issues HERE
« on: 09:26 PM - 03/18/11 »
lol....built in rapid fire.....you ought to use the FAL.....lol

I do on BLOPS. But I'm almost 10th 70 on MW2 so I'm using all sorts of weapons there.

Release Candidates / Re: Report RC 314 Issues HERE
« on: 11:17 AM - 03/18/11 »
No my mouse button clicks rapidly even though it was only clicked once. It's been doing that for months. I think since October of last year.

Ok, Xbox units sold as of December 25th 2010 via vgchartz.com

Call of Duty: Black Ops -- 10,289,136 ~$617 Million (You can figure the rest.)
Halo: Reach 7,396,775
Kinect Adventures! -- 6,441,550
Forza Motorsport 3 -- 4,408,665
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood -- 2,886,899
FIFA Soccer 11 -- 2,599,908
Fable III -- 2,571,169
Madden NFL 11 -- 2,121,736
Kinect Sports  -- 1,993,438
Dance Central -- 1,205,198

So,.. Lets do a bit of math. 1,636,666 of CoD: BO units sold for PC (Roughly) and 10,289,136 for 360... Not including PS3.

Lets talk about PC gaming being dead....... I know it's not NOW. But it's going out. No matter what anyone says. It won't completely stop. Thinking that is absurd. But to me dead is like plating Halo 2 for Xbox expecting to have a plethora of players in matchmaking. Halo 2 is dead. There may still be people playing it. But it's dead. As for the Xbox hardware and all the information I provided as to WHY it is the way it is.... Its also relevant to why PC gaming is going out. And also why game developers aren't pumping out PC titles anymore. So yes. Thank you Oshi. Your fact laden post solidified my hypothesis. PC gaming is going out and console gaming is coming in. Thus we PC gamers are trying to satiate our need for competitive online FPS play. And the like. With console gaming.

Be it WITH ANY PERIPHERAL WE CHOOSE. <- My point which IS relevant to the topic.

And the reasons why we are doing so. <- Which is also on topic.

The post wasn't all about hardware. I'm not negating the fact that the machine you built could play a decent modern FPS on low to medium settings. I am simply stating that the Xbox, which does not need anymore RAM than it has. Nor anymore processing power than it has. Is on a level playing field with PC gaming in that you can play all games released for the specific platform without and issues. Thus expenses are reduced.

As for macros... It's hardly worth it. On my G500 a macro runs through before the mouse can be used again. If I assign a macro to fire 10 times rapidly it would shoot 10 times every time I fired. Which is not something anyone would want.

Also the computer you built would not even suffice my Excel needs. To me. Gaming is about having a kick @#$% rig that everyone sees and says @#$% you are an idiot for buying that. Running max resolution on my 42 inch LED TV at 60 FPS. The rig you built will indeed bottleneck at the CPU and also the RAM. I could see it's Windows 7 index being a 3 at most. This is a decent gaming rig:

Release Candidates / Re: Report RC 314 Issues HERE
« on: 10:54 AM - 03/18/11 »
I'm saying that. Nothing is effected other than my gun will stop firing. Even if I'm using an AK74u. It will shoot twice and stop shooting few a seconds or so. Enough to make me die because I lost the upper hand.

I'm thinking it's the game limiting my firing rate. Because on PC my gun would fire 2-3 times rapidly in succession. On Xbox it fires 2 times and doesn't fire for a few more clicks.

Release Candidates / Re: Report RC 314 Issues HERE
« on: 09:34 AM - 03/18/11 »
The only thing I am having problems with is the XIM locking up when I shoot rapidly. My mouse has a click issue. So when I left click it actually clicks 2-3 times very rapidly. Is there an anti rapid fire mechanic doing this? It is present in both CoD BO and MW2.

The Xbox 360 Slim XCGPU. The CPU is PowerPC based and the GPU is ATI based.

Detailed specs:


Cores:      3 (Each with 2-way Simultaneous multithreading.)
Clock:       3.2 GHz
L1 cache:  32K instructions 32K data
L2 cache:  1MB Shared


Cores:      1
Clock:       500MHz
RAM:         512 DDR3 (Shared system Memory.)

It was designed specifically for the Xbox 360. Originally two separate chips. (CPU: Xenon, GPU: Xenos.) They have been combined into one chip. The XCGPU. The L1 cache is low. But because it is not a powerhouse computer. It doesn't need anymore than it has.

Originally I thought "Why didn't they put a better Intel or AMD CPU in the Xbox?". But after the Xbox 360's release and the introduction of streaming media. With Microsoft's stake in Zune and partnership with Netflix. I realize that Microsoft didn't just design a game console. They designed a media center that you can play games on.

In 2010, Dennis Durkin said that downloadable content sales have topped subscription sales for the first time. Well with 12 million people paying 59.99 a year for Xbox live.... That's $719,880,000 and if it has topped subscription sales... That's at least $1,439,760,000. That CPU was built for an additional 50% revenue. AKA streaming media. See below.....

The Xbox was built for a specific purpose. Next year when a new game comes out that's on both PC and Xbox. You might have to up the performance of your PC to play it. Not the case with consoles. Ever since it's inception, the Xbox has had the same CPU/GPU. The only thing that has changed was it's footprint. Meaning game designers don't have to take the time to make their games work on an array of different PC builds. Which clues to why PC titles are dwindling.

Bottom line is that (I'm sad to say.) PC gaming is coming to an end. When an FPS on Xbox is coded for dedicated servers. There goes the PC market.

Anyone can run code on their PC for an aimbot. But if they do it on Xbox it only lasts a few games. Then they are hustling for a new key vault. That security combined with increasing numbers of titles and content is one of the reasons I've moved to Xbox. The other reason is that none of my friends built PCs for gaming anyway. And since they all play Xbox. Moving to that platform makes sense to me.

Not because I'm bad a PC games. Nor do I prefer to have an advantage over paddies. It's simply because I've decided that console gaming is efficient for my lifestyle. But I still want to use what I learned to play on. A mouse and keyboard.

So let this be an end all. There are reasons we play PC and reasons we don't. We have many choices as to what we play with. Be it a mouse and keyboard or a controller. We are good at what we prefer and that's all that matters. Cheaters use rapid fire mods, codes and hacks to get an unfair advantage. While us normal gamers get get blasted by full auto Desert Eagles.

Using a different peripheral is simply what the user prefers. If they are better than another player it's not because they are cheaters. It's because they are better.

As one of my friends would say in that situation. "UMADBRO? You got @#$% up! 7500-200,.. UMADBRO??"

He calls nukes whenever he wants. And he plays with a controller. I can't do that. He is better than me. I'll be a man and admit it. It's your turn.

i really find it strange you havent banned me.... especially when you know you are full of it. Then again, if you are the actual person that invented the xim 3.... pretty brilliant ill say. But like the guy that invented meth, hes a genius.... the users... not so much.

Meth was created in 1893 by a Japanese man. Used as a prescription drug in japan and given out to the German soldiers during WWII. (Extended use is know to cause Parkinson's Disease. Hitler had Parkinson's.) It soon after made it's way to the US and was sold as a medicine for an array of ailments. Citizens unknowingly ingested Meth and dependence/abuse soon followed. The Possession and production of the drug was outlawed in the 80's IIRC. It is still used (By prescription, called Desoxyn.) to treat obesity and ADHD as well as a number of other things.

The guy who invented Meth was simply a chemist. The people that used it were victims.

The XIM is a different scenario.

By saying what you did you have insulted everyone who owns a XIM/2/3. I'm going to kindly ask you to leave. Never return to the forums.


Pass me the ban hammer.

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