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General Discussion / Re: Xbox One and PlayStation 4
« on: 04:28 AM - 11/07/13 »
Ryse combat overview

It reminds me of the arkham games which is nice.

This game actually looks impressive

Its not bad its not great its just mediocre

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Xim with ps4
« on: 12:14 AM - 03/11/13 »
It says throughout the internet that the PS3 controller won't work on Ps4 but the PS move controller from ps3 will. Since the Sony Nav works as host on the xim edge, it could be possible that you could use the edge. But if obsiv supports next gen games on the edge or not is another thing. My guess is NO. He will want to sell a new product so there are more sales for the business.

nice thats way cheaper than the asus ones

YOu should note down the model number etc or a link so it can be officially reported into the hardware compatibly

General Discussion / Re: Xbox controller deadzone
« on: 03:18 PM - 02/17/13 »
yes, i have smart translators that mimic the default setting COD4 and MW2 PC mouse (until the turn cap hits)

What? Did you just say you have smart translators? loll

Thats pretty neat. Do you need to turn on the Aimon controllers or can u just plug in the dongle and it will work standalone?

General Discussion / Re: Xim won't work with Xbox 8
« on: 02:25 AM - 02/12/13 »
It will probably be a wireless controller like the ps3 that lets you plug it in with USB. But really who knows until it comes out pretty scary @#$% for xbox dimmer players 

I've been a Nav user for awhile now but now switching to try out the Logitech N305 (num pad) as the Nav puts an awkward strain on my wrist and it just doesn't feel natural. I've used it for awhile thinking it might be muscle memory and will strengthen but to no avail. Sucks

Isnt it a private conference? Dont know if they will allow anything to leak from it. Hyped as too though

It kinda makes sense though considering your soldiers wear armor and all but yeah it is a change of pace from other shooters.

Its still not even available in the ps store as far as i can see... what a pile of @#$% this console is.

I have it and so do other people. Maybe its you

Game Support / Re: Black ops 2 - Xbox and ps3 results
« on: 11:36 PM - 01/27/13 »
Thats game mechanics, ADS in in console COD is always slower than Hip

General Discussion / Re: Next gen consoles underpowered?
« on: 02:57 AM - 01/21/13 »
Don't worry guys, just listen to Toys, he's an actual commercial video game developer, he doesn't just get his sources from the internet. (sarcasm).

Anyways i read that article http://www.shacknews.com/article/77457/report-orbis-ps4-to-use-eight-core-amd-cpu-radeon. It says this which i found quite interesting:

In addition to the CPU and GPU, Orbis supposedly has other hardware that should give it a boost in performance. "Paired up with the eight AMD cores, we find a bespoke GPU-like 'Compute' module, designed to ease the burden on certain operations." This could be similar to dedicated PPUs found in many gaming rigs.

General Discussion / Re: Next gen consoles underpowered?
« on: 01:50 AM - 01/20/13 »
im simply stating. the current ps4 devkit is known to be an AMD A10-5800k derivative. i've built one. it's not 1080p60 hardware. without a substantial downgrade in graphics, or upgrade in graphic hardware; it aint gunna be reality.

Yeah and its stated that dev kits are only the base hardware and can change. And thats only the CPU, the GPU may well be some beast hybrid of some sort, at this point we don't really know.

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