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Game Support / Dreams support incoming?
« on: 06:25 AM - 02/20/20 »
Mouse and keyboard support would obviously be great for designing in this!

Game Support / Re: New BFV ST Vertical Hip
« on: 06:27 AM - 12/30/18 »
I'm sure those of you experiencing a large disparity between horizontal and vertical movement just haven't updated your configs properly. Bfv with the new ST even at default is excellent.

Totally agree. I first setup the new ST without the new required settings in the game options menu. I did not do this myself first and had the same issue which I counteracted by setting the X/y to around 1.50 for both ads and hip. When one eventually implemented the correct settings I had to revert the XY back again.

Been off the forum for while and only just returned to update the Apex for this game.  What's this "SAB" some people are referring to?

Soldier zoom sensitivity is user choice, increase it if your ADS max turn speed feels too low. I prefer low sens so I keep it at 100% to get slower micromovements.

100% Soldier Zoom here.  200% is way too fast for my liking, and the ADS settings in this new BFV ST don't appear to have any affect regardless as to what value you use or sync type, ie a value of 1 has the same speed as a value of 200, likewise, changing from off to slow, the speed remains the same.  I've actually reverted back to the BF2 ST as for me it just works better.

Hello a friend of mine has unfortunately the same problem. I hope someone has a solution. Please help. Many Thanks

You must be doing something wrong if your xim ADS is not working. Setting soldier zoom to 100% is not how the ST was trained so may lead to irregular aiming. I would reset the Apex if I were you to try to get Apex ads sensitivity working

Beta / Re: Found bug!
« on: 07:02 AM - 03/15/18 »
Hi there. 

Both my navs now work after I plugged them into port 1 of the XIM USB adapter using all firmware builds except the very latest (EX1).  I then simply unplugged the Nav and the red light on the Nav should start flashing to show the BT handshake is working.

One thing for the XIM team though.  The main instructional video says to plug joysticks/keyboards into port 2.  You might want to amend that video slightly as a fair few Nav users have been caught out.  Plugging into port 2 only allows it to work wired.

Beta / Re: Beta Exo
« on: 03:58 PM - 03/14/18 »
Wow - just has a BF1 session with the Beta Exo.  Never done so well at this game. 
G502 / 1000 polling / 12K DPI
Hip 7.50
ADS 5.00
No smoothing
Sugary sweet, absolutely comparable to PC.  I don't know what you have done but its working!  Topped out easily on a losing mug team with the CEI Rigotti trench (a gun I have never really used).
Obsiv - your a genius!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Low DPI
« on: 07:43 AM - 03/12/18 »
I use a 2400dpi mouse currently and thinking about getting a 12000dpi just to try and resolve my jitter issues. along with the shakiness in pubg.

2400dpi is too low bud.  I reckon you need at least 5600dpi mouse if you are a high sensitivity player.  High DPi and polling mice are so cheap these days your doing your Apex a dis-service by not checking out something a bit more powerful.
Example:   https://www.amazon.co.uk/Titanwolf-programmable-precision-adjustment-right-handed/dp/B074TD9ZBV/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1520861805&sr=1-2&keywords=16400+dpi+mouse

However I have the G502 and would recommend it at 12K DPI.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Please help
« on: 07:33 AM - 03/12/18 »
Try resetting your Nav by pressing the small button on the back and holding it down for 10 seconds.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who tough about this,I try it multiple times and still not working,it only works via usb.

Same here.  Will try the reset button (which I did not even realize existed!) tonight UK time.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best mouse for 1000hz?
« on: 03:51 PM - 03/09/18 »
No issues for me with G502 at 1000hz.  Don't even need smoothing in BF1

G502 @ 12000 dpi
1000 polling on mouse and XIM
120 hip
90 ADS
Smoothing 3

And its all gravy.  I have all the AA on and instead of being a problem it now really does assist.  Might turn it off as it feels a bit cheap when using with the Apex.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Nav and apex question.
« on: 07:54 AM - 03/08/18 »
Flashing red was normal under XIM4.  The nav does not charge wirelessly though so should run out of juice soon.  Cannot get mine to work wireless at the moment for some reason with Apex.

Do you have standard ps4 or a pro?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex Help
« on: 07:49 AM - 03/08/18 »
Smoothing does not affect turn speeds. When raising the response rate jitter could be introduced. Smoothing is intended to combat this. If you experience jitter raise smoothing until it's no longer an issue.

Turning will be relative to DPI and response rate. 225 may be different between setups, adjust sensitivity to your liking and you should be fine.

I think it can affect your turn speed at higher DPI levels.  Tested it yesterday on BF1 and there is quite a difference in just looking around between a smoothing value of 7 and 3.  Will test tonight with a ruler to be sure.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Smoothing?
« on: 07:45 AM - 03/08/18 »
I found that if set too high it overcompensates for jitter and you lose the sharpness of your movements.  Like most things with XIM start without it and then increase to your liking.  I am at a smoothing level of 3 on BF1 at 12K dpi and 1K polling and it feel great.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Cheaper on EBAY!!!
« on: 05:50 AM - 03/08/18 »
Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I think you only have warranty if bought directly through XIM store or a authorized retailer. Maybe would of been worth paying a bit more and getting 1 year warranty JUST IN CASE.

I think you're right - but I'll take my chances - My XIM4 went through the washing machine on hot water load for a couple of hours by accident, and it still is running strong :-)

Have to ask - what was you XIM4 doing in your pocket?

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