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Option 7) is the way to go for now if we talk about the PS5 version and when setup correctly will only add 1 millisecond or more of additional lag. Its nowhere near as bad as it was a year ago, works amazingly well!

Any chance we can get a stickied post on the best practice RP setup steps? I've seen a few threads and am not sure which is the best.

I actually like the RP option the best because using the Windows sound and a more advanced EQ for my cans on the PC is great!

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare on pc with xim
« on: 06:34 PM - 10/28/19 »
Report back once the skills based matchmaking kicks in.  ;D

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare on pc with xim
« on: 11:50 PM - 10/27/19 »
Anyone using xim on pc just curious what st you are using? I have messed with it a little using the modern warfare remaster for Xbox and I am doing ok. I am not the biggest COD nut but I am enjoying it so far
Why would anyone use xim on PC, that is just silly and borderline cheating

Huh? How is it any different from using it on a console? As soon as you use a XIM, you're back to the same constraints with a controller as on console (lower turning rate, dead zones). It's useful on crossplay to access the larger player base of console players and most of my friends use console.

XIM Link / Re: Xim Link on PC with COD:MW
« on: 11:32 PM - 10/27/19 »
Need to go under General tab in settings and select controller.

Ya, I know how to do it. My issue is not that I can't use controller in game. I think my issue is the same as yours you wrote about right after. When the XIM Link is active, the game is still registering my KB presses. It doesn't kick me over to KB again, but it does keep popping up a warning that I am trying to use my KB. Doesn't stop me from using it, it just has that warning up constantly. Irritating.

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare on pc with xim
« on: 08:34 PM - 10/25/19 »
Yep, I am. Usually a console gamer, but decided to go PC for this one. Use the controller only when I want to play with friends. Using RML's BO4 config and it works pretty well.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: drop your MW settings please :)
« on: 02:04 AM - 10/25/19 »
Yep, exactly as from his post but different keybindings. I did have to stop using XIM Link with it though because the game is struggling with it for some reason. So I am just plugged right into the XIM. Because of that, my sensitivities are WAY up from his. But the curves haven't changed.

XIM Link / Xim Link on PC with COD:MW
« on: 02:00 AM - 10/25/19 »
With crossplay now a thing I can finally go back to my one true love of PC and also get to play with console friends if I want. Tried a crossplay console with XIM link going to the PC. Works pretty well but one thing that happens is that the game recognizes both PC and controller when the XIM Link is active. So I can control the game just fine, but every keyboard press also brings up a warning to go change settings to use my keyboard. No issues when I am not using XIM Link and just straight to XIM.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: drop your MW settings please :)
« on: 01:34 AM - 10/25/19 »
Using RML's BO4 settings from here: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=71097.msg718710#msg718710

Works awesome so far. Had to up the sensitivities a bit from BO4, but that's it.

Just used it the first time last night and I 100% noticed an impact. Didn't change anything from my previous settings with the  Black Ops 4 ST. Feels like the dead zones changed and sensitivity increased (I didn't notice any input lag whatsoever). I actually had to drop my ST ADS and hip sensitivities a few points using XIM Link. No big deal and loving the XIM Link, I was just surprised the impact it had.

XIM Link / Transfer cables for Australians
« on: 09:20 PM - 09/15/19 »
I saw a few posts (including by me) about difficulty finding appropriate cables in Australia. Just ordered the Pluggable Easy Transfer cable which became available on Amazon US for shipping to Australia.


With Amazon Prime, shipping was free when I added another A$20 on as well for another item. Arrived in 5 days and I hooked it up last night... working beautifully. I don't even care about the scripting, just being able to easily switch between my PC and PS4 without having a bunch of USB cables around has been worth it! Thanks w11ce!

This was dealt with in a thread yesterday. If Obsiv has released the new app version to the Play Store, update your app. Otherwise you need to manually install the apk.

Can confirm, just updated to Android 10 and XIM can't pair anymore.

Ok, fixed it... first off, XIM app on the Play Store isn't the latest version. It's the June 2018 version. Get the APK file instead for the July 2019 version.

Uninstalled the old XIM app, copied over the APK for the latest version from the XIM page, and when I opened that, it asked about location permissions. Gave it access all the time. Now it works.

XIM Link / Re: System requirements and supported cables
« on: 12:24 AM - 02/20/19 »
Man this is really frustrating. I can't find compatible cables anywhere online (I'm from Europe). The one from Plugable on Amazon will be in stock in 11 days so that's probably my best bet because buying it from eBay from the United States and paying 30 euros for delivery - no thanks. Guess I'm gonna have to wait.

I'm in the same boat in Australia. Apparently these cables don't leave the US very often... $140 AUD to get one here. No thanks.

Darn it, went and bought Halo5 today. Wish I had read the forums here first and waited until they fixed it.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Destiny Crucible Teams - XB1
« on: 03:03 PM - 02/15/15 »
You guys are about as pro as Od1n ever was, LOL. Why do users think XIM's make them over powered? It's not how good your peripherals are it's, how big your brain is.

I actually have no idea what you are trying to say here.

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