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Game Support / Re: COD MW 2019 (AKA COD MEDAL OF HONOR)?
« on: 12:24 PM - 10/31/19 »
Could it be true?

Have my dreams been answered by an unexpected developer??

What’s up guys? Strange post, I know. But I’ve been hearing rumors that this game plays a lot like MOH. Kind of a BF/COD Hybrid. Where realism and kill streaks join hands.

Is this true?

Am I currently missing out on potentially the best COD game EVER?

You have no idea how much I miss Medal of Honor.


Here's the deal.  Opinions are like butt holes.  All people have them, and most stink. 

Only one that can answer if this is a game for you is, well, you.

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare ST
« on: 12:08 PM - 10/30/19 »
Why would they put SBMM in Quickplay in the first place? I thought people always hated that crap. You sure itís really there?

I haven't played a whole lot but have been watching a lot of streams. Everyone seems to think it's heavily there for every mode other than ground wars. Obviously, ground wars is 32v32 so it's not practical for them to implement it there otherwise the que times would be insane.

The problem with SBMM is that it is not a provable thing.

For those using their XIM, why not just go native KB/M since it is fully supported?

No sensitivity settings so you have to keep going back and forth to your PC to change mouse dpi to calibrate sens which can be tedious and take alot of time.

Cant change keybinds amd default kinda sucks, for example you cant slide because shift is run and control is crouch unless u hold shift with ring finger and hit control with pinky which is awkard as hell.

No separate settings for hip and ads sens

Hopefully its added in 1.0

Yeah that would be annoying.  The sliding issue was there for BO4 PC and bothered the piss out of me(play both PC and XB1).

For those using their XIM, why not just go native KB/M since it is fully supported?

Even with cross platform play there are but a few that stands a chance. With 20 sensitivity this is light work lol. The beta is literally just plug and play for me. They did a great job.

Since it has native M/KB support, why not bypass using the XIM and plug directly into the PS4 and let us know how it feels?

Game Support / Re: New F2P BR: Apex Legends
« on: 02:24 PM - 02/04/19 »
Try the titanfall 2 one.  If this game does not have an offline mode, or a practice range, may be impossible to make a ST

I'll be trying this tonight.  Dumped this game about a month in, but the reviews on 1.8 are bringing me back in.

This has been discussed before. These are drivers and an API for developers. PlayStation has had this support forever. It's up to the game developer to decide to use them. And if they do, they will not mix input types in the same competitive matches.

I think fortnight mixes input types on PS4, at least at one point, maybe they stopped?

You are right on it being in the dev's hands.  Problem is, I don't see many supporting it.  Fortnight is the exception, at least so far.

Was watching a few Gaming streams last night and I could not help but notice how low the WW2 stream numbers are.

WW2 is just weeks old and the most popular Gaming streams
on Youtube are Fortnite,StarwarsBF2 and PubG.

AlexRamiGaming playing on Fornite last night was getting 5 thousand+ views another streamer was getting 2 thousand and multiple others were pulling over a thousand viewers and that was just Fortnite on its own.
There was tons of people watching SW-BF2 and PubG too.

Cod is not getting anywhere near as much attention Its lucky to get one streamer with 900+views, Spanish youtuber Angelsaras is the only person to go over 1k views in the last few days one or two ww2 streamers managed to get a few hundred if they where lucky.

BrokenMachine is still pulling nearly a thousand views playing a now old BattleField 1 .

WW2 is getting blown out of the water. This is a complete disaster for Activision and its only going to get worse on the 12th of December.when PubG comes out on the Xbox .               

A quick look at youtube a moment ago and this is what i found...
Fortnite streams from popular youtubers that are  Live are Vikkstar123 9k views! AlexRamiGaming 6k views! Typical Gamer 6k! Avxry 1k and many others are doing OK too.

But the best WW2 can manage is a few hundred.WW2 is getting tanned Activision must be giving their underpants a brown veneer right now ha.

None of this means anything at all.  What matters is sales.  They doubled IW's launch, bringing in half a billion dollars.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PUBG
« on: 01:08 PM - 12/07/17 »
Im pretty sure its because it takes a full day ingame with the trainer to create a Smart Translator..  and there is no way to do that in PUBG since the games end really quick..

If the custom game is working, and it has the right settings, it may be ok.

General Discussion / Re: COD WW2 - final release
« on: 01:03 PM - 11/05/17 »
What has happened to this forum a new cod of bf normally brings out the bacon
where is everyone giving their thoughts?.

I think you're seeing the culmination of Activision's greed finally catching up to them.  Nobody is posting about this game because nobody is buying it I think.  Everywhere I look there is virtually zero response to this game. The PS4 communities I belong to, here, and even CharlieIntel are basically dead compared to what it has been for previous releases.

I'm going to guess the sales of this game are going to be really bad. Not because the game is bad, but because people are sick of Activision trying to soak them for every penny they can while getting minimal support and they moved on. This is the first CoD I haven't bought since MW2 (my first CoD) for this very reason.

Uh, no.  Not only is that not true, this will most likely be the biggest seller from here on until the end of 2017.

Not only that, but NPD Group has WW2 selling 25% more than IW.  Midia has it as outselling IW, but slightly better.

Support / Re: Can't change game profiles
« on: 10:34 AM - 08/02/17 »
Strange. Does each config have a separate config color? Set each config to a different color then load the next config. This would give you more feedback than just using Manager. It's possible that a config hotkey or cycle key is taking you to another config. If you're sure that it's not changing configs then I recommend a factory reset.

Each game has a different color, that is how I know it is not changing.  Plus the controls are not set for the right game, so its not that the color is just 'stuck.'  I have no hot keys to take me to different configs.

Overwatch is top game on my profile list.  Its red.  I switch to BF1 which is yellow, XIM flashes white about 4 or 5 times then stays are red.  XIM app says it is on BF1.  I start BF1 and controls are all off.  I start Overwatch and controls are for Overwatch.

I force close the XIM app and start it again, still thinks it is on BF1.

I just did the factory reset.  Now it is just flashing between all the colors........

Restored a config which seems to have stopped the colors from flashing.  Now I am trying to re-pair it.

Looks like it is working properly now!

Support / [Q/A] Can't change game profiles
« on: 09:00 AM - 08/02/17 »
So, I can't change game profiles.  It stays locked to the game that is at the top of the list. 

When I go to change the profile, the XIM flashes but always reverts back to the profile at the top of the list.  I know its that one as the color stays the same as the game profile at the top of the list.

The XIM app on my phone thinks it is on the profile I changed it to, even though it is not.

My work around is to move a different game to the top of the list, reboot the XIM, and then it will default to the profile at the top of the list.

I upgraded to the latest firmware which did not resolve the issue.  XIM app is up to date.  Running on Android Pixel on Android 7.1.2, though this is most likely with the XIM itself since it flashes when I go to change profiles.

How is a toy made for 2 year olds that you just spin around your fingers such a hit ???

And IMO that bs they say that it helps ADHD , anxeity etc. that ladies and gentlemen is call the placebo effect , I am 100% sure some idiot came up with that whole ADHD bs and when other people with ADHD heard it they wanted to believe it so that's how that happened .

I am 100% sure that if someone just bought this toy without knowing anything and they had adhd , they would never claim that it helps their ADHD , it might help you WHILE spinning it as you need to focus more on the spinning but that's about it , the moment you stop and boom, ADHD kicks in again , and that has nothing to do with the toy itself , it is just logic , when find something interesting you can concetrate further on it.

What happens when you start finding it boring though lol ?

This thing will be forgotten in 2-3 months and whoever follows internet trends is retarded.

****** Yours truly LolPop

You do know that they were invented/developed for people with certain disabilities way back in the 90's, right?  This sudden outbreak into commercial use is new.

Exceptions should be made for games like this.  They can be in 'beta' for a very, very long time.

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