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Support / Re: Xim Apex bricked two of my keyboards :(
« on: 07:56 AM - 08/31/18 »
Im pretty sure the max current draw on the xbox one's usb is 1amp, i have the xim and xim hub in which probably totals 100-150ma and my keyboard which is 60ma and  mouse which is probably somewhere between 100 and 150ma its a g600 which is laser rather then optical and 12 smd leds soo its not my mouse either.

Thats about half the max draw with generous estimates, it couldnt be a issue related to low power.

I was more looking towards, what frequency is the xim apex pushing the keyboard to respond at and with some sort of inductive mass inside any IC inside the keyboard could it create damaging voltage spikes in the keyboard?

Ill take another look at the disfunctional board see if i can get it to work on the pc.

Support / Xim Apex bricked two of my keyboards :(
« on: 11:53 PM - 08/30/18 »
So i have two pretty much identical keyboards one is called zykon k1 and the other is wolf claw warrior, Both have are 5v and only 60ma current draw. Im using a 1m long usb extension plugged from xbox one to xim apex usb.

Randomly last night my player kept running forward, my keyboard wasn't inputting after that. It doesn't work on a pc now either, however the power light is still on.

i plugged my other in and was working fine for another hour,, i played just before and it bricked it too. i replugged and its working again but the other is still broken.

Anyone have ideas whats going on? The circuit board from bricked keyboard doesn't have any heat from passive components or cob.

Is there a way to reflash basic keyboards with generic firmware?

cant tell if getting trolled....

Obsiv nor Mist have mentioned the new st in their latest posts but the new st is apparantly available?? Whaaa?

Many are saying the hip seems to be reverted or fixed.

It certainly hasnt been, load the game, while in hip try micro movements, obvious floating whilst even touching the mouse the slightest, the overall predictability of the hip fire is more then the ADS but the hip is still very very floaty, definately not reverted. 

I've been trying variations of curves and synchronization however the acceleration is incombatable.

Does anyone know of games that could possibly share the same acceleration mechanics?? Possibly other epics titles supported on the XIM?

im using g600 logitech at 1000hz and 2000dpi, i went from 800 to 1200 to 1600 to 2000 dpi. 2000 felt right for micro adjustments while ADS soo ive stuck with it.

All sync is set to common as suggested by Obsiv for 60fps titles.
x/y is 90 on hip and ads on xim profile
hip: 9.5
ads: 8.5
Smoothing both: 5
no curves
cloth pad 430mmx320mm

i will be testing higher smoothing on hip because the aim assist on hip is weaker then on ADS
the reason im using higher sens on hip is for snapshots with shotgun

I've made an Auxiliary config which is activated by my R key which was otherwise unmapped. Id usually use R for grenade, seeing as fortnite has no grenade button, no use mapping it.

In the movement tab of my auxiliary config underneath Right Stick i have the furthest right bind (which would usually be walk right if the sticks were swapped as R). What this does is make my character spin in a clockwise circle.

I have fire button as R aswell, fire button is what i use to place walls.

When i hold R in after pressing build mode, my character will spin placing walls all around me much faster then what i could achieve with the mouse at my senstivity.

To make this viable and soo i dont lose my bearings ive lowered the aim sensitivity of this Aux config to one less then my hip config to prevent myself spinning out of control and forgetting where i am.

Took me about 15 mins in playground to get use to but now i can build a tower super quick.

This thread needs to be moved or duped and listed in xim apex discussions and/or game support.

Not enough people are going to see it in tutorials.

Im new to the XIM apex, i had the XIM4+3.

Got my apex today, spent the whole evening looking for a good config and good curves, tried at least 6 different curves/setups to get my apex feeling right.

I tried your extreme setup first but i couldnt set a curve to make it feel right with 500sens at 800dpi with the G600.

Gave this purist setup a go, its incredible!!. Best tracking ive ever had on fortnite ever. This is the only setup ive found that can push through the aim assist and feel 1:1. This tutorial is absolute gold thanks heaps!!

Looking forward to kicking some more butt with this.

i can certainly confirm that the aim assist strength has changed as of 24-36 hours ago.

The controller players i play with have mentioned better tracking/targeting, the aim assist is pulling more for me on the XIM now.

It seems to have only affected the assault rifles ADS. I've been able to get used to it by going back to hip then back into ADS if the target is too far from my crosshair. Im using RMLs generic ADS curve atm and its still going pretty well.

Doesn't need a retrain although im sure someone will get a better curve for it sooner or later. Nothing to do with the aim mechanics changing, just aim assist strength.

Two more noticeable bugs, there is infrequent stalling. maybe twice a match ill freeze for half a second and also the ADS is sticking on occasionally, both these have been noticed by controller players i play with aswell.

Is it possible the razor board has onboard memory and a secondary set of keys when you hold shift??
Might have to dissable the hold shift function in the keyboard user profile. Some keyboards like these use onboard shift functions instead. a standard keyboard when holding shift the PC recognizes the shift function instead of the keyboards microcontroller.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Xbox key binds
« on: 10:54 PM - 07/26/18 »
i binded my keys with the simple rule, place commands on keys that are used by the same finger only when those commands cant be used in conjunction.

For instance, you can't crouch while building soo you could have them assigned to the same finger because you wont be using them at the same time.

Don't assign keys that your WASD fingers will need to hit if you can do the command while on the move. For instance you wouldn't have a ramp or wall (builder pro) assigned to q or e because youd stop moving while you used it. 

I have sprint and jump on my thumb because you cant sprint while in air, i have my sniper sensitivity profile set to the run key because when im ADS i wont be jumping and hold breath is sprint in COD soo it was easy to get used to,

Don't go for keybinds by other players, instead look at the range of motion of your fingers and assign keys to same fingers only if you dont need to use them at the same time.

im not going to post my keybinds because im more then likely using a different mouse and keyboard so they wont help you... also, never set a command that needs to be held like Build button to the scroll wheel.

Turns out i dont need a new keyboard. As it goes, my laser wolf claw is failing bad, the bubble membrane has diminished and im missing keystrokes occasionally.

Replacing this old keyboard was going to cost me 200+ on ebay because they dont make them anymore. Ive finally found something that is just like it for only 10$!

I recommend anyone looking for a different board gives this one a go. The key layout is just incredible, the buttons surrounding the space bar allow for more actions with the thumb then any other board ive seen.
Here is a link to this beast board .. https://www.amazon.de/Zykon-Keyboard-Keypad-spanisches-Layout/dp/B00GGNEL5U/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_147_lp_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=ZWVKW2TJKXN5DXCDBVJW

So this is the item.


This is the only keyboard that suits  my needs, any help or advice, or any similiar keyboard leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Ximmers!

Hey, using this config setup now and its going pretty well. Was super easy to set-up, However i did notice that my buttons on xim for inventory and map were mixed around(im using builder pro).

 The xim manager said that Up on the Dpad was Map which its not and it said that the Select button (looks like 2 squares on the xbox one controller) was inventory, soo they are back the front after changing to builder pro maybe?? or its just the xim which is wrong, i dunno.

Eitherway if you overlook the above, setup could be a pain.

I also noticed when going to drop resources or ammo then changing your mind when using the Slider window you will end up hitting Build button twice from the menu causing loss of sync, which is simply fixed by hitting the harvest tool key.

Now a question, Anyone got tips on how to get cleaner builds? sometimes mine just spam everywhere even when im not even looking up or 2 tiles over, its a pain in the behind and im pointing the finger at epics sloppy build interface. why the heck would anyone need to build 2 tiles ahead??? Grrr epic!

When in STW mode if you look at the options it allows you to cap the framerate. It mentions when selecting this option that uncapped framerate can cause input lag, could be one of the reaons.

Ive used both and it seems capped framerate requires higher sens but also makes mouse movements alot more predictable.

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