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Game Support / Re: Bf2042 settings for aircraft
« on: 07:01 AM - 12/04/21 »
There is a vertical ratio setting in the game just like we have in xim.
it under the vehicles tab i believe.
and yes, the vehicles settings also affect the aircraft, had to tinker wit it to get the chopper to aim well.

Also, on a side note, and i dont know why this is, but,...the "unassisted flight" button ( I think that what it is called, its the L3 button by default on PS) If you press that while aim-zoomed in the heli, it makes the aiming much smoother and controllable.
I dont know if its the same for jets, im not a big fan of them so i dont fly them.
Anyhow, hope this helps you in some way.

Game Support / Re: Still no 2042 ST?
« on: 05:21 AM - 12/03/21 »
OMG, seriously, some people need to learn patience...smh
We are all chomping at the bit for an ST, but repeatedly asking over and over doesnt make Mist get it done any faster....
Not the only game he is training for...
ST's come out in packs, (ie. more than one game in each release) not just single games per release...

Great news, thank you.

For my control setup I have to ADS before I can change my fire mode.

That's how it works in-game

I just got a new tablet and d/l-ed the app.
Is there a way to transfer all my configs to my new tablet without me rebuilding my library of configs from scratch???

No, not st or xim related.
I've used both the bf2 and bfv st and I dont have that problem.
My best guess is you've got a bug or a conflict.
Maybe try turning settings back to default and give it a try, see if it still does it.

Game Support / Re: Aliens Fireteam Elite
« on: 09:39 PM - 08/25/21 »
Yes, I was wondering the same thing.

Please support this game, rane through about a dozen configs, none quite nail it.

Like the topic says, is there any ST support planned for this game?
Its desperately needed, the  game has no aim assist and the best current ST's are ok but not quite good enough.

Game Support / Re: Rust ST... yes again!
« on: 06:24 AM - 04/28/21 »
Beta games don't get STs. The look mechanics tend to change during the process, which requires training multiple times.

In the meantime, find an ST with a similar look mechanic and experiment.

Agreed, it has been a long standing rule that ST's are NOT made for beta's.
Be patient, when the game is in full release it will get it's ST.

Everyone is always in a hurry for an ST for their new current favorite game.  This one is no different, it will get an ST when it's released.

Game Support / Re: Outriders ST?
« on: 04:06 AM - 04/01/21 »
The game is released itís not in beta state anymore it got full released first April last night ;) So no we should not wait for some patch to arrive in maybe 2 months before we get a original ST for the game.

I understand why the Xim team donít create ST for betaís and demoís when itís just that a demo and beta :)

But to start and say lest wait months to create a ST for a full released game because maybe they will add more features is not acceptable for the Xim
Community and i am 100% the Xim team would never start doing that.

We are many people like me who canít use a controller because of personal reasons like mine i got some of my fingers blown off in Afghanistan so the Xim is a tool I use for getting to play the games i love.

But Iím sure Mist is already on this and we get a ST Iím like the next 10days the Xim team never disappoints :)

Amen Brother Veteran, the Xim Team is always on top of things when games release, I'm sure we will see an ST soon. If not, Mist will let us know of any problems in creating one.

Thank You for your service from a fellow Vet.

Using a tweaked Rouge Company, works really well for me. Still gotta do some more tweaking to get it dialed in perfectly, but for now it works for me.

I would post it up here for anyone one to use bit sadly, dont know how to do that.

Game Support / Re: Outriders Demo, share your configs...
« on: 02:22 AM - 03/05/21 »
You don't need an ST when the game supports M/Kb, just plug and play, the only thing with the demo is it's still giving me console hints and tips rather than recognising what peripheral I'm playing with, it's only the demo though.

Yea, about that, I've looked but fail to see any DEV comments on the fact that the game will support M&KB.
You have a source on that?

Game Support / Re: Outriders Demo, share your configs...
« on: 12:44 PM - 02/25/21 »
You don't need an ST when the game supports M/Kb, just plug and play, the only thing with the demo is it's still giving me console hints and tips rather than recognising what peripheral I'm playing with, it's only the demo though.

I disagree, alot of people who buy this product dont want the hassle of switching their M&KB form the Xim to the console and back when they change games.
Also some people use both controller and M&KB in games, such as when using a vehicle etc.

And except for 1 game that I can think of, M&KB support has been a tangled shitshow.

Game Support / Outriders Demo, share your configs...
« on: 11:47 AM - 02/25/21 »
Waiting for the Demo to finish downloading now.

We have over a month to play with this gem until full game release.
Lets share our configs them we find play well until release and we get a real ST.

Whadya say??

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 09:38 AM - 11/11/20 »
It has mouse and keyboard support in game

And typically native M&KB support has always been crap, really hope an ST is released for Valhalla

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