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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: support idea for Nav users !.
« on: 02:59 AM - 09/24/20 »
Imgur.com or similar, then paste the link to the image file.

General Discussion / Re: Microsoft buys Bethesda
« on: 03:48 PM - 09/22/20 »
MS is lining up their ducks this generation. They need exclusives and regardless of quality issues, Bethesda games sell.

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 03:13 PM - 09/22/20 »
PS5 games will require a DualSense controller. IMHO this is due to Sony ending a licensing agreement for rumble and replacing it with their own haptic tech. This would explain why only PS4 games on PS5 will work with a DS4.

Hopefully XIM APEX just needs to add DualSense compatibility, but it may be more complex than that.

Glad to hear Titan Two did what you needed. Boost or increasing the first point on a Ballistics Curve will change the DZ size.

Only what we already know - DS4 will work with PS4 games on PS5 (not all PS4 games are supported). A DualSense will be needed for PS5 games.

Support / Re: [Q/A] Logitech MX Ego
« on: 01:40 AM - 09/17/20 »
You're welcome for the bad advice ??? As the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Feel free to help yourself next time ;)

No worries :)

BTW, use the Calibrate Analog Stick option in Azeron Software on PC. Thatís the only thing you should need to do to have it work correctly with XIM APEX.

Power drain is not a XIM problem, it's a console or PC one. A USB port can only supply 5V of current to XIM. If you have devices that require more draw than is being shared between XIM APEX, a controller, a mouse & a keyboard, you will get disconnects.

Azeron typically needs additional power to function correctly. Adding a compatible power adapter to the XIM APEX USB hub should solve your problem.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] the xim apex is broken
« on: 11:27 PM - 09/16/20 »
That's normal and expected behaviour. XIM APEX will flash green when aiming down sights, then yellow when returning to hip to indicate the current translator in use.

Note that there are two models of Tartarus.

Tartarus V2 is a digital keypad (like a keyboard) and the keys are clicky, which some people don't like. Tartarus Pro uses optical switches, like a Wooting kb, but I'm not sure if they behave like analog keys on XIM APEX. If they don't work in analog mode, they should be fine to use as regular digital keys. I suspect Tartarus Pro switches are linear and silent. If you get the chance to test Tartarus at a shop, the choice for XIM gaming comes down to whether you prefer clicky or silent keys. Keep in mind, Tartarus V2 is $50 USD cheaper than the Pro.

G502 is the most popular mouse on these forums and I'd use one if I was right-handed. If you have the money, go for the wireless version. Logitech just released a firmware update for some G series mice that bumps the sensor to 25000 DPI, which apparently is buttery smooth with a XIM (more info here - https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=89565.0). Another benefit of the G502 is it has enough buttons to pair with a Sony Nav controller, which is a good, cheap analog movement solution.

I personally use a Logitech G305 because I prefer a small, wireless, ambidextrous mouse. As a lefty, G305 only has 6 usable buttons rather than 8 buttons for righties. The rest of my Actions are offloaded onto the Azeron Compact.

Razer Viper Ultimate is an excellent wireless mouse with a fantastic sensor, but it's pretty expensive. Logitech G Pro Wireless is another option - I find it to be too big for my preferred fingertip grip, but it has good reviews from palm grippers.

A Razer Tartarus would be instead of a keyboard.

Check out mouse reviews at https://rocketjumpninja.com. The Top 100 mice is a great starting point. Unlike PC gaming, XIM can take advantage of every DPI you throw at it so more is generally better.

Agreed - any of the Logitech G series is the safest bet for XIM gaming. For Razer mice, check if they require Synapse 3 instead of Synapse 2 as it will indicate whether the mouse has on-board memory or not. Steelseries mice are good if you want mouse-based macros.

Keyboards are less of an issue. Logitech sells some cheap, good keyboards. You won't see much performance difference between a $20 kb and a $200 one, it mostly comes down to which switches you like.

That said, stick with known gaming brands over cheap, generic brands like Redragon as they tend to have the most compatibility issues. Expensive kbs like Corsair may have specific requirements such as needing to be set to BIOS mode to work on XIM. They also tend to have high power requirements, as do many Razer keyboards.

For a 60% keyboard, I picked up a Razer Huntsman Mini recently and it's a little ripper. The linear switches are nearly silent, the caps have a nice textured feel and the key placement and spacing is on the money. All keys can be dual-function too, which is handy for gaming. I haven't plugged it into XIM APEX yet, I'll try that today if I have the time.

I would personally recommend a Razer Orbweaver or Tartarus over a keyboard, at least for right-handers. The d-pad can be difficult to map comfortably on a kb, whereas there's a dedicated d-pad on Orbweaver & Tartarus. Also, the thumb is far more capable than mashing the Spacebar - Orbweaver & Tartarus provide more options.

If you prefer analog movement, Sony Navigation Controller, Logitech G13 or Azeron keypad are great choices. As a left-hander, I use and highly recommend an Azeron Compact as I can't use Razer keypads. Wooting One & Two kbs have analog switches that are compatible with XIM APEX, but they don't work as well as analog thumbsticks.

Long story short - IMHO the best options are a wireless Logitech G mouse or Razer Viper Ultimate paired with a Razer Orbweaver / Tartarus or an Azeron Compact.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: block inputs
« on: 01:57 PM - 09/16/20 »
You can with a Titan One or Two script in combination with XIM APEX.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox ST on PS4
« on: 10:16 PM - 09/15/20 »
It depends on the game and it's definitely worth trying. For example, aiming feels faster and more precise on PS4 using the XB1 ST for Destiny 2.

Game Support / Re: Any ETA on Hyper Scape ST?
« on: 10:03 PM - 09/15/20 »
Anyone tried the Xbox ST on PS4?

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