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Increase mouse DPI.

PlayStation consoles ping controllers at roughly 7.5 min to 8 min intervals. If the controller doesn’t respond, the console will disconnect XIM APEX. The mouse & keyboard may continue to work between authentication pings.

Xbox consoles only need the controller connected for boot-up authentication. The controller can be disconnected after logging into your Xbox account.

Unlike PlayStation, leaving an Xbox controller connected to XIM APEX is more for convenience than a strict requirement.

Support / Re: beta manager expired IOS
« on: 05:45 AM - 06/12/21 »
Install the latest version of XIM APEX Manager from the App Store.

The key near the thumbstick would be the best place, IMHO. The d-pad button on the Azeron is a clickable button, so it’s a 5 action trade for 1 key.

Food for thought…

Yeah I went with the flat too. The click on the analog stick was a big deal breaker for me, I've been playing with analog movement all my life and using anything other than "L3" to sprint just feels wrong  ;D
I put Sprint under my ring finger (I use the "pull" keys where your fingerprints rest). Jump is index, Crouch is middle. I can chain, mix & match mobility actions using those three fingers and it feels very natural. I used to map Sprint to pinky on a kb, but it's a slow finger compared to the rest of its siblings.

If you're used to Sprint as thumbclick, I can see how that could be an issue...at first. I dislike thumbclick for Sprint as it creates unnecessary wear and tear.

Looks like an interesting device. I hope they make it. As a person who makes and designs and mods lots of gamepads and gamepad type things, I've learned two big things...

1. Ergonomics are hard

2. Wireless is painful

Mind your expectations and wait for reviews.
Have you considered adding a 4-way d-pad button to Tuffpad? The one on Azeron is very small but really handy and solves one of the biggest issues I have with keyboards (d-pads are hard to map comfortably).

Feedback / Re: Need more subconfigs/configs
« on: 05:38 PM - 06/11/21 »
It’s not possible to increase the number of configs due to memory limits of the microprocessor inside XIM APEX. You can backup & restore configs using simple codes into a text file.

There are no plans to increase Aux configs (again, memory limitations).

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] My xim apex keeps disconnecting
« on: 04:10 PM - 06/11/21 »
By “in game”, do you mean console or PC games?

I'm hoping they do a azeron but in a similar design to the tartarus with the analogue stick + d pad. I switched from razer huntsman TE keyboard to Tartarus pro and it's a massive improvement, so comfortable and I love the little circle button it's great for a reload button
Take a look at Tuffpad by Tuffrabbit, one of the XIM veterans. It’s in the Tutorials sub-forum and he’s just started selling them.

Tuffpad is like a Tartarus with a swappable analog stick or thumb key cluster. No d-pad though, that’d be worth adding to the design. It’s 3D-printed so it’s rough around the edges, but it’s a solid start for a one-man gig.

It was the opposite for me. Tried for so many hours to adjust the Azeron to suit my hands and it just felt so awkward. Plus the right analog stick is so stiff to click in.
Did you get the flat or curved wrist rest? I didn’t like the curved, flat is much more comfortable.

I agree with the stick click, but there are dozens of other buttons to use, so I’ve never mapped anything to it.

I need to mount Azeron on the desk using double-sided Velcro tape or it slides all over the shot, but that’s a small price to pay for great functionality.

Garbage is highly subjective. I love my Azeron as much as I love my XIM.

Azeron Compact has 24 keys, analog movement, a dedicated d-pad, adjustable fingers, left or right hand support, stick drift removal, works with XIM out of the box and is perfect for wheel menus…what’s not to love?  ;D

On the flipside, I found the Nav to be uncomfortable, restrictive, inflexible, too few buttons, no longer made, dead battery…it was garbage for my needs  :-\

On topic…don’t get your hopes up. The form factor is large & clunky and I’d be questioning the orientation. Might be worth looking at the About and World Tax pages too…set inflated self-worth to 100% and consumer confidence & trust levels to 0.

That’s not it. There’s a one or two page guide somewhere on the Wooting site to configure it for use with a XIM APEX.

There's a guide on the Wooting site.

General Discussion / Re: Playstation 5 Update?
« on: 08:23 PM - 06/10/21 »
https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=92640.0 lists the compatible controllers.

Specifically for them, in that specific game, on that specific platform, at that specific time, using their specific gear.

There are no cold, hard, "best" settings that apply to everyone. You're going to need to test different DPI values yourself to find what works for you.

What works "best" for me, in just about every game, is 3200 DPI, Sync Default, 500Hz Response Rate, 1000Hz mouse polling. These work "best" for me because I don't want to constantly change my settings when I swap mice, keyboards, pads...whatever.

If I can be bothered, because it makes very little difference, I'll change Response Rate to 250Hz for games with helpful aim assist. That's it...no curves, no expert settings at all because they diverge from the Smart Translator's mapping of the look mechanics and the raw input from the mouse.

My opinion of "best" is highly unlikely to match your opinion of "best". You're banging your head up against the wall trying other people's settings because it doesn't change the need to put in the work yourself. "Best" is subjective based on mouse, sensor, grip, pad, console, game, environment, hand size, screen size, FOV, FPS, ping, bandwidth...the variables are endless.

Find a baseline you're happy with and learn the quirks of the look mechanics of the game you're playing at the time. Otherwise, you're sinking infinite time trying to find perfect settings that don't exist rather than enjoying simply playing video games. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it...simples.

^ see above and your previous threads. Repeatedly asking the same questions doesn't change the answers.

If you want some good advice, go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJQZlZVwbWQNvgCXK3gCPrA.

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