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You're going to get far better analog input via an Azeron gamepad - http://azeron.eu. The Compact model is the better option for XIM gaming (I have both).

I also have a Wooting Two but it's still in the shipping box and I'm in no hurry to open it.

I use relatively close DPI and Polling so I can tell something is probably off. Sync off of course and MM800 is my mouse pad. at 1 smoothing I still see terrible  mouse movement.
Stupid question, but have you calibrated your mouse to your pad, or tried a different pad?

Jitter is the mouse sensor failing to detect the surface consistently, which is exacerbated by using a cloth pad at high DPI. It can also be hand shake, dirt, dust, hair etc, but those tend to be more obvious.

When swapping to Sync Off, the sensitivity change depends on the Response Rate. The sensitivity change from Common to Off when using 1000Hz can be significant. It's also not a straight conversion and will still feel slightly off.

Your best option is to work out your cm per 360 (or 180) on a mousepad and adjust sensitivity accordingly. What I'll typically do for every game and Sync setting is make the HIP sensitivity equate to a smooth 360 turn on the width of my pad, then dial up or down until a quick 180 turn is predictable (not over or undershooting). ADS is usually 65 to 75% of HIP.

Support / Re: Xbox update killed Apex?
« on: Today at 06:57 PM »
Nope. It'll most likely be a faulty USB cable or USB port on the Nav controller.

Nav will pair via BT to XIM Apex. I don't use one myself, but the process can be found on the forums. Also ensure that you're using the correct USB port when pairing the Nav (again, found on the forums).

Try removing the battery from the controller. Also, try a different USB cable.

A power cycle may also help - https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/power-cycle-console

General Discussion / Re: G613 keyboard, macros?
« on: Today at 05:29 PM »
You can do that easily by setting up Secondary Actions for XIM Apex.

Load Xim Manager on your phone, go to Global Settings and ensure that Expert mode is enabled.

Open your game config, swipe from right-to-left to show the HIP page and scroll to the bottom of Actions.

Click ... to reveal the word Primary and click > to swap to Secondary. Set L1 & R1 to the same mouse or kb button and you're done!

I have the DPI button behind the scrollwheel on my mouse remapped to the C key, with L1 & R1 set to C to drop the Super.

General Discussion / Re: I’m really sorry.
« on: Today at 05:17 PM »
I've been around people with mental issues a good chunk of my life so I know how difficult it can be, Here's hoping you can create enough distance from that situation to not let it affect you or your kid too much.
^ This. The real world can suck big time and video gaming is an escape, but it's best not to take our baggage with us.

I lost a step-sister to depression (drug abuse), a brother to schizophrenia (triggered by marijuana, died from alcohol poisoning), another sister was anorexic & bulimic as a teen and has an abusive husband, my other brother is a functioning alcoholic and my mother is regularly in and out of mental health care due to psychotic depression and frequent suicide attempts.

Keep in mind, my family is middle-class, employed, white folk living in a wealthy society. We don't have real problems to deal with for simple survival, so we invent our own demons and they almost invariably boil down to how we relate to other people.

You need to emotionally distance yourself from other people's problems, you are not responsible for them. That's the only way I survived this clusterf*ck and came out the other side a reasonably happy family man and productive member of society.

Be the best dad you can to your kid, nothing else matters. Lead by example so he doesn't end up as f*cked up as his parents. Also know that it doesn't matter what we do, our kids are going to resent us for something. I'd rather it be due to teaching them self-discipline and responsibility than neglect, abuse or free-ranging.

There is no answer dude.

Preference comes in to it as does the game you are playing.

Games with very high AA i will generally start with high DPI to help negate the AA.

Games with not much AA i will use 4k as its the top end of the recommended optimum range.

Long story short you can't go wrong between 3 and 16k.

Overall it makes little difference, we're talking minute details.

Your DPI will not win you a gunfight basically.

As long as you don't get either jitter (high DPI) or pixel-skipping (low DPI), any DPI value is valid.

XIM Tech recommends max DPI, but they don't test against Aim Assist. The community has discovered through trial and error that low DPI can enhance AA, high DPI can negate it.

It really is that simple...

Make sure the Azeron is in joystick mode.

What you've described is stick drift. Either recentre the stick on-the-fly (we do this naturally by holding the stick in position while playing), or adjust the stick deadzones in the Azeron app.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: X/Y ratio not working ?
« on: 06:21 AM - 04/20/19 »
It doesn't do it automatically. All you've done is set X to 1.0 and Y to 1.3, which means you need to move the mouse less up and down to get more movement.

Purple lights indicates a USB desync with one of your devices.

A Moderator will help further, but to get you started, do you have another USB cable you can try from the controller to XIM Apex?

Game Support / Re: DPI question
« on: 01:12 AM - 04/20/19 »
Don't pay too much attention to DPI on XIM, just find a setting that feels right for the game you're playing. Most of the time one DPI setting will work, but outliers like BO4 can mess with AA based on DPI.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Fortnite - SA3 or SA5?
« on: 12:28 AM - 04/20/19 »
The Steady Aim experimental builds counter AA rather than compliment it.

XIM Link / Re: I cannot get xim link to work
« on: 12:15 AM - 04/20/19 »
I only need xim link just to switch between xim apex and native kbm with one click of a button. I've been thinking of getting a kvm switch as an alternative but I heard that kvm switches are not reliable on windows 10.
KVM and USB switches (same thing, one different cable) are very unreliable. XIM Link does the job, there may be something not quite right in your setup.

Game Support / Re: DPI question
« on: 11:59 PM - 04/19/19 »
Aim Assist plays better or worse with different DPI settings, depending on the game. I don't even know what DPI I'm using in a game when I load a XIM config, I just go up or down my DPI stages until my 360 turn feels right.

I don't get the hang-ups re: muscle memory on these forums. Unless you're playing one game professionally, play as many games as you want, your brain is capable of handling it.

I regularly swap from BO4 to OW to D2 to FN etc and it only takes about an hour to get back into the groove.

I do find that I am better at focusing on one game per week than a different game every night, but I don't have infinite time and there's a tonne of stuff to do in a bunch of games.

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