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Im glad I sold this crap game.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Gears of War 2
« on: 09:09 AM - 11/14/08 »
My acceleration feels a little off. You think I just need to calibrate?

Great config man. I still feel some weird lag when I turn my mouse too fast. I might work on that, or maybe I just need to calibrate again?

Maybe someone bought this game for $5 like me? Config please. I guess I will learn how to make one.

Do you play live with that internet? Also, I bet oyu use cantennas or parabolic attenas.

Thats ok guys. I will use XP for XBOX and Vista for PS3. I really wish I could use both here at my Dorm where I have only my laptop with vista. I guess no PS3. :(

So how did you organize your directories? Do you still have them in your program files. I am goint to be using 1 at a time. When I put in my XIM1 software I could use my XIM360 software anymore because all the files and stuff would open with the XIM1 software only. Also, it would detect right and stuff. So what did you ecactly do? BTW: Do you know where I can get a good PS3 adapter for XIM1 in the USA? I have no idea if mine even works.

Hey guys,
I was just wondering if any of you found a better way to use both XIM1 and XIM2 off the same PC. I think derek or nick or someone said the only way at the moment is to use XIM2 software on one OS, and XIM1 software on another OS. Thats a pain to boot back and forth vista and xp just to play PS3 or xbox.

About the framerate, I have the skill to pinpoint framrates. I can recognize all the way up to 120 fps. Well, thats because my monitor only goes up to 120 hertz. It really does make a difference. But remember, on a TV it will look better, but you wont see "more" like you do on a PC graphics card output. All the TV or 120hz upscaler does it place a copy frame in between those. It looks nice though. BTW: I go home tommorow and will test some Monitor vs TV configs. And play Farcry2 on PC!

Can't wait. Although, I need to get my XIM1 working. Too bad you cant have both at the same time on the same OS. That sucks.

So does anyone know what i'd tweak on a config for a TV setup instead monitor?

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIMTweak
« on: 06:36 AM - 10/30/08 »
That's cute you named a program after me.  I really haven't contributed much to this project, but I'm honored anyway. :-P

P.S. Really looking forward to testing this out :-)


Configurations and Requests / Re: Gears of War 800 DPI
« on: 09:06 PM - 10/29/08 »
I hope someone makes a GOW2 config the day it comes out. I dont know how to do that ****. I can perfect them, but I've never made one from scratch.

Configurations and Requests / Configs for Monitor vs TV
« on: 02:41 AM - 10/18/08 »
Hey guys,
I does it feel any different playing on a monitor vs LCD big screen TV to you guys? I do worse on my TV, it feels like the aiming is very discordinated do to the widescreen. Any tips, I am using different configs at different locations right now(Left my flash drive elsewhere), could that be an issue? It just feels sort of like I even maybe giving it a comand and there is a little lag or disturbance in the interpretation/movement. It feels a little akward. All this I mean on the TV not the Monitor. ITs 24 inch monitor vs 52 inch TV.

Hey guys thanks for all the advice, and random off topic stuff. I think nicks saying about distance from TV at a 3x ratio is the correct answer to the akward feeling. The feeling almost makes me feel sick. Is there any way to fix my config for a certain distance? Thats the $1K question.

BTW: 120hz is worth it. With a POS console that plays its games at 30 fps, anything fast paced like COD4 or UT3 needs to be at a high steady framrate. Both my custom made 24 inch monitor and my professional grade 52inch samsung have it and I cant stand a console game without it. I warn you, if your frame rate drops below i think 25 fps then it will do nothing on the framrate and it will be a huge jump from what seems like 60 fps down to like 15(only seen in GOW1, a game that was too much for the xbox).

How true uber. Yea, my new internet plan is the wifi sending. The aircards really sucked when bad weather came in.

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