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XIM 2 Discussions / Re: refund
« on: 10:30 AM - 09/21/08 »
Thanks for the support guys. I'm glad I can help everyone out. So far, I've really enjoyed working on these things. It's a fun hobby.
If anyone else needs theirs put together just PM me and we can go from there.

You got a pm snooze ;)

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Right trigger doesn't work.
« on: 02:06 PM - 09/16/08 »
4 of my buttons just stopped working, but mine is pretty cut cut and dry, I opened it up and found all 4 of those connections disconnected from the game pad.  I think my mistake was not tinning the wire, I didn't even know what tinning meant until a couple of days ago.  I'm gonna have to do my install over methinks.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: x-axis failure
« on: 02:04 PM - 09/16/08 »
Nick I miss your avatar of the asian kid lighting his crotch on fire, then letting his buddies kick the fire out. HAHA, him reeling in pain always made your posts that much more enjoyable.

Configurations and Requests / Re: Gears Of War (BETA)
« on: 07:59 PM - 09/13/08 »
Sounds like the same issue with Army of Two, no matter how high your sens. is, it's gonna be slow straightforward, the sens. doesn't kick in until you want to look behind you.


Well, it took me all day but I finally put together the Xim2. However, I don't think I can fit this thing back into the controller. Or I am just afraid that might break a wire or some @#$% like that. I put too many hours on this little project to break a wire now. I think I'll use a shoe-box instead, maybe a crystal glass or some crap like that. 

Anyway, there will be not more controllers for me.  At least for the time being or until this thing fall apart.  But now, I am having a bit of difficulty with the configuration. Like Ding Chavez explain in part of his post "the configuration feel Jerky and I can not find a good figuration or balance with the game" Either the mouse movements are too sensitive, the game is moving to fast to aim accurately, or I could focus on aiming but my movement are too slow (I can not do a 180 or 360 fast enough).  Well, It is most likely that I am not familiar with the product and how to configure it so I was wondering if there is a tutorial that explains what each of the setting do for the Xim360 (see picture below).  I tried searching under the Xim360\Doc directory but there was nothing there.

I think I remembering seeing a post from Nick that he was going to put something together. I was wondering if anyone knows the location. The Tutorial posts I found in the forum are about the xim1.

Setting like: Deadzone, XYratio, Translation exponent and so on See picture below)

Also, how should you use the Deadzonefinder tool? Do I need to have the Xbox controller plugged in the computer? Or the Xbox? should I have the Xim360 running?

I would like to help Nick and the Xim Community by putting a tutorial together from a newbie perspective.  Please let me know where I could find answers to some of these questions.

I'll open a new topic called "Tutorial" and see who can help.

Thank you


To use the deadzone tool, load up the game with sim2 active, go into the game where you can move around ow w/e, then close out xim2, open up deadzoner.  You need to make sure you can see the deadzoner app and your game screen at rhe same time.  Drag the dot in the deadzoner program across 1 of the axis and wait for your game screen to start moving, mark that dot as your deadzone.  You can use the arrow keys to be really precise and to determine deadzone shape, just repeat the process on the other axis and 1 diagonal axis.

Configurations and Requests / Army of Two
« on: 06:45 PM - 09/07/08 »
Deadzone - 4400 (Square
YX Ratio = 1.5
Translation Exp. = .75
Sens Prim. = 1250
Sens. Sec = 2000
Diagonal Dampen = .25
Smoothness = 2

The reason my sensitivity is so low is because Army of Two actually accelerates the cursor when you turn far enough.  So if you want to make fast turns with this game, swing your mouse and hold it and the game will accelerate the mouse really fast to get you where you want.  Try it in game you will get a sense of what I mean.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: On the fly?
« on: 06:07 PM - 09/07/08 »
on teh fly yo.

Configurations and Requests / BF:BC config
« on: 03:08 PM - 09/07/08 »
Here is a little rough draft for the BF:BC guys out there.  I got my numbers from previous nick posts, a little experimentation and suggestions as well.  Keep in mind I don't really like the quick flick shots, I am more sim style controlled aiming.  But it is still pretty quick and will feel nice:

Deadzone: 11700 (Square)
YXRatio: 2
Translation Exponent: .33
Prim. Sens: 5400
Sec. Sens: 6400
Diag. Damp: .20
Smoothness: 0
Update Rate: 60

I am using a g5 laser at 800 dpi, 2k is waaay too quick for me and it actually gets a little choppy.  I am still tweaking to get rid of the chopiness so I can run at 2k dpi, it helps when you control tanks and other heavy ammunition.  In game sensitivity is all the way up and aim assist is on.

Check back later for more adjustments.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Ground and power gauge?
« on: 02:38 PM - 09/07/08 »
o man, i just used 30 gauge for the 5v and gnd, it works fine but i hope i don't have any reliability problems down the line with it.

oops, move to xim2 config section pls thx.

Topic, and if anyone knows the deadzone, lemme know, I am having problems using the deadzonefinder that came with the software.

Update, the new installer was downloaded, and now calibration and install was clean and fast.  Good Work guys.  I am runing xp sp 3 as well btw.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: What solder should I get?
« on: 10:31 AM - 09/07/08 »
Try getting a small diameter too, makes it easier to get a nice joint on the pads.

I actually had/have this exact problem.  It hung on me while trying to detect a xim360 compatible controller, I even talked to Derek about it a little in the wee hours of the morning.  But Windows went ahead and installed the drivers in the meantime anyway.  So I cancelled out of the detect process and the program went ahead and installed everything else.  So i ran the Debugger and the stress test and everything checked out ok.  I also got the right stick failure but I jumped in game and it everything was working.  The problem I have though is when I press for instance the "a" key to strafe left, the xim is sending signals to both the left analog stick and a little bit of the down analog stick and my movement can be a little erratic.  Still tryna figure that 1 out.

Man I am really starting to thank the heavens for that stint at Heald College I had.  I have those exact same wire strippers in my old heald kit hehe.  Now if only I can find that sponge that came with the iron.

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