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As long as you have the correct .net framework and c++ redistributables installed, it should work fine on windows 11.

What I would like to work is the analog side of things, triggers, analog movement analog aim , the ability to use the analog stick on Logitech G13. They all worked great in SandhawC but they don't work correctly in Xim Link.

The complexity of the implementation of the joystick bindings on the latest 1.5 (not released) build is the same as in SandhawC. So with it G13 should work.

The migration from .NET Framework to .NET 5.0 was more painful, than I expected and there is some weird behavior in 1.5. Overall the performance and reliability of the movements is better than with the previous versions.

I might need to release it with some isolation to previous versions and without installer. Right now no release date, but with these compromises it would be ready with few line changes and compile.

If the cable has worked before, but does not suddenly work anymore, you should try to power cycle it. Unplug both ends of the cable at the same time. Another one is PC restart.

Sometimes the internal state of the device or the windows drivers might get glitched if something weird happens with the cable connection.

Just wanted to update you guys on the hori mini pad PS4. I no longer have to plug it in after the xim boots up. Itís now picking it up plugged in while booting every time. Donít know if you guys intended to fix it and if I am the only one that would be weird but thank you just makes it a little less on an inconvenience.

Hmm, no, we didn't change anything there. :) Maybe someone else with the Mini can confirm as well.
For me the Hori Mini Pad is not working. I still have to replug it to Apex like before.

XIM Link / Re: Does XIM link still work
« on: 04:36 PM - 02/04/21 »
The project is not completely dead. I have been working on this again during the last two months. I have upgraded it to .NET 5 and at the same time reworked the output side a little bit and added support for one KM cable for direct mouse and keyboard output to consoles. I have tried also to find alternatives for the belkin transfer cable. So far 6 cables and no luck.

I would want to fix first the exceptions like this, before releasing it. The problem is that I have never managed to reproduce these exceptions. Also I have to figure out what to do about the installer project, since it completely exploded on the update.

I will post more details on a separate topic.

@bouwman, thanks for the trace. I suspect the issue is related to the scripts, I will look into it.

What if the console is completely turned off with xim plugged onto it? Do you still have to do the routine after ps5 is turned on? Mind you i won't be using the apex for mouse and keyboard.
Yes, in this case you have to do it also.

So you plug the apex first then the gamepad on the hub to make it work? If yes do you have to do this everytime the console turns on? Do you have to unplug and plug again in the same order everytime?
Yes, every time Apex powers on. Not sure if it would work without this, if you would keep the xim setup powered on when the console is off.
Can you check it real quick? Still waiting for my ps5 to arrive.
Tried now with usb power on in sleep mode and this routine still need to be done after the console turns on.

So you plug the apex first then the gamepad on the hub to make it work? If yes do you have to do this everytime the console turns on? Do you have to unplug and plug again in the same order everytime?
Yes, every time Apex powers on. Not sure if it would work without this, if you would keep the xim setup powered on when the console is off.

I had the same issue at first but I plugged the apex in first then the gamepad and it fixed it  ;D
Nice to hear :D. Looks like this is then consistent behavior.

Im using Hori pad mini and if it is connected through the usb hub to the Apex, it will work only if it is connected after Apex is already on. If the pad is on the usb hub when Apex powers on, it will not be recognized, it does not even show up in the manager.

However if the pad is connected directly to Apex without the hub, it will work either way.

Is this intended behavior?

You could try to open The XIM4 Manager alone in commander mode. Make a shortcut to the manager and add -commander to the shortcut.

The manager probably still freezes, but its easier to debug.

If a simple complete power cycle (unplug both and of the transfer cable at the same time) does not help, your cable might be dead. It might still seem like working for the original file transfer purpose, but for commander use it will not work. I have one of these cables and I have absolutely no idea why this might happen.

XIM Link / XIM Link 1.4.2 is out!
« on: 02:08 PM - 07/01/19 »
XIM Link is a community created project and is not officially supported by XIM Technologies.

Here is finally a fix for the dragging issue on windows 10 update 1903. If they fix the problem with the api in the future, I will enable the acrylic blur. It is disabled for now if the windows has this update.

Also another thing in this update: XIM 4 support!
If you have already used Link before, you will have apex as an output device. If it is a fresh install, you have to add either Apex or XIM 4 as an output device manually. XIM 4 will still use XIM 4 Manager, so it must be installed.

As the Link is manipulating and controlling external process (XIM 4 Manager), that I have not coded myself, there could still be a case that causes Link to crash if something happens to the manager. However it should work now much better than with Sandhawc. For example a translator update is detected and the connection will not stall and crash like before.

Also there is currently no proper way to restart XIM 4 Manager from Link. The only 2 ways are either Link restart or removing XIM 4 from output devices and adding it again.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.4 is out!
« on: 08:08 PM - 06/23/19 »
Currently there does not seem to be a proper fix for the window drag slowdown on 1903, that would not change the looks of the program. This problem is related to the function that is used to add acrylic blur to the window background. And that function happens to be also "undocumented", so it will probably get fixed only as a side effect from something else, or if it causes problems on some internal code in windows itself.

So the blurring will be disabled completely for windows with a title bar on versions > 1903 of windows 10.

I will try to get the 1.4.2 out on the following week. The build is ready and will include this fix above and the support for XIM 4. However I had some troubles with the installer, that I have to look into first before releasing this.

XIM Link / Re: Xim Link crashing during startup
« on: 08:03 PM - 06/23/19 »
Was there a windows update before it stopped working?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: @od1n youtube
« on: 05:55 PM - 06/15/19 »
I just joined and I think all ximers should do the same to support.  5£ per month is not a lot to get all that content we are getting .Keep going mate
I will also support him! Good stuff!

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