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Support / Re: xim 360 unit issue with left analog stick
« on: 10:14 AM - 03/01/09 »
I have the unit plugged in and operating with my kb/mouse, but I sometimes use the controller to shut down by holding the xbox button and then I try to use the left analog stick to move up to say shut down console, but it does not work, have to use the dpad.  It does not stop me from using it, but just does not seem 100% correct and I hope that it continues to work and no other issues spring up.

Support / xim 360 unit issue with left analog stick
« on: 10:31 PM - 02/28/09 »
I tried to search and did not see anything, but my left analog stick does not work with the xim360 unit I received.  Is this a known issue or possibly just a defective unit.  I just cannot use the control to navigate menus, only the d pad works.

Hrm 198 shipped and I am 195 with confirmed paypal address.  I am officially extremely anxious now!

Sweetness, progress.  Hopefully it will be a quick turn around for the whole setup after the DIY people get their boards.  Can't wait for this!

General Discussion / Re: Thanks !
« on: 08:22 PM - 06/25/08 »
Oh that made me laugh, for some reason I see the Mii management screen where you can pick up your Mii, and a kid flying across 3 aisles back to the cart kicking and flailing their arms.

General Discussion / Re: XIM 2 VS XIM 1
« on: 02:04 PM - 06/25/08 »
*Ohh* *Ahh* Software testing!!!! I am going to be thrilled to see some more results from you guys.  I have high hopes from what I have seen and heard so far, keep up the good work guys!

General Discussion / Re: Thanks !
« on: 02:01 PM - 06/25/08 »
Congrats first of all on the upcoming sleepless nights.  My wife and went with a puppy first, and that has been a challenge in itself.  I am also on the 2 year plan until she stops taking the pill.  I know I am not ready to give up every last second of my free-time for a couple more years.  I gotta play with the XIM2 sometime right?

I have a new controller 005 that I use with the XFPS hunk of plastic right now, so it would probably be something up to the people building them to confirm a control was the proper version  or have someone send a controller and the $ for the work and have them directly modify the controller.  I guess there are shipping charges involved that may make this not quite as appealing, but I would prefer to spend 6 bucks on shipping vs shelling out essentially the 40 or whatever bucks a "new" controller costs when I have one that would work well.  Means I will probably end up trying a DIY kit and if I fudge it up, will be buying a pre-made one.

I just thought of this idea as I used to do something similar when I did work on cars building custom Projector/HID headlight setups. 

Edit: I totally agree on just supporting the new versions of the controller for the sake of availability and rework.  My controller has been used for a total of about 5 minutes when I was setting up the XFPS which is still used but "like new" condition ;) Good work on everything cant wait for more updates.

Just curious about this, but for the pre-built setup, do the people doing this do something like a core charge for the controller for those of us who have a controller already, but may not wish to take the risk of the DIY kit.  One way to help cut down additional capital. 

25, Male, Minneapolis MN

I am a video game junkie at heart. Have played consoles for as long as I can remember and PC games since I was in middle school.

3rd Version Atari
Sega Genesis
Sega CD
Sega Saturn
PS2 (beta tested Everquest Online with their network adaptor)
Xbox 360

Initially started playing Tanks or Tank Wars as my family was very late to get a computer.  Played the Dooms etc, then got into Everquest and played that extremely hardcore for years.  Got tired of that after many years and played a lot of CS online and switched back to console gaming for a good while then it was back to MMOs with World of Warcraft in the initial beta testing.  Played that for a few years and then gave it up. I never could find a group of people willing to dedicate the time to raiding and progressing that I had in EQ.

Down to my 360 and Wii now mostly, and enjoy them a lot playing CoD4/Halo3 as well as some GH or Rockband as well.

I am anxiously awaiting the time I can get XIM2 as I am currently on XFPS Sniper Plus, and it is not quite as responsive as I am looking for.

Can't wait to see some more progress.  I am excited for this.  I have never used XIM and the XIM2 will be the first for me.  So this piece gets soldered and then installed inside a controller, and then I expect hooks up to the xbox with usb? I thought I knew how the previous version worked, but maybe not.  Thought it had to plug into the 360 and the computer? 

I have soldered plenty before, but these look like some fun connections to do. When people construct them, do they include the controller normally?

Solid work it looks like.  I am glad to see such positive results from it on Halo 3.  I do a mix of that and CoD4 and cannot wait to get my hands on this and get rid of my xfps in comparison to this.  Good luck with further testing!

Why when I do testing at my job does it not seem as much fun as this one!

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Live List - updated 04/14/08
« on: 09:54 AM - 06/03/08 »
XBL GT: ScoutSnipr007

General Discussion / Re: First game with XIM on COD4
« on: 06:55 AM - 06/03/08 »
Ahh if only I could get the wife to enjoy video games 1/2 as much as I do.  About the only thing that holds her attention is mario kart on the wii.  Thankfully I just moved the xbox to my monitor and not the tv so she can play it.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the XIM2 as I just bought the xfps sniper before finding out about XIM.... :(  It is better than the controller, but I am just getting used to the delays in it.

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