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Beta / Re: Firmware 20141114 Problem
« on: 07:53 PM - 11/23/14 »
I been having disconnects since i got the new Xim4 when is first released. Mostly when ever is used the controller to navigate the menus and set up classes in game. Every time i set the controller down the Xim4 would disconnect and i would have to unplug and reset. Some random disconnects during game sometimes too. After this patch i thought it would be fixed, but sadly not. Finally yesterday i decided to buy new charging cables.( Why i didn't do this at first i don't know. Never thought cables go bad that easily) Just replaced the one for the controller and WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE. After many hours gaming last night and today still have not had any disconnects or problems. @#$% cheap a$$ cables from sony.

XIM 4 Discussions / Blacklight Retribution out of Beta
« on: 09:11 PM - 06/24/14 »
Game just got out of beta and ads is so much better now and aim assist has been reduced. The look mechanic seems a lot different and a lot better than before. Any one else notice this. Please share any St's that work great for this game as of right now with the new changes.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List and Requests
« on: 09:06 PM - 06/24/14 »
another look at blacklight retribution please Mist. Game just got out of beta and ads is so much better now and aim assist has been reduced.

Beta / Re: PC Xim App Keeps Crashing
« on: 02:47 PM - 04/18/14 »
idk anymore. i just started it on my PC and for some reason it works and it never did. I think i am having a serious PICNIC problem over here. Sorry OBsIV. It did just crash and gave me a (10022). The XIM still runs normally when this happens. It flashes the same light u see when u first connect via bluetooth when it crashes and goes back to the your first config. I am able to restart the PC manager and getting it working fine again. Just guessing here but maybe because i leave it running and not do anything for a couple of mins and going back to later. The connection times out between the two devices and the PC manager just crashes and needs to be restarted.

Beta / Re: Warframe ST?
« on: 02:28 PM - 04/18/14 »
warframe St works great MIst.  Great JOB !

Beta / Re: PC Xim App Keeps Crashing
« on: 02:21 PM - 04/18/14 »

Yeah I still get a lot of crashes when editing configs too.

ON my PC i cant get it working,  but on a friends laptop i got the PC manger working. Still having the same problem as GuNStArHeRo. Start to edit a config and 2mins later the PC manager crashes saying its (Not responding).

Beta / Re: XIM4E Beta 20140416 Feedback
« on: 10:15 PM - 04/17/14 »
yes i have. its just problems using the PC manager. i did another factory restore and flashed to the new drop did everything using just my phone and so far so good. PC manger still lets me accept the agreement and then download but then i get the following: (Not responding) then connection failure (10060). I did try on a friends laptop with the same bluetooth used in my PC and it did work for about 3mins and then while doing a config half way through it crashed and gave me the same ((Not responding) then connection failure (10051). Besides the PC manager everything else works great so far.

Beta / Re: XIM4E Beta 20140416 Feedback
« on: 09:14 PM - 04/17/14 »
was working but now for some reason its going crazy again with the random lights. just keeps blinking all the colors. can't get this drop to work right for some reason even after a factory restore.

Beta / Re: XIM4E Beta 20140416 Feedback
« on: 02:32 PM - 04/17/14 »
just did a factory restore and now everything works with the new drop. Still cannot connect to PC manger. I got to it accept the agreement and then download then it i see the icon and all of a sudden it just says is XIM 4 Manger (Not responding) then connection failure (10060)

Beta / Re: XIM4E Beta 20140416 Feedback
« on: 01:56 PM - 04/17/14 »
after the update I'm just getting random lights going crazy on the xim edge. What doe this mean ?

Beta / Re: Warframe ST?
« on: 05:46 PM - 04/05/14 »
What games are u working on right now mist ?

Thanks slayersteve that was a really good idea. An awesome time saver like u said.

Beta / Re: XIM4E Beta 20140316 [Discussion Thread]
« on: 07:08 PM - 03/16/14 »
OBsIV just wanted to say thank you so much and everything works great on the PS4. You weren't kidding how ultra responsive this is. Its crazy words can't explain. Still getting the error (10060) on the PC side. Maybe if someone could post a video showing step by step what to do,  so that others that are having issues and trouble getting it to work can see it done. Just saying some ppl are visual and have to see it in order to do it right.

Beta / Re: PS4 is RUNNING
« on: 02:43 PM - 03/14/14 »
ya your probably right. I got a lot of downloading to do. ( COD, BF4, games patches and DLC)

Beta / Re: PS4 is RUNNING
« on: 01:57 PM - 03/14/14 »
Downloading BF4 for the PS4 now. Hopefully new beta drop is out later tonight when i get back from work around midnight.

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