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i am ordering 1 DIY kit, too.

General Discussion / Re: OK WHO'S PUMPED?
« on: 10:16 AM - 07/03/08 »
in my book UT has pretty much erased halo. fast and furious gameplay, just like the old days, the all or nothing days ;)

lots of maps, some classic ones, too. the selection is VERY diverse, so you get something for every play-style - wide open for snipers or small corridors for some good old in yer face flakking :D

it is not as consistently beautiful as gears (some muddy textures here and there, and the playermodels leave something to be desired)

the only real downside of the game is: as its pretty fast, lag comes into play very heavy. its kinda hard to hit something fastmoving with the ASMD, for instance.

and as i will only play with the speedup mutator to get even more speed out of the game...

the modes are good old same old, somehow i was hoping for the mission based modes from ut2004...

General Discussion / Re: OK WHO'S PUMPED?
« on: 12:12 PM - 06/30/08 »
ok to clear the 2 questions of most importance:


Other than that? its waaay slower than the PC version to accomodate for joypad-skills. Should be a blast - getting some warm up on the PC and then own the servers on XBL :D

P.S.: its really laggy sometimes.

General Discussion / Re: OK WHO'S PUMPED?
« on: 10:55 AM - 06/30/08 »

A couple of years ago, I did some extensive testing that would pay anywhere from 50-120/hr for 3 hours of testing a day. I paid a "fee" to be part of a testers "guild" and I started working with a few developers to get small contracts for so many hours of testing.This was on PC though and back in 2000 through 2002 where they would give me a copy of the game a few weeks before it was going to hit retail. They would make you sign non disclosure agreements of confidentiality and ID tag the copies you had so if they got out you would be @%@#@#[email protected]  Now they don't do that anymore due to leaks on torrents, p2p etc etc in addition to people finding ways to "remove" the ID. With the 360 however, the Torrents are from I have noticed very very rare since you have to mod your 360 and in addition to that XBL black balls your unit once it's modded incorrectly so you can't even get online. Point to my story is, it's possible he did get a copy of it since the final press was already completed a few weeks prior (according to my buddies who let me test the Jan 08 build with the Xim 1 in the first part of June 08). It's not uncommon for people to get retail copies aprox a week before street release since the retail copies are already made.

That's my take on it.

i am in europe, the releasedate here is the 4th, and big marts like mediamarkt and saturn stock up early (and most of the time, brake the street date).  got mine from Saturn on friday.

btw, care to share your testing cfgs? as UT3 offers 2 different settings on control (sens and accel) i would like to give it a try, but my understanding of xim still is kinda dimm...

General Discussion / Re: OK WHO'S PUMPED?
« on: 10:10 AM - 06/30/08 »
AM i missing something, doesn't UT3 support M/K setup just like PS3? So why use XIM/2? unless you guys are playing with the joystick player section?

MS didnt want that, so no MK support for UT360. (no  OFFICIAL support, that is ;)  )

General Discussion / Re: OK WHO'S PUMPED?
« on: 09:57 AM - 06/30/08 »
whats up with that? I got my retail copy on friday...

General Discussion / Re: RED RINGS OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 03:44 AM - 05/27/08 »
its not so much the center mount of the drives that kills. That actually is a very little problem thanks to two basic prinziples: as the DVD rotates, it distributes its weight and shifts to its center automatically, plus: a rotating body wants to keep its angle (when you turn the xbox while its reading, thats VERY bad, because the DVD tries to stay at its angle and the box "forces" it to change. THATS where all the scratched discs come from, i think :)  )

its a little thing called "groove adjustment" in the laser.

it works like this: the lens (the real lens, not the whole head) sits on a rest and has 4 wires attached to its sides. as the DVD spins, the line with the data (the groove) is never really centered, so the 4 wires get little juice-pulses, and contract to shift the lens to stay over the groove.

now when you place your box vertical, the lens doesnt sit on its rest, it sits on one of the wires and pulls the other 3 constantly. so the wires MUST be juiced all the time to JUST KEEP THE LENS AT A NEUTRAL POSITION. Additional adjustment to keep up with the groove of the DVD is not only less precise (requiring the laser diode to be juiced harder) but also strains the 4 little wires all the time.

General Discussion / Re: xim 2 and keyboard usage
« on: 12:39 PM - 05/26/08 »
thanks for clarification. i can tbear the frakking wifi-headset anymore :D

General Discussion / Re: RED RINGS OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 12:14 PM - 05/26/08 »
i had a RROD, too. fixed it by myself (box had no warranty anymore)

just removed the x-clamps on the underside of the mainboard, replaced it with  m5-screws and some spacers, voila.

btw.: the design of the xbox360 is AGAINST vertical placement because of 2 reasons:

1: vertical placement blocks the MAIN air intake for the CPU cooler.
2: the cheapass disc lasers wear out faster when placed vertical, because the groove adjustment is permanently juiced to compensate for gravity.

your symptoms are exactly the same as they were with me.
the root of the problem is: the x-clamps bend the mainboard, and the solderpads of the GPU loose contact after time (b/c the gpu DOESNT bend with the board). what MS will do: they warm up the mainboard, attach two blobs of plastic glue to the corners of the GPU and send it back. a few months later, the GPU WILL loose contact again on the remaining free corners, and you have to send in again - which is when you will get a new box.

@ hak: i thought so, too :) but 2 years and 7 months later - the @#$% RRODed on me :D ....

and btw: intercooler systems that pl ug BETWEEN the powersupply and the xbox are DEFINITELY killing xboxes. the PS is tuned to the xbox, and if you intercept with another device, you have all sorts of instabilities in the current  that are dangerous.

General Discussion / Re: xim 2 and keyboard usage
« on: 04:25 AM - 05/26/08 »

As far as emulating a chatpad, XIM2 doesn't hijack the aux port in its current form so we cannot emulate devices that plug into it(chatpads, headsets, footpedals, etc). This and tapping into the rumble motors are all that is left to be able to emulate _every_ function of the wired controller. unless I'm forgetting something :P

waaaiiit a second. so that means NO headset support again? i remember reading somewhere else, that headset support is one of the plus features?

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM2 FAQ
« on: 11:57 AM - 05/04/08 »

i played around alot now with different configs, some the "recommended" ones, and some wildly different ones, and i cannot really make out the connection between translation and sens. (also on the PC side, setpoint yes/no, accel yes/no and so on)

i really like XIM so far, but one thing REALLY disturbs me still: float. even in CoD its floaty as hell, no matter what setting i try. bear with me, this is compared to PC gaming. its WAAAAAYYYY better than XFPS, but when i touch a mouse in FPS i always compare to PC :)

when you guys talk about "tight" does that mean "acceptable level of float" or REALLY millisecond-responsive? i use a Logitech MX620, and worked with the mx518 configs. maybe its with the mouse, but i dont think so. in quake and CoDPC, its snappy as usual...

a thread that explains the UNDERLYING MECHANISM of the translation factor would be really appreciated!

Support / one button of MX620 not mappable
« on: 01:29 PM - 04/30/08 »
i got the logitech mx 620.
it has a small button left of the left mousebutton (default search)
when i map a keyboard stroke to it, it works fine under windows, but doesnt register under XIM???

got mine today! grat service, farnell. first the telefone support ruled and then it arrived overnight.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XIM2 FAQ
« on: 06:40 AM - 04/30/08 »
i dont see exactly what different deadzone settings should achieve.

the deadzone is always the same, as are the translation matrices. only the sensitivity gets changed.

If you understood how translation exponent fully worked, and it the behaviour it exhibits when it is changed, you would see what the question is.

then i would be very happy if you would explain how it works :) i always liked tinkering with my mousesettings (quakeC, hell yeah) but as long as i donīt really understand the underlying mechanism, i tend to leave it at "default" :)

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