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General Discussion / Re: Gamer modz?
« on: 09:36 AM - 05/18/08 »
Back OT
If you actually buy this, you are a serious retard. The alleged "button combo" they're doing in their videos for double melee is actually the same speed as meleeing twice. The "instant sticky" is just a melee followed by a nade throw, which doesn't always result in a stick, and in fact the large majority of the time will not. Using this controller for XIM2 would be redundant because I'm assuming that like XIM1, the software for XIM2 will only support buttons that are actually on a normal xbox controller, and all of these "modz" are on seperate buttons on the back of the controller. In short, if you pay for this, you deserve to be thrown on a rocket, shot into the sun, and then have all evidence of your existence erased to avoid further embarrassment.

General Discussion / Re: xbox360/pc setup (moniter)
« on: 06:19 PM - 04/05/08 »
hmmmm i got -1 karma... @#$% it! im new here, prolly posted sub 20 times, @#$%! lol i avn't flamed or sent a conflictive post...

own up you S.O.B  :D

That second one was me. People who are concerned with karma on the XIM forum give me the lulz.

General Discussion / Re: xbox360/pc setup (moniter)
« on: 07:54 PM - 04/04/08 »

But for me everything is nice and close :P

Is that a clockwork orange picture? If it is, it's quite key to that setup.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Live List (XIM'ers)
« on: 02:58 PM - 03/25/08 »
if I use [XIM] as my clan tag in COD4, do you think there is a chance that MS will ban me?  That is my only hesitation.

Everyone should realize the Microsoft has much bigger things to worry about than someone using a mouse and keyboard on xbox live. To think that Microsoft even cares is illogical.

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling
« on: 01:03 PM - 03/25/08 »
What are you talking about?

Edit: Lets try and stay on topic. This is a legitimate problem with the XIM.

Its an auto-correcting feature of COD4. Im not sure if its the game sending a calibration reset to the "controller" and the xfps doesnt know what to do with it. or if its the game recalibrating "center" based on movement patters. (this is what synaptics does with those little eraser head mice sticks in the center of some laptop keyboards. on those just leave it alone for a few minutes and it sees the mouse moving at a perfect constant rate, assumes its not human and makes it the new center).

I would assume its the game reacting to "inhuman" input and assuming a new "center" since my knowledge of the xfps that it man in the middles, which means it shouldn't break comms with the controller or filter comms unless its acting as a proxy.

To fix this issue just unplug the xfps from the xbox and re-plug it in between matches. If this is the xfps causeing the problem, then this issue will be fixed with xim 2. If its the game recalibrating "center", then it will happen with xim 2 as well. This would also prove a fairly easy mechanism for detecting "inhuman" inputs of the stick. I hope game devs don't start sending controller input stats to big brother over live... Might need to work on humanizing inputs from xim software... start by not letting the virtual sticks leave the circular bound of the controller.. I will get into this issue in another thread.

There may be an auto centering feature, but I'm not sure thats the problem, given that this has happened to numerous people only after using the wireless headset, and that it still exists even when using a normal controller... As I stated in an earlier post, I no longer have an unbearable pulling problem, where if I would look up then down two or three times I would have done a 360, though it still does pull a little bit.

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling
« on: 07:28 PM - 03/21/08 »
After taking a break from call of duty, about two weeks without playing it or using the wireless headset, when I came back and used my XIM again it was still pulling, but now its very very slight, and very playable. I've come to accept I'm not going to be able to talk @#$% on call of duty until XIM2 comes out, at which time I may exchange my xbox if there are still any pulling issues whatsoever. Just wanted to update this thread with something a little on topic instead of you guys discussing your @#$% rigs.

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling
« on: 05:46 PM - 03/07/08 »
Yeah, I realize if I don't want to drop some coin to try and get this problem sorted out I'm just gonna have to adapt. I've done real well in games and whatnot with it pulling, but I cant help but get pissed off by it, since I previously thought my XIM was pretty much perfect.

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling
« on: 04:49 PM - 03/07/08 »
remember Nick i had this problem before I had the Wireless headset, just mine pulled up not to the left or right. . .
Remember this thread?

mine still pulls up just not as bad as it did with my copperhead mouse.

So honestly I don't think it's the mic at all. That's my honest opinion.

Mine worked flawlessly for weeks, until a few seconds after I turned on my mic in a game. While it could be a strange coincidence, my money's on the microphone.

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling
« on: 03:07 PM - 03/07/08 »
Yeah, a good portion of people have this problem with the wireless headset, it basically [email protected]#$% your Call of Duty game. I haven't used the wireless headset since I noticed this problem and I now get pulling in COD even when I'm just using a controller. I am legitimately considering trading in my xbox and shelling out some more cash for an elite to see if a new xbox would fix this problem, considering I've done a number of things to try and troubleshoot this problem, including removing my hard drive, which still caused the game to drift. Obviously if I bought a new xbox I would NOT use the wireless headset and instead wait for XIM 2, which allows you to use a wired headset.

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling
« on: 04:26 PM - 03/02/08 »
Wireless headset + XIM = demonic xbox. If this problem starts affecting other games I may literally throw my xbox out the window...

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling
« on: 02:45 PM - 03/02/08 »

Those are some of the threads on the old forum I found that discuss this problem. The more I play, the more annoying this becomes, especially compared to before I bought the wireless headset and didn't have any issues. Is no one else having this problem? Seems like it was pretty widespread...

edit: I just tried to play COD with a normal wireless controller and it's drifting, just as it would with the XIM...

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling to right
« on: 10:29 PM - 03/01/08 »
I have the sniper version of the XFPS and use an MS wired controller as well, though I have an MX518. It happens at random times and I can get rid of it for 30-40 mins by unplugging/replugging the XFPS. It pulls to both the right and left at times, and judging from what I've read on the old forums, it seems to be an inexplicable problem that some people had and some didn't. It really doesn't bother me that much, I just never had this problem before I used the wireless headset.

General Discussion / Re: COD pulling to right
« on: 04:37 PM - 03/01/08 »
Yeah I've been leaving my controller plugged in since I first started using it, but its strange that only after I use the wireless headset that I get this problem. Still, I'll try unplugging the controller after I get the XIM going. On a side note, it seems to be helping my playing, hah.

edit: I didn't get what you meant initially, but the problem isn't one of my analog sticks moving while I'm not touching it. A lot of people have had this problem over at the old forums.

General Discussion / COD pulling
« on: 04:23 PM - 03/01/08 »
Call of Duty is now pulling both right and left for me at times when I look up and down, and it only started doing this after I used the wireless mic. Now it does it even tho I'm not using the mic. I know I've seen other people have this problem, is there any remedy?

General Discussion / Re: suggested mouse pads
« on: 05:10 PM - 02/24/08 »
The Fatpad is the way to go. https://store.fatal1ty.com/accessories.aspx
I've won a bit of money in tournaments in a multitude of games (from Quake to UT2k4 to CS:S, including playing cal-p in cs 1.5) over a few years. I got the fatpad when I started playing CAL in 1.5 and since then I've bought 2 more, owing a total number of 3, and I have to say it is easily the best mouse pad that has ever been conceived.

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