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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex Manager Sensitivity
« on: Today at 05:04 PM »
It was set high for low DPI users. If using a high DPI you shouldn't need to come close to maxing the config sensitivity.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM4 not working
« on: Today at 04:51 PM »
To be clear, a cable is still required. Some users attempt to use third party controllers that are wired only. Are you using an X1 controller manufactured by Microsoft?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM4 not working
« on: Today at 04:45 PM »
This test is not to test their functionality but to see if the light turns on without pressing a button when started in a specific way.

Yes, all controllers (except scuff) works without pushing buttons, for they are all wired.

Are you attempting to use XIM on Xbox One? If so this would be the issue. XIM only supports wireless controller manufactured by Microsoft for this console.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM4 not working
« on: Today at 04:40 PM »
What are the results of the test mentioned above?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM4 not working
« on: Today at 04:30 PM »
Welcome to the community. Thank you for sharing your firmware version, it looks like you're up to date.

Let's try a hard reset, it can sometimes fix this issue. Press and hold the power button on the front of the console for 15 seconds. Once off unplug the power cable to the console for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable and power on the console. Attach all peripherals to XIM then connect XIM to the console.

Note that removing the power cable while off has been reported as necessary by some users.


If this does not resolve the issue it will be useful to know if your controller and cable are working correctly. Please try this:

Disconnect XIM4
Remove controller battery (important)
Connect controller directly to console using the same controller cable. Do not use XIM4's C cable.

Does the controller light turn on automatically without pressing a button?

APEX is a low power usb device that will shut off if there is a voltage issue. APEX itself and other devices connected to it shouldn't damage your console. If you're experiencing shut downs and issues with the console turning on I would look toward other possible causes. Your power strip and electrical outlet would be a good place to start. I believe Microsoft actually recommends that you don't attach X1X to a surge protector to avoid current regulation issues. The X1X has an internal surge protector as well if you're worried about this.


Note: Because the console has a built-in surge protector, you should not connect it to an external surge protector. If you connect the console to another surge protector, the console cannot reach the full power that is needed for optimal performance.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] iOS 12
« on: Today at 03:00 PM »
Of course, I'm glad it was an easy fix.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] iOS 12
« on: Today at 02:45 PM »
No, settings are stored on XIM and not in Manager.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex PlayStation 3 NAV
« on: Today at 01:36 PM »
Thank you. I'll forward this information on. They may have follow up questions, if so I'll post those here.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex Hub Stopped Working
« on: Today at 01:26 PM »
Thank you for confirming and I'm sorry to hear about your hub failure. Please open a ticket in our store using the link below to request a replacement. In the meantime XIM APEX should work with any other USB 2.0 hub if you happen to have own.


Thanks, it's possible to see an inaccurate 'up to date' message when updating the firmware if the tool is outdated. Could you please share the version number found in menu-about. Thanks!

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex PlayStation 3 NAV
« on: Today at 01:05 PM »
Could you share the iPad model you're using and the OS version installed?

Which OS version is the iPhone using?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex PlayStation 3 NAV
« on: Today at 12:58 PM »
Oh right, we talked about this yesterday. The nav should be turned off before shut down to avoid this issue.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim Apex Hub Stopped Working
« on: Today at 12:34 PM »
You had mentioned this in your first post. To be clear, your latest post is the result of attaching only the hub to a PC and then attaching the mouse and keyboard to the hub correct?

Please update to this firmware using a PC or Mac. This will ensure XIM4 is using the latest controller support which is required for XIM4 and your peripherals to function.

You can find the latest XIM4 firmware below. Please read the instructions on the download page.


If you think your XIM4 firmware is up to date please share the version number found in menu-about. Thanks!

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