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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Having issues connecting my apex
« on: 04:07 PM - 02/20/19 »
That's good to hear. If using this type of startup order helps this could point to a power draw issue. I recommend charging the controller direct with the console to start, XIM and hub should be disconnected. Please let us know if you continue to have issues.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Having issues connecting my apex
« on: 03:53 PM - 02/20/19 »
Please reconnect APEX to the console with only the mouse attached to port 1 and controller attached to port 3. Does this allow the mouse to work in your game?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: looting enemy bo4
« on: 03:50 PM - 02/20/19 »
With Expert Mode enabled go to edit your config and swipe to the first unused AUX page
Enable the page and assign your preferred activation key
Decide if you want to leave this page set to hold or enable the toggle checkbox
Expand the Activation section
Deactivation keys will return you to the Hip page when toggle is activated and these keys are pressed
If using toggle set deactivation keys in this section that you would press when you're finished looting or if you were to be engaged while looting. This is needed to stay in sync with the game.
Uncheck 'Inherit'
Go to the Movement section of the config and unasign SDFC
Go to the Button section of the config and assign dpad to SDFC

You should now be able to loot with SDFC while this page is active.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Having issues connecting my apex
« on: 03:42 PM - 02/20/19 »
The white light will show when APEX is communicating with Manager. With four green lights your controller has authenticated and your peripherals should be working if you have added a config in Manager.

Could you please share your setup so we can learn more about the issue? Please include both the brand and model.

extras: third party usb hub, usb switch, extended usb cables, titan, cronus?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] PS4 controller cable suggestion
« on: 03:39 PM - 02/20/19 »
No, all variants of the supported platforms are supported. We could check for a contact issue.

Please connect in this order:

console > hub > APEX > controller

Connect APEX to port 3 of the hub. If you receive four green lights using this connection order this would confirm a contact issue between APEX and your console port.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: looting enemy bo4
« on: 03:19 PM - 02/20/19 »
Thanks. An AUX page can do this. In addition to using SDFC to loot would you be interested in your mouse moving your player character while looting as well?

Support / Re: XIM Apex slow to response
« on: 03:14 PM - 02/20/19 »
Welcome to the community. The mouse polling rate is checked at startup and some devices change their rate after startup. The warning could be a false positive. If you have selected onboard memory before making the polling rate change in the mouse software then your mouse is running at that polling rate.

About slow movement, your mouse polling rate won't affect your turn rate in your game but DPI does. Overwatch does have a low to medium maximum turn speed. BF1 should have a noticably larger turn speed limit. I recommend checking that each game is using the max in-game sensitivity. Both games also require specific in-game settings for optimal performance, you can find these on the Game Settings page linked below.


If you still encounter issues after using this advice it would be helpful to know if you see fast red flashing lights when attempting to turn.

Support / Re: [Q/A] XIM APEX
« on: 03:08 PM - 02/20/19 »
That's good to hear and thanks for updating your thread. About your jitter issue, this can be caused by a lot of things actually but a good good place to start is to verify the in-game settings are what the game support is expecting. Some games require specific in-game settings that can be found on the Game Settings page. Here's a direct link:


If you still experience jitter after using the correct in-game settings I've shared a full jitter troubleshoot list below.

- Create a new config and I suggest renaming it to better identify it later.
- Do not import your config code or curves
- Adjust only sensitivity
- Do not adjust or use expert settings. No curves, smoothing, steady aim, boost, leave sync on default, no YX ratio. Use no expert settings.
- Verify in-game settings match the game settings page: http://xim.tech/settings
- Verify mouse sensor is clear from debris
- Verify mouse surface is clear from debris
- Test another mouse surface, a blank sheet of print paper is recommended.
- If using a logitech mouse that supports it, verify that the surface tuning setting in LGS is set to default.
- If using a wireless mouse test the mouse in wired mode if supported, otherwise test a wired mouse.
- Lower your XIM sensitivity if you're reaching the turn speed limit too soon in your mouse swipe.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: looting enemy bo4
« on: 03:02 PM - 02/20/19 »
Sorry, I'm having a hard time understanding. Your player movement is currently assigned to SDFC and you would like to use WASD to loot. Which keys in your config are responsible for looting now?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Having issues connecting my apex
« on: 02:55 PM - 02/20/19 »
Great, could you please reconnect your peripherals using the port order below. Afterwards connect the hub to APEX and APEX to the console while watching the startup light sequence. The port number can be identified by the number of dots above the port.

port 1: mouse
port 2: keyboard
port 3: controller

Do you still see four green lights when started this way?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Having issues connecting my apex
« on: 02:17 PM - 02/20/19 »
We should verify the controller can authenticate with APEX using direct connection. This will tell us whether the hub is at fault or an attached peripheral is conflicting. Please run this test.

Disconnect APEX
Disconnect hub
Connect controller directly to APEX
Connect APEX to console
Watch APEX startup lights

Do you see 4x green lights during APEX's startup light sequence? For reference the startup light sequence should look similar to this:

red, green, blue
green, green, green, green

Support / Re: xim apex disconnecting while playing.
« on: 02:07 PM - 02/20/19 »
Welcome to the community. There are multiple causes for this issue but the most likely cause is your nav. The nav is prone to a few things that cause stability issues like this such as:

- a faulty cable
- a faulty nav port
- a low or weak charging battery

Please start by fully charging the nav. Attach it directly to the console for an hour. I recommend connecting the controller directly to the console to charge during this time as well. Do not connect to a hub or XIM when charging.

With a full charge we can now check if the issue still occurs. If the issue is still there we can troubleshoot by either replacing the nav cable first or using the nav in wireless mode. This will troubleshoot against all known nav issues. The results will tell us whether your disconnect is related to the nav or if we should look elsewhere. Here are instructions on how to do this:

NAV off
XIM off
Controller in XIM Port 3 "..."
NAV in XIM Port 1 "."
XIM on
Connect manager and make sure NAV shows up
Unplug NAV
Confirm wireless NAV shows up in manager

Please play for a while in this configuration and let us know if you experience a disconnect.

You may need to choose onboard memory before making the change.

Any idea when this will get looked at? Itís just the initial deadzone movement that needs help if you lower your deadzone.  The lower deadzone makes fortnite better. Thanks in advance!

Please read my comments earlier in the thread.

Support / Re: Ps4 icon
« on: 11:17 AM - 02/20/19 »
Welcome to the community. Are you using the right port order? The preferred port order is below. The port number can be identified by the number of dots above the port.

port 1: mouse
port 2: keyboard
port 3: controller

If so please try using other data cables with your controller.

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