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Beta / Re: Beta test expired?
« on: 07:22 PM - 11/25/15 »
Did Apple fix the TestFlight Issues?  I can't find an email of being re-invited....

I keep getting a message I can't upgrade from 20150606 to 20150816 without selecting Restore Factory Defaults.   Is this normal?  I thought I wouldn't have to reset/restore anything....

Same thing for me....

I havent had to load xim manager in a while.... Went to load it and I get a message that the beta manager is expired...  Also,  not sure if related or important but Test Flight keeps saying it is currently unavailable and try again later.  It has been that way all day :-(

Beta / Re: Firmware/Manager 20150512 FeedBack
« on: 06:46 PM - 05/17/15 »
Working great.   The wait times for the various "loads" is totally acceptable.  It was about 15 to download a new config... hmmm and about 3 seconds to switch back and forth between configs when loading one for edit?

I haven't really paired much with my iPhone before, so at first I was trying to search for the XIM in iPhone settings (?).  I gave up and just ran the APP and it synced automatically (?).  Question marks because the kiddos had E.T. on in the background and it distracted me, LOL

I'm a happy customer though.  I always recommend this company to people :)

Beta / Re: Firmware/Manager 20150512 FeedBack
« on: 04:41 PM - 05/17/15 »
Obsiv, send me an invite when you can :)

I am, sorry for the delay. A lot of these requests are coming in and it a little difficult to keep up. :)

No problem!  Thanks, I got the invite and will test the app :)  I'm sure it will be amazing like everything XIM does

Beta / Re: Firmware/Manager 20150512 FeedBack
« on: 04:28 PM - 05/17/15 »
Eagerly looking forward to trying this out.  I'm waiting for my iPhone to finish an update I was putting off... then I'll get the testflight once it is done.  Obsiv, send me an invite when you can :)

General Discussion / Re: g402 vs g502
« on: 12:11 PM - 05/13/15 »
How is the g402 for Finger grip players?   We are in the minority, but we exist! Lol!

I loved my g400s, but it is discontinued and I will be in the market for a replacement soon and was looking for a mouse with some extra buttons for either my actual fingers (not thumbs) and the g402 has two buttons that the g400s does not

Hardware Compatibility / XB1 Star Wars Controller
« on: 04:55 PM - 05/12/15 »
Anyone know if this controller is compatible?


Beta / Re: XIM4 - IPhone (iOS) App Discussion
« on: 10:58 AM - 05/11/15 »
I am an iOS user and will gladly test :-)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Official Destiny ST (Feedback)
« on: 08:19 AM - 09/20/14 »
In terms of settings, generally how different is the official ST compared to the Halo 4 ST?  I have been having a rough go getting my sensitivity where I want it...  I got very used to the Halo4 ST.   The Destiny ST feels like it has more boost, or maybe it is more sensitive ???  Is there some type of boost value later in the balisitic curve behind the scenes.  (At least compared to halo 4 maybe having a reduced value?).  It felt like my 90 degree quick look fire was over shooting my target consistently as compared to when i was using halo 4 ST

I am wondering if  I need to set my sensitivity value to a lower setting with the Destiny ST.

General Discussion / Re: Destiny tracker stats
« on: 04:39 PM - 08/23/14 »

I played 3 games with a controller and was owned.  The other games i played by myself on 360 with xim 3, so it was hard to win with scrubs...  But i rank #203 overall on kills per game

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Has anyone's order shipped yet?
« on: 01:33 PM - 07/31/14 »
Doh!  I feel like OBsIV called me out :-P

I posted on my store account i was interested in changing from 2-3 day shipping to overnight if it was possible... (wasn't mean or anything, just asking if it was possible).... but i didn't mean for it to take longer, doh!  Hopefully he doesn't think I'm one of "those" people.  haha!

I'm order 15243149

Just to chime in, yes, that seems to be occurring for me as well :(

so the moon pvp  level is made just for human garbage... freaking 20 vehicles and you can spawn vehicles... ugh, and no from what I am aware of you cannot just juke the stupid things and hijack them like halo

now the other one on the other hand... decent, enjoy that map a bit

I haven't played it... But watched a TON of stream...

Vehicles in games just add another element of gameplay.  For us ximmers, we usually all prefer non vehicle play, but i can appreciate these vehicles a lot based on my gaming with halo and battlefield. 

I watched ninja (pro halo player) dominate the moon map.  Just kill the intercepters and put your self in power positions.  He had 44 kills and and 3 deaths

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