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Game Support / Re: Apex Legends Official ST ?
« on: 03:30 PM - 02/10/19 »
When the other games in the ST queue are done.

Thank you for finally adding customizable walk speed, I've been requesting for that for such a long time! :)

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181210)
« on: 03:19 PM - 12/11/18 »
Something feels off after this BO4 game update...
My sensitivity and aim feels way choppier and I didn't change any in-game or XIM settings.

My aiming is all wonky after this latest BO4 update.
Same in-game settings as before, and same translator.

Thanks, updated to this version from 20180501 and everything is working well.
Have not tried the new features yet.

XIM works flawlessly with BO4, but I don't think it really gives you that big of an advantage, if any.
Just spectate the kids that kill you. 90% of the time they wouldn't have killed you if they didn't have aim assist.

Beta / Re: Can't open XIM APEX Manager
« on: 04:53 PM - 09/13/18 »
No, configs are stored on XIM and not in Manager.

Good to know, thanks for the reply.

Beta / Re: Can't open XIM APEX Manager
« on: 03:13 PM - 09/13/18 »
The beta version of Manager has expired but you can find the latest version in the app store. You may need to repeat the pairing process with the new version of Manager.

Will I lose any saved configs?

Beta / Can't open XIM APEX Manager
« on: 02:38 PM - 09/13/18 »
I'm getting the error:
"XIM APEX Manager" Beta Has Expired

Pressing OK just closes this dialog box and leaves me on the iOS 11.4.1 Home screen.

This would be a really awesome feature. I almost don't even bother with Sync any more, because I hate having to convert my sensitivities. I'm sure there is a better config somewhere out there, I just haven't found it yet because of the difficulty of using Sync.

Correct, the new updates allow for you to change to polling rate and sensitivity INDEPENDENTLY of eachother. Meaning you no longer have to scale your sens based on whatever polling rate you choose. Also, 500hz is definitely the ideal choice for most mice; in my testing thee mice I've tested poll at 500hz way more consistently than 1000hz. Also, the differences in "feel" won't be that much or even noticeable other than the fact that you will have a much more consistent and smooth aiming experience due to your mouse not lagging behind. However, synchronize settings will in fact change your sens scaling. I keep mine on common, which is advised to do so with 60FPS games. Other than that, the only thing that should impact your sens settings would be your mouse DPI which will change accordingly but it doesn't sound like you're changing that aspect of your setup.

I find that 1000hz works better than 500hz on my G502 despite it not polling at a consistent 1000hz.
Pretty much the only game I play is R6.

Sorry for the false alarm everyone, there are no changes to the look mechanic on PS4. On a side note, this game had me complete a new ST for no reason.. ugh.

So no new ST for us?

I would assume no, because there were no changes.

Yes, similar to that. The last time I had Siege I was training with other deadzone values to check if this would improve granularity using scopes. It doesn't. When checking Siege this week I changed the deadzone back to 10, ran a quick trainer check and noticed the deadzone and acceleration were off. The game didn't actually change the deadzone, it only changed in the game menu. Today the deadzone value is different than it was yesterday, even though it still shows 10 in the game menu. The current deadzone value matches current support, this may explain why I didn't see a change on X1 but did on PS4, a game bug. I'll run more tests.

Good luck. From what I hear, this game has a lot of issues :)

Are there current known game menu/setting bugs?

Are you talking about that old bug where your deadzone settings would be different when you relaunch the game, even though they appeared to not change?

I believe that was fixed a while ago.

Thanks! Following this thread to see if there are any X1 changes.

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