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Any chance the new Product will have script support and work with CV like titan?  If not will it still play nice with Titan2?

I Just updated to firmware 5.13.3143 and its working great for me.  Make sure your controller isnt connected to the xbox via blue tooth and not running through the xim.  Keep controller off until xim is fully booted up then turn on controller.  It could be placebo but its actually feeling more responsive to me.

Game Support / Re: PUBG NEW ST ?
« on: 02:17 PM - 01/01/22 »
I personally want to say thanks for the xim team and what yall do.  To continue to support older titles like pub and let alone for free I'm very thankful.  Please know the majority of us are thankful and don't agree with some of these rude commenters I see that make themselves sound like ungrateful spoiled humans.  The amount of time it takes to continue to update translators especially titles like this that don't have infinite modes that allow the retraining to be done with less intervention speaks volumes about your integrity and passion for the product and service you deliver.  U got a lifer here who would even be willing to pay for updated older titles and or a subscription service to make sure I support you back the same way you support us.

Would it be possible or even worth it to invest in another training setup and offer paid custom or quicker updated translators? Just a quick thought but my gut tells me based on the ones complaining they are lost likely not willing to spend a dime. 

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: SAB Question?
« on: 05:08 AM - 09/16/21 »
I only ever run off and 0.  If you dont run 0 in pub you get strange behavior in hop mechanic like when jumping out of  plane you dont move until your press left to right first very strange. 

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: SAB Question?
« on: 12:50 AM - 09/16/21 »
I am not 100% certain but games like pubg that have no aim assist feel much better with sab off for ads.  If random stick values are being added to the right stick wouldnt your aim be off by those values.  Since its adding some randomization to the output of the stick if i really move my stick 50 percent but it added 5 it would then move 55 which is incorrect fom my actual movemet. I could be completely miss understanding how this works but it definately throws off movement at high numbers for character movement and seeing that it appears to be adding the same randomization to right stick I would only assume it would be making aiming less accurate even if only by a small margin.  Games with aim assist you probably cant even notice but pubg has zero assist so every micro movent is felt or seen.   I guess I could really confirm if it throws off aim by setting overly high value to exaderate it and see if its noticable.

 I am also having a strange issue I believe is sab related but cant replicate.  When I open inventory screen sometimes it scrolls down rapidy through inventory as though right stick was pegged down but no button presses in titan or xim display.  It does not happen when using controller direct. Still trying to find a way to replicate as its random but happens frequent enough to become an issue.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: SAB Question?
« on: 05:52 PM - 09/15/21 »
When i monitor the output with titan 2 it shows stick noise or non-zeroed out values on the right stick as well. It randomized a value when stick is stopped rather then going to zero when sab is off on both left and right stick.

There is also this strange issue where if i have multiple sub configs and one has sab off but switch to one with sab on the left stick constantly fluctuates random numbers and will not settle until I manually move the left stick in my case press a movement key  A, W,S or D.

For example, I use sab 0 on hip config as if i don’t it causes some movement issues or detection in some games but set ADS config to sab off as it will settle to zero and not add any random values so my inputs are all that is sent to console and hopefully not interfere with aiming. But if I’m stationary or don’t press AWSD (Left Stick) and return from ADS Sab Off back to the HIP Sab 0 the non settling error happens. 

This only happens when switching from a sub config with a sab value of off back to any value from 0 onward.  If hip config is any sab value from 0 to 100 and I switch to ads config that has any sab value of 0 to 100 no issues.  But if hip sab is on and I switch to ads config with a sab value of OFF  and then back the non-settling issues happens.  I completely understand it settling on random value when sab is active but its very strange if no input is entered on left stick when returning back to a sab on config from a previous config with sab off that it will just bounce random numbers never stopping until input is detected on the left stick.  It does not happen the other way for example if Hip is set to Sab Off and ADS set to any sab value it will settle as it should weather there is stick input or not.  Am i missing something is this done by some sort of design reason that I’m not seeing? 

I hope i in no way am coming across as complaining not my intent at all just wanted to share an observation and if possible, maybe test a beta update if possible where this is changed to suggested to see if it does have any positive or negative impact.  Appreciate immensely what xim has accomplished truly a happy and thankful customer for as long as you will have me.

XIM APEX Discussions / SAB Question?
« on: 02:10 PM - 09/15/21 »
Simulate Analog Behavior is a necessary feature for many games but I would prefer to have the option to dictate if its Left Stick Only, Right Stick Only, Or both.  Honestly if I could just assign it to Left stick only so SAB only inteferes with movement for wasd keyboard that would be most beneficial.  Having SAB enabled is also adding randomoness to the right stick which is mostly used for aiming in FPS games and it causes some loss in accuracy due to this.  Is there any possibility for SAB active only on movement stick so aiming is un effected? 

Game Support / Re: PUBG Xbox ST
« on: 08:12 PM - 09/08/21 »
mist4fun - Ahhh good to know, I appreciate the response and the continued effort you put into making these translators the best they can be.

plzfixpubg - Thanks for the advice, Ive tried this before but find that using ads on hip seems to add acceleration at least in the past.

mist4fun - do you know what any pros or cons would be if using the HIP trans for ADS or the ADS trans for HIP.  It seems if I use the HIP trans for ADS its exactly like the previous version.  Are you also able to share what changes were made to the ADS trans in this last update.

Also is there a way to get the cursor to move smoothly when the map is open?

Game Support / Re: PUBG Xbox ST
« on: 01:33 PM - 09/08/21 »
Testing this now. 

I have multiple sub configs for my pubg setup so I created a new pubg config with this update and then copied the settings from old config into new one.  Everything feels exactly the same except ADS is much faster now so im having to lower the sensitivity from 1.45 to 0.35 to slow it down to the speed of previous version.  Wanted to make sure this was normal and intended.

I actually liked how on the previous config I could have hip and ads both set to 1.45 and the speed felt correct for both.  Maybe the previous version was really only using a HIP config or there was such a slight difference it wasnt really noticable. 

Not sure if you are able to determine from looking at previous and new config what the new ADS Sens should be to match the speed I had on the old.  Its no big deal if not Ill take a little time and tune it in so I can enjoy the benefits of Xims hard work

I really appreciate all the time and effort you and everyone at Xim take to make such a quality product.

Game Support / Re: Xim PubG pc translator?
« on: 01:20 AM - 07/29/21 »
If i wanted to use the xim apex on pc can I do so by selecting the pc translator? 

Game Support / Xim PubG pc translator?
« on: 11:41 PM - 07/28/21 »
I just got an update and it download pubg but for pc.  What is this and how is it used?

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 12:00 AM - 01/20/21 »
I still dont know what a Retrain is  :-\

Its when the look mechanic of the game has changed significantly enough, that the existing translator is out of 1 to 1 sync and aiming will not be as optimal as previously was.  They will look into the data and see if this appears to be True and Valid. If so they will re-train the translator so it will be optimized with the games currently mechanics. 

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 11:04 AM - 01/19/21 »
Crossing my fingers but I know PUB doesn't have an unlimited timed option to run the trainer so im sure its a pain in the @#$% for them. Appreciate all the hard work guys.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 02:56 PM - 01/16/21 »
Completely understand thanks for the heads up.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain
« on: 10:39 AM - 01/16/21 »
what are the chances of getting to test this today?

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