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Way to slow, even on 10 sensitivity..

Xbox / Re: Halo: Reach SWAT playlist available on 10/7/10.
« on: 11:19 PM - 09/24/10 »
finally, should have been in day 1 of release.. so sick of listening to people @#$% about how SWAT is picked all the time..

Better yet, no horrible maps like blood gulch in that map list lol

Xbox / Re: So what do you think of Reach?
« on: 12:51 AM - 09/17/10 »
Swat has to get a playlist, i'm sick of playing this game at this point for that reason alone.

I honestly play slayer 10 times before anyone votes for SWAT..

General Discussion / Re: Halo Reach Team Arena / Nade FAIL
« on: 03:48 PM - 09/15/10 »
Yah, this is really starting to piss me off..

There is NO reason why Bungie could not have had SWAT as its own playlist, why do companies try to force new systems on us.. I just want to play some god @#$% SWAT, not this shield crap.

I don't understand why they would do this, having a SWAT variation promotes the more hardcore players to buy their game.. I hate the normal shield style crap, I don't want to shoot someone a hundred times to get rid of their shields, its boring as hell...

Technical Support / Re: Ebay process time?
« on: 11:01 PM - 09/11/10 »
Problem solved

Talked to Shippingguy he cleared things up, refund was given back in minutes.

No hard feelings, good company, amazing product, just a simple misunderstanding. Thanks ObsIV.

I will be back for my Xim3 the day it releases :)

Ebay: #220664528083

Paypal: #8CV47320CG422224D

Bought few days ago, items hasn't been sent, processed, nothing, messaged Sept 9th about my concerns.. no reply after 3 messages on ebay, also emailed and phoned. shippingguy info shows been offline for 10 days...

Anyways.. just want to cut my losses here and get a refund. Buying Xim2 from community.

Ill leave positive ebay feedback, I know they're probably just to busy, don't want this to be a headache for either of us.

Thanks.  :'(

Technical Support / Re: Ebay process time?
« on: 05:26 PM - 09/10/10 »
Thanks, on ebay most feedback pertaining to canada has been positive stating that their package was sent as a gift, so should be ok.

My main issue right now is that whoever runs the ebay account for xim360 is either dead or not doing their job because i have messaged him/her 3 times the last 3 days and gotten no message.

6-7 hours ago i messaged I was going to contact paypal about getting my money back, and still hasn't responded. Even with the worst Ebay companies they at least respond within a day.. what gives.

Technical Support / Re: Ebay process time?
« on: 12:53 PM - 09/10/10 »
So the support here licks nads.. did the entire staff go on vacation the last few days or something? 2 days and they still haven't at least processed my order.

Should be here by October at this rate..

Xbox / Re: playing legit reach before sept 14
« on: 01:30 AM - 09/10/10 »
I hate playing games early, always have that thought in the back of my head that I could be the 1 in a thousand that gets banned ..

Id just wait.. I had a chance to get one early, but I kinda enjoy the 12:00 lineups..

Technical Support / Ebay process time?
« on: 01:58 PM - 09/09/10 »
Hey, just bought a Xim360 from Xim360 on ebay, just wondering how long its taken people for their order to process? and do they send as gift by default? to avoid customs ?

Delivery is gonna take forever as it is to canada, no reason for it to be sitting there for days..

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