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In my opinion the overall gamespeed has increased a bit. Might be worth a check OBsIV

Wollte mal nachfragen ob hier jemand Interesse hat ein Battlefield 3 Platoon/Squad für taktisches gameplay zu gründen. Regelmäßige Anwesenheit wäre gut.

The problem is I have not bought the xim3 in the official shop. Another user had two and sold me one.
Am i able to open a RMA ?

Today i finally was able to connect the controller with the xim3. Unfortunataly limited by time of 30 sec until i just litarally moved the xim3. So i am definitely sure the problem has to be with the usb connector.

What should i do now ?

Bad that xim3 stopps working while today i just got the delivery notification of Battlefield 3.

Checked new controller while other devices conneced and not. I've tried all possible connections/usb ports.
Plugged xim3 in the PC with only controller attached. Controller icon appears, buttons and sticks not working.

  • Keybord-Steelseries 6G V2
  • Mouse-Logitech G500

Both items confirmed working in the Hardware Compatibility list.

Yes, the xim 3 is running with the latest firmware. I will try another controller today just to sort things out.

Checked new controller. Problem remains unsolved.

Completly surprising it happened from one day to the other. No physical event had taken place. XIM 3 is stable on the table at the same position. No water or anything else. Wife and kids on vacation  ;D

Sometimes if i play with the usbplug/connector the xim 3 shuts down and immediatly boot/start again.

Controller works just fine when plugged into the xbox. Tried to connect the controller into the other xim3 usb ports and sometimes the controller icon appears and sometimes not. Same with keybord and mouse. While icons appearing peripherals have no function and after some seconds xim 3 device shuts down.

i just wonder why such a problem happens suddenly.

As mentioned in title my Xim 3 don't connect with the wired controller anymore. XIM 3 worked perfectly since today. Checked controller, cables, all fine.

I guess the USB hub has a connection problem. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hallo zusammen,

Habe gestern auch mein XIM3 erhalten. Von einem Bekannten aus den Staaten. Muss nur noch die Xbox anschließen. Einfach als Geschenk deklarieren und gut ist. Kamen nur 25€ Einfuhrumsatzsteuer drauf.
Vlt eine Option für die noch wartenden User. Einfach mal ein anderes Mitglied im Forum freundlicherweise fragen ob er sich bereit erklärt eine Bestellung aufzugeben.

Ich würde vorschlagen diesen Thread dazu zu benutzen gamertags auzutauschen, online Zockerabende organisieren, evtl fun-clan gründen, Hilfestellung zu leisten, XIM3 Einstellungen auszutauschen und alles andere auch.

Gruß Hetzenauer

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