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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 vs Apex in 2021/2022
« on: 10:54 PM - 12/15/21 »
I have to agree with anti. I still use my XIM4 often for PC and Series S gaming. Definitely more than worth it still. Just be sure to use an Xbox One controller, not a Series S/X one. They (S/X) have a Type C connection in case you're wondering what the difference is.

I gave my brother my Apex long ago and honestly I've never felt like I'm missing out on anything.

Why does it feel like Iím still not getting aim assist on this game. Iím using a XIM4 on pc. Is there anyway to increase the AA?

I saw a post here where someone mentioned that at the title screen instead of hitting the Enter key, press the left mouse button and once you're in, only use the "controller" to make inputs. I guess that if you press Enter, the game thinks you're playing with kb/m and turns off aim assist, even if you continue to use controller after.

Shared Configs / Re: My Halo Infinite Config
« on: 05:19 PM - 12/02/21 »
Hey great settings when you mean 500 do you mean your xim is set to 500 hz?

No, those are his XIM sensitivities because he plays at such a low DPI setting. You'll have to lower those if your"normal" DPI is higher.

General Discussion / Re: Which is better?
« on: 01:44 PM - 11/11/21 »
What's your budget? Glorious Gaming also recently released wireless versions of their mice. The wired versions are obviously cheaper so it depends on how much you want to spend.

Glorious Model O- (Minus) Gaming Mouse, Matte Black (GOM-Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VMM5LKH/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_Z2YBMEQV9NS77YNDSKQ4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Optimum Tech recently did a video review on the wireless versions.

The reason I bring this brand up is because I use a Logitech GPW and when I tried going back to my G403 wireless, it just felt way too heavy compared to the GPW. Glorious mice look like they would help with the weight issue, while not costing as much so I'm not having to to change the dongle back and forth between my PC and XIM.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PC Play
« on: 01:26 PM - 11/11/21 »
You'll be fine. I use a XIM on PC all the time with games that have controller support. I use an Xbox One controller btw and choose the Xbox version of the Smart Translators. Hope this helps.

I believe it's a Razer issue. You need to be logged into to your Razer account for this to work. Meaning on your PC only.

You need to make sure that in your game settings you set your input method to controller before you join a lobby.

Game Support / Re: BO4: Advanced Setup (Update 20190811)
« on: 10:34 AM - 10/28/19 »
12000 1000hz

I do a 360 in about 8in. Not sure how fast you like to play?


Will you be making a config for Modern Warfare  ?


I don't think RML is back. Beginning of next year at the soonest he said he'd be back. I can't remember where he told us that but if I find it, I'll post it.

Edit: Found it. It's the second to last post

Game Support / Re: PvZ Battle for Neighborville
« on: 12:06 AM - 09/08/19 »
Can we get a word on if a official ST is going to be made for this game please?

Once it's officially released in October, I can almost guarantee you they will release an official ST. Between then and now? Probably not. The devs have already stated there will be weekly updates. You never know though.

The settings I'm using are 12k DPI on a G502, 1000Hz, common sync at 15 sens. 4/5 smoothing, and 1.3 Y/X ratio. In game I maxed out camera and look sensitivity, and set acceleration to 0. I'm not saying my settings are better, just that those are the values that I'm currently using. I'm getting a lot of latency, frame drops, hits not registering, audio cutting out on headset and TV speakers, etc. I can't fully blame the PvZ:GW2 ST right now if things don't feel right.

Game Support / Re: PvZ Battle for Neighborville
« on: 02:58 PM - 09/06/19 »
I have aim assist and acceleration at 0 and sensitivity at max, still feels super slow to look

Yeah, I agree with those settings, especially aim assist off. Even on light it's incredibly strong and I'm constantly fighting with it when I'm trying to "walk the gun" towards the enemies' heads.

Game Support / Re: PvZ Battle for Neighborville
« on: 12:04 PM - 09/06/19 »
I agree with you, it does feel slow. Don't forget to set acceleration to 0. Are you having any sound bugs or latency issues?

Game Support / Re: PvZ Battle for Neighborville
« on: 02:31 AM - 09/06/19 »
I tried PvZ:GW2 and it works fine. The game is very buggy at the moment though. On Xbox, my audio cuts in and out, lots of lag, frame drops, etc. It's expected though seeing how it's still in beta. Things might change later, so for now just use that ST. If it feels strange, don't forget it could be the game giving you problems too.


That's why I always offer explanations for my curves. You should only use them if you're looking for what I offer. However, I can't make people read my lengthy explanations. So I often find myself answering questions that can be answered in the OP.

That's the hard work piece of this, the rest is easy.

I'm very new to XIM Apex, and I've watched & read a heap of the awesome info that's put out by this community, and I think I've found the answer to something that's been effecting my gameplay regularly, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not heading up the wrong path!
In a nutshell, there are times in FPS's (atm apex legends) where I'll be in a close range fire fight with a single enemy, with say each of us circling / strafing to out right or left, and my crosshairs seem locked just outside their hitbox. And whenever I look back at any footage it's (this effect) very consistent.

This is essentially me on the edge of the AA bubble that you often refer to right?

Yes. That's the AA bubble. You have to fight a bit to move the crosshairs because of the AA.

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends FOV Question
« on: 11:03 PM - 05/09/19 »
Honestly, this comes down to the size of your screen and how far away you sit from the screen. If you're gaming from your couch on your big screen TV, try a lower FOV. If you're playing on a monitor at your desk try a little higher FOV value, around 90-110. These are just some values that work for me playing on my desk with 24-27" screens.

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption 2 - Config
« on: 02:03 PM - 11/04/18 »
Excuse me if this has been answered in another section, but how does one go about creating a Config for the "Red Dead Redemption - Nav Config"?  Do I need the XIM Link program for this? I tried doing a search, but I came up empty. This would really be helpful. Again, sorry in advance.

Just copy that code, and in your app have RDR2 ST loaded up. Hit the edit button in the top left, then in the first page, under identity you'll see three dots, hit those and tap paste.

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