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I used to love my trackball back when i played cod2 on pc.. The xim4 and the trackball had so much... Floating movement errors, how is it with the apex? I might just have to try one of these again, i kind of miss it lol

I have the same exact issues with my XIM4 and CST.

Hopefully the Apex resolved the issues I'm very interested but need a good evidence before I spend any more money. I've been down this road 3 times already.

I'll gladly record some gameplay for you. I am a PC player and  have both xbox and ps4 but I recently started playing Destiny 2 crucible again on PS4. I don't really do captures of my games and don't have a usb camera to overlay showing me using the trackball. I'll just capture one of my games and this time I'll use a more common CST trackball that goes up to 1600 dpi. Any kind of moves you want to see me do like spinning around 360 to illustrate spinning the ball is like. With a mouse , I assume you would see pauses from when the mouse is lifted to readjust.

That would be great man. I play mostly on PC and play BF but after Hardline and BF1 I've been waiting for the next BF. Now 5 is announced I'm thinking about giving XIM another try.

I'm a run and gun, play the objective type so I'm very interested in see the Apex used close quarters environment.

If you have Battlefield and can show close quarters run & gun type game style as well as some vehicle use I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your help

Here is my gameplay on PC and what I'm trying to come close to simulating with XIM and a trackball.

The biggest differences are 1000Hz polling, chat passthrough, an improved app and new toys to play with (Sync, Smoothing). And it's only $99.

Increased polling makes mouse tracking smoother and AA both easier to cut through & manipulate.

What's your trackball polling set to?

I use a trackball and due to it's nature it never worked well with any of the XIM adapters.

I'm thinking about trying again with the Apex. I own a couple legacy units and was wondering what are all of the upgrades to the Apex?

I looked in FAQ and did a couple of forum searches and didn't find it but can you please list all of the differences between the Apex and XIM4.

Thank you

Trackball user for the last 20 years. Trackball is better. For me that is. I have used gaming mouse before but always come back to trackball. especially the Ltrac. They have 1000hz polling. No lifting and you use your finger to track rather than wrist or arm. Once you really get used to it - it maybe hard to go back to a mouse. The Ltrac is a worthy investment if you are going into trackballs

I just got my Xim APEX this week and was dubious about the 1000hz polling feature. Once I got it configured with my Ltrac, I was blown away how much improvement it was. Games with slow turn speed and floaty or jittery feeling that I had when using Xim4 were gone. I am able to enjoy Horizon Dawn and @#$%. Creed Origins much better than before. It helps that my Ltrac is a 3200 dpi trackball.

I came here looking to see if XIM improved on the Trackball support. I got the XIM3 early in it's life and was highly disappointed in the trackball support. I too use Clearly Superior Tech trackball on pc and couldn't for the life of me get good settings for the XIM to emulate the PC movement.

You have given me faith but before I spend any more money I was wondering if you could record some gameplay using the CST trackball. Are you on XBOX or PS

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
« on: 10:03 AM - 08/31/16 »
Does increasing the XIM4 joystick deadzone help (under Advanced)? Also, how do you map your trackball? Do you use a curve?

Haven't tried increasing the deadzone. But I would expect that to have an adverse effect on the X/Y axis for controlling movement.
The twist function of the joystick seems to be recognized as if I were moving the right stick or quickly moving my trackball from left to right.
I haven't made any changes to the BF4 HIP profile and other than setting my trackball to 1600DPI and maxing out the aim sensitivity in BF4, everything else is set to default.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
« on: 09:38 AM - 08/31/16 »
Hey guys,

Looking at getting this joystick in preparation for BF1 and have a few questions:

- Does the throttle control at the bottom of the joystick work?

- how does one go about using the joystick and M+KB at the same time? Is a matter of putting in a hub into one of the ports? Port 1 or 2?

Keep in mind the LE3DP joystick twist function can not be disabled and is hard mapped to Look Right/Left. Not sure what that get's mapped to once your in a plane or tank but beware. I'm unfortunately unable to play until there is a fix for this. Although I'm in the extreme minority and I only use a joystick and trackball to play all FPS games.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Joystick support?
« on: 09:29 AM - 08/31/16 »
You use a trackball on your XIM4?

Yes I use the CST (5 Button) Trackball. It has a DPI of 1600 and the feel is close to what I get, using it on my PC. I'm able to do the flick 180's with minimal screen lag.

In the past I have went as far as using the joystick to PC to XIM hack but that's just way to much hardware to hook up just to play a FPS on the console. I have been buying you XIM's for years, I own a XIM2, 3 and now 4 and I would really like it if I could get better joystick support.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Joystick support?
« on: 11:35 AM - 08/28/16 »
Sorry, currently there isn't a way to disable stick twist. Are you finding it engaging when you don't want it to?

Yes. Not only does it engage easily it is mapped to the horizontal look so as I'm trying to maneuver around the map my view whips from side to side.

I'm a joystick and trackball FPS gamer, that's what I use on my PC for over 15 years and I've been waiting for years to get joystick support on the xim. I'm ready to switch over to console gaming but I can't seem to master using the controller to aim.

I think I've made this suggestion before but my opinion of the best joystick to use is the ChProducts Fighterstick or the Combatstick.

OBsiv I have multiple joysticks and trackballs and if you like I can send you a set if you are willing to add support for these devices.

XIM Apps / Re: XIMCommander with simple joystick support
« on: 05:34 PM - 12/01/11 »
I do. I'll try it later.

XIM Apps / Re: XIMCommander with simple joystick support
« on: 04:33 PM - 12/01/11 »
BTW I'm on a Windows 7 64bit system.

Does that matter?

XIM Apps / Re: XIMCommander with simple joystick support
« on: 04:29 PM - 12/01/11 »
I get the error in the XIM Commander (Joystick Version) window.

I'm using a Saitek X-65F

It works for a while and when it stops working I see this error in the XIM Commander window.

In order to get it working again i have to:

Close the program

Unplug the Belkin transfer cable and plug it back in

Then start the program up again

From that point it works fine until it locks up again.

XIM Apps / Re: XIMCommander with simple joystick support
« on: 02:15 PM - 12/01/11 »
OK I got it working but I keep getting a "Keyboard Input Emulation Failed (300)" error code.

Can you tell me what is causing this?

XIM Apps / Re: XIMCommander with simple joystick support
« on: 01:10 PM - 12/01/11 »
Thanks for this.


How do I map my joystick buttons in the XIM Manager SW?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: The 35+ Club...
« on: 01:40 PM - 04/13/11 »
38 here!

I work in telcom and most of my coworkers are between the ages of 27 and 45. We all game in some fashion, some are hardcore and some Wii Wii it up only. What's funny is when we get to talking about gaming the 47+ guys get quiet and are left out of the conversation. It seems the mature gamer cut off is about 45.

I'm looking forward to when my 11 year old can compete with me. I'm bringing him along now on multiplayer blops but I wish BFBC2 multiplayer was rated for the younger crowd.

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