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XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 11:24 AM - 04/21/12 »
is there a way of using this while keep xim3 as it is but just using it as mouse passthrough. By default this changes all my keys. What do I have to do to get it to work with my xim3 settings?

Try typing "unbindall" in the command box.  This should remove the default key bindings and hopefully work :)

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 11:38 AM - 04/07/12 »
So can we perfectly setup a BF3 foot, tank, air configs and use the keys to change?


It's messy to switch smart translators, but if you're happy with 1 smart and the others standard then it could work pretty well.

Just be sure to use "set xim3mouse false" as well as your standard translator settings in the tank and air configs :)

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 12:27 PM - 03/29/12 »
Movement keys will sometimes skip inputs - increase "downtime" = solution?
Try typing "set buttondowntime 50" or higher in the command box.

Chat feature doesn't select the correct letter- ever.
Try changing your keyboard layout in your xbox settings to "qwerty".

Is there a way to unbind the disconnect key from esc to another key, possibly F1? This app is pretty much perfect for what I wanted to accomplish however. Good job.
When I get a little free time i'll make this configurable :)

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 06:59 AM - 03/29/12 »
mousewheel is weird, it's not something you can really hold.

Code: [Select]
bind mwheelup +up;wait 50;-up

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 06:37 AM - 03/29/12 »
sounds odd, how many updates per seconds does it show at the top when it's running?  It should be steady between 62 and 63.

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 05:56 AM - 03/29/12 »
Don't have that mouse myself, so someone else might be able to help better =/

I would guess there is something in the mouse settings you need to change.  Make sure the DPI is set to max wherever possible and if there's an option to use application profiles you could try adding xEmulate in there.

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 06:50 PM - 03/26/12 »
Thanks for the reply, I get the idea, will try this out tomorrow :)
And I don't think the amount of ups is unnecessary, I might even have to add more, I have lots of configs :)

If it skips inputs you might need to increase the "buttondowntime" or add some wait commands in.

let me know if it works! :)

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 02:24 PM - 03/26/12 »
Noone who can answer if you can bind a keyboard key to switch config on the Xim3 using this? :/

Unfortunately you can't do this easily, but it may be possible with a macro. 

If you want to try it, this may work, but it is a bit long-winded :)

to select config 1;
Code: [Select]
bind x +back;+start;wait 200;-back;-start;up;up;up;up;up;down;a;up;up;up;up;up;aor for config 2
Code: [Select]
bind x +back;+start;wait 200;-back;-start;up;up;up;up;up;down;a;up;up;up;up;up;down;aor for config 3
Code: [Select]
bind x +back;+start;wait 200;-back;-start;up;up;up;up;up;down;a;up;up;up;up;up;down;down;a

the amount of "up"s in the above is probably unnecessary, but it should ensure you start at the top of the list

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 07:09 AM - 02/08/12 »
Sorry to be a numpty.

So i can only map 5 mouse buttons? Or can i keep my settings from the Xim3?


You can only bind 5 buttons through xEmulate, but if you don't mind setting up your mouse binds via the XIM3 itself you can plug your mouse directly into the XIM3.

If you want to do this then you should untick "Use XIM3 Mouse" and also set the Mouse Stick X & Y options to "None".

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 09:11 PM - 02/06/12 »
Hey there, ... odin guided me here throug the support forum.

I'm using an xbox360 gamepad on my pc for gaming raceing games and so on.  (some XInput and other Dinput)
I'm looking for a way to manipulate my gamepad ...

The 360 gamepad should be automatically picked up as an XInput controller, which is exactly what the XIM3 would look like if you plugged it back into the PC. 

Although you could use this to remap your controls or for macros etc, you should be able to do this more simply by using something like Xpadder or GlovePie directly with your pad.

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 09:00 AM - 01/31/12 »
Anyone having any luck with binding more that the default 5 buttons with this version of xEmulate? I'm using a G700 mouse with this and buttons g6 and g7 won't respond even after setting their functions to 'generic button' in SetPoint.

Unfortunately this is a limitation of DirectX, it will only recognise 5 mouse buttons.  You would have to assign the other buttons to "Keystroke Assignments" in SetPoint, and then bind those keys in xEmulate.

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 08:17 AM - 01/28/12 »
Thanks Od1n :)

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 09:54 PM - 01/21/12 »
Just a tiny suggestion/wish.

On BF3 when in a ground vehicle with a turret or mounted gun it can be quite annoying and tough to find the right sensitivity for rotating said turret or gun. It there a way to have a button assigned so that when pressed in concert with moving the mouse/right analog stick horizontal it holds the analog command until the button is released. It would help reduce the amount of times the mouse needs to be picked up when executing large degrees of rotation but may cause issues if the XIM "goes black" on the analog control and this button would hold it there until released. Again just a tiny suggestion/wish.

Thanks for all the hard work, everyone.
You can already hold specific movements like the following:

  • "bind x .rightstickpositivex" will hold the right stick full right when x is down.
  • "bind x .rightsticknegativex" will hold the right stick full left.
  • "bind x .rightstickx 16500" will hold the right stick halfway right (16500/32767).
  • "bind x .rightstickx -16500" will hold the right stick halfway left (-16500/-32767).

I'll see if I can add a bind to lock whatever the current mouse state is when the key was pressed, if this is what you mean?

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 09:05 PM - 01/21/12 »
good work man, cant believe you improved it that mutch during the last week! :)

Thanks, i'm also surprising myself!

Have just put another version up with a new "walk" setting, so you can now hold a key to move slower.

I can't think of much else to add right now, so i'll probably slow down spamming this thread a bit :)

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate modified for XIM3
« on: 09:27 PM - 01/19/12 »
Windows gives me a "xEmulate has stopped working" error when I try to run it. Selecting ether choice; Check for solution or close program does nothing.

I uninstalled xEmulate and reinstalled. Even uninstalled XNA redistribute downloaded new version from microsoft and still nothing.

Any help out there?

I had a few problems using DirectInput joysticks when I was testing things, and the error was similar to the one you pasted above.

I have just uploaded a new version which may fix the problem. 

Edit: Added a few more things too...
*Updated 21/01
  • Added Joystick passthrough support - First detected Joystick only
    • X & Y Axis, the first 24 buttons and POV Hat passed directly to XIM3
    • Buttons 25-36 are mapped digitally (assuming a deadzone value of +/- 16500) for the following Axis:
      Z-Axis, X,Y,Z-Axis Rotation,Sliders 1&2 (U and V-Axis)
  • Added bind support for holding specific analog values (e.g. bind x +leftstickx 28000;wait 200;-leftstickx;) etc..
  • "echo beep" now makes a beep sound -- useful if you are toggling configs and cannot see the screen :)

I don't actually have a joystick to test any of this with, so if things behave strangely or do not work at all then please let me know!

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