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Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 05:21 PM - 09/14/20 »
Lots of settings to adjust in here, and helpful one's too. These devs may know a thing or two about this. :)

How is the look mechanic?

What would you like to know about it that would best help you make the ST? The games an over the should view so I almost figured a gears of War or Division would be good choices to use but actually found PvZ 2 Garden Warfare to be best suited for me for a mix of best 1:1 and micro movements. But I kept everything in game default minus ramping the hor, vert, and zoom sensitivities.

Game Support / Re: Spellbreak - LF Config
« on: 05:11 PM - 09/14/20 »
Until the official ST comes out I have had pretty good luck with keeping the default settings in game. That is minus the vertical, horizontal and zoomed sensitivity. I've changed those to 100, 100, 50 respectively. I've tried a lot of ST's and the best luck I've had is with the Plants VS Zombies 2: GARDEN warfare smart translator honestly. I feel it gives me the best feel while still giving me some decent micro movement feeling for the Frost gauntlet.

I haven't tried tweaking any of the in game advanced features. As I feel those won't really be needed once we get a ST. Most ST's are designed around the default settings minus the common changed settings (vert and horiz senses) and maybe a dead zone one. Let me know what you guys think.

Well if you prefer to use the apex, I suppose you can. Just was trying to let others know, who might not know, that Sega offered native K/m support for the game, so you'll get that crisp 1:1 ratio without having to use the Apex. Others, like myself, may find being able to use all the controls on the keyboard and the keyboard shortcuts they have for menus and actions, much easier when they allow native support in games. Not to mention, plugging your keyboard right into the Xbox and not using the Apex Stick will allow you to use the keyboard to type in chat much easier as well for communicating purposes. Personally I prefer the native support for features such as menu shortcuts and communicating, but hey if you like is in the apex on the game too, more power to ya my man.

This is a PSA for those who may not know this information. Some of you might have figured it out as I did, but figured I'd help those who may not have.

I figured I'd post here in the off chance this game gets popular as the Betas keep happening and when release actually takes place. I am very much looking forward to the NA release for this game as I was super addicted to PSO back on the Dream Cast and did some play time on PSOBB on PC.

 For those interested in this game and want to play it upon release, I thought I would shed some light on the best way to play this game with your Xim Apex. Simply put, DON'T play it with your Xim Apex plugged in, as the game actually supports native M/K setup. At least in the beta I played, I was able to directly plug in a mouse and keyboard and it worked with minor setup in the menus for sensitivity and keyboard layout changes. For those who use 2 of, or all 3 ports on your Xbox for devices, the best course of action I found to take care of that issue is to just simply unplug the Xim Apex Stick and use the 3 USB splitter the Xim Apex comes with. Since most of us already have it plugged into our console to begin with, you can just unplug the Xim Apex stick and the mouse and key board will work in this game natively and your controller will stay charging, thus never shutting off and prompting to turn on the controller because it went idle too long and shut off. Hope this helps those who are looking forward to this game. And shouodnhelp Mist and Obsiv not have to worry about a smart translator for this particular game.

Hope to see some of you in the world of PSO.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 08:28 PM - 09/26/19 »
I noticed the BL3 St came out, are we going to get the remnant one?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 05:33 PM - 09/08/19 »
+1 TO Remnant : From The Ashes

Is everyone having the flashing red lights maxing out turn speed though? Even on the ME:A and or BF:V?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Bo4 / G502 Hero mouse
« on: 08:35 AM - 01/07/19 »
Looks like I really need to practice my Quick Scoping. Half the time I think I'm dead on them and I shoot right past them. It's odd.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex life span
« on: 06:41 PM - 01/05/19 »
Google answered my cord question, however does said extension cable need to pass data?

It definitely eeds to pass data,and not just be a power cord. Least from what Obsiv mentioned in his setup tutorials.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex life span
« on: 05:34 PM - 01/05/19 »
If you're at all concerned about this outcome, connect the XIM Apex to a short USB extension cable and connect it to the console instead. That way there's no reason to unplug the XIM at all - the wear and tear happens to the USB cable instead.

I stock short data and power USB cables with switches in the middle for just this reason.

Now that you mention that, I'm going to switch how I have my cables. Currently I have a extention USB going from the hub to the Apex. Now I will plug my apex into the hub and then use the extention USB from the Apex to the console. Good idea, makes much better sense too so I can see my indicator light too 😂.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Boost vs steady aim
« on: 05:24 PM - 01/05/19 »
I'm having trouble with black ops 4 aim assist. It's just so strong that moving the shot from body to head is practically impossible. .I was advised to use 50 analog sim, 300 boost, 2.0 steady aim, sync off..it has gotten easier with these settings but wondering if you have any advice to add.I use keyboard and from what I understand they tend to make fighting aim assist more difficult but I would like to stay with keyboard instead of using one of those navs..thanks in advance.

That's funny you think it's super strong. Where I feel it's not strong enough using the Apex. I don't get nearly as pulled off enemies as I used to back in the older CODS. I like a decent amount of AA so it feels almost snappy and magnetic to the player. This one doesn't feel that way to me. As when I watch players in my lobby, people on my kill cam and play of the games I notice how much they snap to their target when ADSing. I've yet to achieve this on my Apex. I was able to achieve this feeling on my Xim4 on BF1 though.

Also I was under the impression that a Nav actually helps with AA since it's like using the analog stick on a controller. Where a keyboard you don't get the micro movements moving and strafing as you can with a stick. You just have 0 to max nothing in between with keyboard. Now with the Simulate Analog movements option for keyboard users, that should help with that. Though too high can cause some issues in some games. The only reason I went out and got a Nav controller was to try to get more AA and also I noticed that while using a Nav I didn't have Aim stutter. For some reason while using my keyboard if I would do too many inputs at once I would get a aim stutter. So if I was to hit Space bar + R + W + D to reload, jump, and strafe in a upper left direction my mouse inputs woukd almost feel delayed and stutter. I think this is what by they call ghosting. Though my keyboard is suppose to have 12 key press anti ghosting. So my guess sis it's something to do with the Xim and how it's processing everything. But I don't get that effect on a nav. But I'm with you. I prefer a keyboard. Just was getting tired of the stutter effect. But my corsair keyboard could maybe not communicate well with the Xim.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BO4 Help
« on: 03:19 AM - 01/05/19 »
I can get my sen. in black ops in any sync in just a matter of minutes. what I do in hip sen. on any call of duty game is watch the turn speed indicator on the apex and set hip speed has high as you can without exceeding it, then go to bot lobby and figure out ads . which if  your use to a mouse only take a couple minutes.

One question though SlickRick. When reading this I was wrapping my head around it and I was curious about something. When you say that you set the hip speed as high as you can until the indicator light flashes red does that mean the hip speed will be super fast? I've always been about a medium sensitivity type of player even on PC. If the mouse starts flying all across the screen on hip I'll have a hell of a time locking on to a target haha. I noticed the indicator doesn't flash as fast as say The Division and GTA 5. Those have a super low maximum turning speed and the indicator is always flashing when I play those two games. But don't really have that issue in Cod games.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BO4 Help
« on: 03:01 AM - 01/05/19 »
I'll give lowering my DPI down to between 3k and 4k and see what that does. Maybe even try my polling rate down to 500 so it's constant. Probably won't get to play until Monday since it's my birthday weekend and have some plans. But if anyone cares to know I'll update on my outcome. Thanks for the input so far.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BO4 Help
« on: 12:12 AM - 01/05/19 »
The problem is most people are making out mouse sensitivity and using 1000 hs when most mice on the market can not hold 1k hertz reliable, and you canít use 12k dpi on a cloth pad and most mice after a couple thousand dpi start adding smoothing or whatever they do to achieve such high dpi. Lower your mouse to 3-4K dpi and lower your apex and mouse response rate and hz to 500 default sync and watch your stats go through the roof after a solid week on the same settings

I am using a cloth pad now with my G502 which before I was using a Steelseries Sensei and just the hard surface of the desk top I play on. So maybe given I use a cloth pad I may need to lower my DPI. As I don't think the Steelseries Sensei could go up to 12k DPI. At least the first generation one I had at the time. I'll play around with lowering my DPI. I just followed the set up so I set everything at max as Obsiv said in the YouTube video. But ones thing is for sure. I still don't see how guys in controller get the snap to player aim I see a lot in kill cama and play of the games.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BO4 Help
« on: 07:23 PM - 01/04/19 »
The reason your not feeling aim assist with your mouse is because without the right setting you wont have it. and if you do with a slight mouse movement you will break it. a controller has what's called dead zones in the analog sticks. [ go to a private lobby , get a controller and move your left analog stick slow, you will notice a slight dead zone.thats how you get sticky aim with a controller. try 500hz on apex and mouse, 3000 dpi smoothing at 4 on ads and boost of 200 with sync off. the aim assist will be super strong but you wont be at its mercy. meaning you wont get stuck on the side on the hit box. that's where boost comes in.

I'll give this a shot. Just trying to find a happy medium of AA and still being able to jump from foe to foe. Thank you for the quick reply.

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