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XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 11:39 AM - 09/24/18 »
What mouse is it?

The sensitivity increases because of the added padding to fill the empty space on lower polling rate mice. 500Hz mouse will generate double amount of data.

logitech g600

XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 01:11 PM - 09/22/18 »
confirmed. polling rate of 1000 while using xim link doesnt work. might be the hub.

XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 12:18 AM - 09/20/18 »

mouse polling rate was at 1000 per sec. when i lowered it my mouse in game moved faster (just like how it does when it starts spiking). so i turned it down and now am testing.

XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 01:53 PM - 09/15/18 »
XIM does not receive the package in that case and the data is combined to the next package. The input is queued so this becomes noticeable only when there are multiple packets delayed in a row.

If you are using the latest weekly build and see warnings all the time, there might be a big problem. If power cycles dont fix this, it might be some other software or usb device that is causing the problems.

thank you! this was my hunch. i'll replace the included hub and see if that fixes.

XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 09:46 PM - 09/13/18 »
Link doesn't affect your mouse sensitivity, it is some other software doing it.

I thought of that. How does it handle packet loss events?

XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 06:46 PM - 09/12/18 »
this thing is so dang buggy. might have to buy another xim 4  >:(

I'd wager it is likely operator error over equipment failure...

Troubleshoot it starting at the simplest point.

fair enough. i swapped out my dead xim 4 for the apex. all other things equal. had no issues with sensitivity spikes previously.

It works most of the time just fine but i get those random sensitivity spikes that I can't attribute to anything other than Xim Link software. Mouse accel is off in the logitech software, no hotkeys for temporary dpi boosts or accel boosts and windows mouse accel is off (enhanced pointer prec).  ???

XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 12:28 AM - 09/10/18 »
this thing is so dang buggy. might have to buy another xim 4  >:(

XIM Link / Re: sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 01:14 PM - 09/09/18 »
Check for DPI shift keybinds in your driver software

that box is greyed out in the logitech mouse software. I tried turning it on as a test and I couldn't.

XIM Link / sensitivity randomly spikes
« on: 12:06 AM - 09/09/18 »
playing MW3 on Xbox 360.

at random times my mouse sensitivity spikes. i'll usually notice when I jump throw a c4, my aim goes straight up to the sky. I press alt to throw the c4, space to jump and then move my mouse upwards. Sometimes it's fine but other times sensitivity goes wonky!

This happens when I'm doing drop shots too but instead my mouse goes left and right too fast. Even if I gently move my mouse it'll jump all over on the ingame screen.

I didn't mess with any ballistic curve settings or anything like that. Just set my sensitivity and that's it. I used the Xim 4 / sandhawc without issue and have been having troubles ever since switching to xim apex / link.

All the download links are broken. The app on my android also won't download game updates.

404 Not Found
Please forward this error screen to cloud.xim.tech's WebMaster.
The server can not find the requested page:

cloud.xim.tech/cp_errordocument.shtml (port 80)

I'm ordering another. This one is dead.

I have the belkin ez transfer going from PC to xim4. Xim 4 is wired to a PS4 controller. Another wire goes from the xim to the ps4 directly(no hub).
I am using the latest firm with sandhawc.

After letting the device sit for a day it's working again. It fails sometimes after prolonged use. I suspect xim hardware is failing.

I noticed the lights flashing at the very end of troubleshooting after my sandhawc froze and stopped connecting.
Tried rebooting both pc and ps4 - sandhawc won't connect. Tried without a controller - sandhawc won't connect. Tried after recharging controller to full -  sandhawc won't connect. Pressed the reset button on Xim once -  sandhawc won't connect. Rebooted just the xim -  sandhawc won't connect. Unplugging belkin and plugging back in -  sandhawc won't connect.

This has happened in the past and rebooting just the Xim would fix it after a few reboots. Hardware suspect.

My Xim 4 flashes green a few times, white once and then turns off. Help. I've reflashed already with the LATEST firm.

How do we simulate smooth turns?

I'm trying to simulate the right joystick (on the controller) being moved but the following code ends up being jerky.

Code: [Select]
MouseMove, 400, 0, 50, r
and countless variations of the 400 and 50 number without luck.

and also
Code: [Select]
Loop, 5000
DllCall("mouse_event", "UInt", 0x01, "UInt", 1, "UInt", 0)

But again, the in-game mouse movement is all jerky and all over the place. I've searched the forums and can't find a thing.I am using xim4 with SandhawC at 125Hz polling rate.

. Thanks.

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