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Ended up getting the game on xbox to play with friends on console and have been having a blast with this config so thank you. The hipfire accuracy upgrade on whatever gun has it is hilarious in this game with how far it can be accurate.

Also just tried the and really enjoyed how you have that sniper button setup almost like you're holding your breath in another game lol. Really helps with those headshots when you can barely see their hair and you need to fine tune real quick.

Game Support / Re: Rogue Company
« on: 10:55 PM - 08/03/20 »
If you've really been using their products that long you should know patience is a virtue and they only like to put out the best product.

They have stated more than once they will not develop ST's for betas because of what my previous fellow members have stated.

You paid for the product which you have. The fact that they make ST's so effectively now is just the cherry on top. So please don't act like that it makes you look really bad.

Thanks for putting this together! Just got back into console gaming to play with family and was excited to see so many different configs to fiddle around with.

And a big thanks to all in the list for taking the time to share your configs and update them. :)

Game Support / Re: Anthem
« on: 07:09 AM - 02/15/19 »
This is one of those games I actually would highly recommend giving the controller a shot. With how the movement is having analog movement/camera just feels so much more comfortable (at least to me especially for flying). I did play the beta on PC and while yes aiming was much more precise on M+KB when it comes to shooting at enemies, the camera and the movement while flying was just no where near as fun even with native controls so I used a controller the whole time.

But to answer your question Anthem is on the Planned Support List thread at the top of the page where your thread is!

Edit: For the record I main interceptor so I have to be on the move a ton! Would recommend either changing a couple of the controls or be a weirdo like me and play a hybrid claw style at times to use melee/dodge more efficiently lol.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Creating the Xim Apex?
« on: 10:41 AM - 06/13/18 »
Being a high school student with 0 income sucks.

Only if you are lazy.

Agreed. When I first joined this site almost 10 years ago I was a sophomore in highschool just before my first job and I managed to scrounge up the money for the XIM3 at the time. Some of the best money I ever saved and spent! :) Sometimes you just have to make opportunities yourself.

Probably had like 4-5 copies of Super Smash Bros. Melee if not more. Later in the lifetime of the game I bought a few while they were cheaper as backups. Was able to sell them all for a good chunk of profit to people going to college once the prices skyrocketed. :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite new Update
« on: 07:24 AM - 05/31/18 »
Yea from reading what Epic said it seems like there were things that needed to be changed which means a new ST would be needed. But have a feeling it wasn't supposed to be this drastic where this many people are complaining. I'd just sit tight because I'm sure mist wants to be sure when he has to start a new ST it isn't before Epic decides to fiddle with something that might not have meant to be fiddled with in the first place to cause issues. It's never fun waiting but it's always worth it in the end for the highest quality product!

Game Support / Re: when is titanfall2 st ETA??
« on: 03:08 PM - 11/05/16 »
OBsIV and Mist are awesome.  Their community/client interaction is second to none having tried other devices that claim to do the same thing or similar thing

I'm sorry but I have to disagree

They are great and do a great job overAll but the TRUTH is thAt there is a lack of transparency regarding ST progress and release dates

The TF2 ST is finished but just sitting there collecting dust because they want to release a bunch at the same time which is fine, it's their choice,  but it doesn't seem like a customer first approach imo

Maybe I don't understand how it all works behind the scenes but it just doesn't make sense to me

Agaih, their work is fantastic but we don't need to white knight and kiss their butts. Some areas of customer service could improve

There should be a thresd or Twitter updates detailing when an ST training started , how far along it is, and ETA

Not trying to make too much trouble ;) but I reallllly love seeing people especially one who hasn't
been registered even a month complaining about this stuff. You have no idea how much longer everything took and they do not need to spoon feed us that much information. That takes time out of their work to kiss people like yours @#$%. If a game was released and was on the planned list there is a 99% chance the training has been started. No point in making dedicated thread because no matter how hard anyone tries other people will make them anyways. And instead of being douches about it they pick one lucky thread and answer on that thread. Posts like yours are honestly baffling but I'll just keep it at that. Be patient, keep calm, and XIM on. (:

Game Support / Re: Gears of War UE - Setup (Coming soon)
« on: 04:55 PM - 08/26/15 »

I f the wall bouncing will be impacted then I may as well take the game back (haven't opened it yet).  I haven't played GoW but from what I read the wall-bouncing is a pretty fundamental movement in PvP.

I'm definitely interested in the tweaks RML will pull off with this game because I really loved his work on Destiny. But yes as a certified Gears tryhard wall bouncing is a huge mechanic in PvP. That is mainly when facing off with another player solo dolo. It's the only shooter I can say I put a ton of time in with a controller anyways so luckily I'm cumfy with it.

Game Support / Re: Gears of War UE - Setup (Coming soon)
« on: 04:19 PM - 08/26/15 »
This is sadly the only game I have to stay true to using a controller. The wall bouncing and how often I do it just keeps me on the sticks. But as Kevin said get used to the shotgun and if you really want to win get used to aiming hipfire as best you can.

Xbox / Team SWAT on Halo MCC
« on: 02:06 PM - 07/28/15 »
I've been going pretty hard today and wanted to see if someone would like to join in on the fun  :)

Well they were right. This happened two times in one match I couldn't help but share this ahahaha

First time

The next time

All using Halo 4 MCC translator very basic quick setup.

General Discussion / Faster reload COD : AW
« on: 11:28 PM - 11/04/14 »
So curious me randomly decides to go into the little help snap screen and look at the controls for the game. And I find (x,x) Faster reload MP only. Am I just a noob at CODs or what the french it really is a faster reload in MP for just double tapping the reload button.

Game Support / Re: Advanced Warfare Setting Config
« on: 10:39 AM - 11/03/14 »
I'd check in game sensitivity is on 20 first ... I've just played for two hours with it on 10 like a complete moron. Other than that perhaps swap to the bops2 st - other people use that and seem to like it.

Great morons think alike! ahahaha I did the same thing until a few hours after I had started...

Ahh so there was a xim update but it makes more sense its in that section because not everyone needs it. Will do thanks. Swear I tried searching "mic xim4" and never found a post on it. And yes updating was the first thing I did when I got the xbox yesterday haha. Much appreciation for the reply sir (:

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