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Release Candidates / Re: Resident Evil Revelations
« on: 12:04 PM - 05/23/13 »
Hilariously it controls better on 3DS. More options to boot.

I'd still get an Orbweaver. Got one to replace my N52te and it's utterly amazing. I don't macro though, so I don't care about that particular functionality.

Vista's terrible driver support came about because MS got tired of Creative's soundcards crashing their OS, so they rewrote all of that so that sound drivers were user applications in a sense, and not in the kernel.

Apparently sound card driver crashes were a significant portion (70%) of XP blue screens.

Accord, have you never seen the windows key on your keyboard? It's there for a reason. Windows D man.

General Discussion / Re: BO2 Patch 1.08
« on: 11:48 AM - 03/14/13 »
I wonder if the Wii U version ever got the Wii remote fixed... Hrm...

I honestly just use the whole taskbar as Quicklaunch, although I suppose as you said there's no possibility of parameters, but I don't use those often, so I guess for me it's a moot point.

Also I didn't know you worked at MS. Ha if I wasn't planning on going OCS this summer I'd ask if you'd give me a reference or something. XD

Go to OCS bro.  If I could go back I would probably be an officer in the military (probably Chair Force).  Those living expenses they give are ridiculous.  My friends brother gets $5k a month for a high rise condo in Seoul.  Every few years he can pick to be stationed somewhere new and experience living in a different place and has almost zero risk of death.  Sounds like a pretty sick life to me.  Flying around and banging chicks from different country codes. F yeah.

However, MS life (I'm still a contractor right now aka vendor) is the bomb.  It's not for everyone though.  All of my friends that work in IT say they will never work here.  It's because they have crazy kush jobs and don't want to work 50+ hours a week.  Tons of money to be made here though if you are motivated and are ok with letting work consume your life (why you never see me gaming anymore).  Directors make like $200k (ballpark) and GM/VP is like $250+.  Some GM/VP probably take home $1 million a year.  6 figures is cake here.

The reason people assume Windows 8 sucks is because we are used to every other version sucking.

•Windows 3.1x (1992) - Good
 •Windows 95 (1995) - Mixed bag, at the beginning it sucked
 •Windows 98 (1998) - Good
 •Windows ME (2000) - Sucked (hard)
 •Windows XP (2001) - Good
 •Windows Vista (2006) - Sucked although not as hard as ME
 •Windows 7 (2009) - Good
 •Windows 8 (2012?) - ???

Yeah the every other pattern is a huge thing people always joke about here.  I used Vista and had no problems with it.  Windows 8 I have no issue either.

Got windows 8 on my laptop, cannot stand the new start bar or whatever.

re-installed windows 7

Prob use it when i have no other choice or when its been running long enough not to run into any software/driver problems, might get that third party app that runs a win 7 start bar

Nothing has really changed.  I had to do all the same changes to the UI in Windows 7.  I really like the start button gone as it gives me room for one more quick launch icon.  Anyone who clicked the start button since Vista is probably using the computer inefficiently IMO.  My opinion is biased though because I type like a demon and use shortcuts and Win+R msc launches all the time.  I also spend a lot of time in a PowerShell prompt and launch things from command line regularly.  YMMV
The only real question as for me going OCS is basically if I get in. My hope is to be stationed in Japan, for as long as possible, and so far it looks like my battalion commander is going to push for me going, as well as the battallion S3 officer, so as far as I can tell it looks like I should be going.

Vista was "bad" because it used too many resources for what it was, and OEMs sent out computers that didn't even meet minimum specs. Did you see how many laptops shipped Vista with 512MB of RAM? Absurd. I've had people tell me that Vista was awesome and there was 0 reason to go to 7, so I GUESS I can see there being resistance to 8, but @#$% some people need to get their heads out of their @#$%.

I love keyboard shortcuts. Win E, Win X, and Win D yo. The expanded keyboard crap practically makes 8 by itself for me.

Endgame maps are terrible, minus the one in the forest. At LEAST for Rush, maybe they are better in Conquest. One has you in an area that is far too hilly for any strategy to work (either you're in a ditch getting shot down at or you're on top of a hill getting sniped, no actual cover), or you're on an oil structure like in Firestorm, except hollowed out (read: able to be shot anywhere from any angle) and surrounded by hills. Always like swimming in a bucket with a shotgun pointed at you.

Foresty one was nice though, did really well in the tank on that one. We still lost overall though. D;

I don`t understand the issue

If you push at Windows 8 the "Desktop" Button its nearly the same Interface like in Win7 ? Isn`t it ?
It is but apparently that is waaaaayyy more work than anyone wants to put in.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's not, the Explorer has new ribbon interface that gives it a lot more options and such, and the Task Manager has like a "white to red" gradient on how much disk, RAM, CPU, or whatever a task is running for easy "HEY THAT'S NOT WORKING RIGHT!" identification. But I can't imagine those are why people don't like it.

I honestly just use the whole taskbar as Quicklaunch, although I suppose as you said there's no possibility of parameters, but I don't use those often, so I guess for me it's a moot point.

Also I didn't know you worked at MS. Ha if I wasn't planning on going OCS this summer I'd ask if you'd give me a reference or something. XD

General Discussion / Re: Uh oh, is MS making a mistake?
« on: 07:48 PM - 03/12/13 »
So you wouldn't use Windows on PC to kick start Metro application development at all?
Me? I'm not really a developer. I know a bit about Java and feel like I could move to C#, but I don't know anything about making full blown programs, nor what I'd make.

General Discussion / Re: Uh oh, is MS making a mistake?
« on: 06:46 PM - 03/12/13 »
Anytime I ever had to install anything, it had to have SU permissions, doesn't that give it capability to bypass most of CHMOD's protection? Isn't 7 SU level?
If I'm wrong on this, then I concede.

As far as "losing every time" goes between Linux vs Windows, you can't play BF3, or most any game, better on Linux if at all. Which is the driving force for me and Windows. That and not breaking if you sneeze at it and aren't a leet hacker. Dear god installing video drivers...

PS At this point these are more closing remarks than added arguments.

General Discussion / Re: Uh oh, is MS making a mistake?
« on: 06:21 PM - 03/12/13 »
Until given permission, yes, which is something that most viruses now effectively ask for. Probably about 70% of viruses are ones that are grandma or some stupid teen trying to get some song or video from some random website, and instead of opening in iTunes or WMP or whatever they use, it pops up an installer like HEY YOU HAVE TO USE THESE CODECS FOR THIS MAGICAL .EXE SONG.

And yes, I know what CHMOD is, I've had some training on linux servers. Fact of the matter is that most Windows viruses are from sheer stupidity, which wouldn't go away with being on linux. Would the viruses have less things they would be able to do? Yeah, I suppose, but they certainly wouldn't be non-existent.
I am not uninformed, I am just aware of other directions from attack. Please don't insult my intelligence because I did not attack the same point of argument as you.

At any rate, doing that would still break compatibility with existing windows programs, which in my book would be a major regression. Window's biggest bullet point is sheer compatibility, and is the only thing that people can truly knock a Windows RT device for on the grounds of Windows. So why redo everything ever, when instead they could start offering incentives for developers to compile to ARM, or use .NET and start having more fully cross compatible desktop programs? More effectively, instead of completely redoing the OS, continue on with their security tweaks. I'm sure a more progressive file system wouldn't break TOO much compatibility, short of having to right click -> "Allow full permissions" at run for apps that don't work well otherwise.

General Discussion / Re: Uh oh, is MS making a mistake?
« on: 04:53 PM - 03/12/13 »
Stoney, I've got  few things to point out to you:
First, Linux is not inherently secure, it is not magically unbreakable by virtue of being "linux". Instead, it is "secure" in the same sense that OS X was -- where because nobody gave a flying @#$% because not enough people had it. Linux is "secure" because there are as many versions of it as there are people using it, a virus simply wouldn't be able to work on them with any reliability, and if it did, you'd have a grand total of less than a thousand compatible victims. Now that OS X is getting more popular with the college crowd, guess what? There are OS X viruses. Regardless of what is used, Windows would be "targetted". The hilarious thing, is that Windows is actually pretty @#$% good as far as security goes -- unless you yourself turn off all defenses and nearly willingly download and install a malicious program, it isn't getting on there. Guess what? That'd happen even if it was linux.

2: You're unaware of just how "Windows 8" the RT devices are. If you very simply disable one single check, for unsigned apps, you can actually run every single .NET program on any RT 8 device, as well as any theoretically recompiled normal Windows programs. It's literally Windows, recompiled for ARM, no stripping involved. While I believe they avoided pushing this for reasons of people waiting for ARM recompiled programs, it's still baffling that a mobile tablet with a mobile chip could even reasonably be running full desktop programs with no issues.

They hardly "bandaided in" anything. Yes, there's two interfaces, but that's what it is: Two interfaces. They did make their own dedicated OS, but they also stuck it on full desktops, because in truth, Windows 8 is far too powerful to limit itself to just a tablet. It's a completely platform agnostic OS, something that they've been trying to do since the design docs for Windows NT. This is why that exists, and now that they've achieved it everyone's pissing themselves in hate.
Metro doesn't get in the way. Ever. Does it, once every 3 hours or so, look different for a second? Yeah, but I've never seen a moment where I'd say "OH GOD IF THIS @#$% METRO WASN'T IN MY WAY I COULD DO THIS." Instead, in MS's perfect world I suppose, the one or two times where I'd use an app on my tablet, and say, "You know this might be kinda nice on my desktop", I'd actually say OH WAIT I CAN. And yes, once or twice that does happen. *gasp* I use a Metro app or two. Shoot me. They aren't as terrible as you'd expect, unless you need to be doing 3 things at once.

I'm sure Windows Blue will have it's own brand of those apps that bring back the Start Menu, and possibly even integrate a method I've seen for running Metro Apps as their own windowed program. But to hear that it's a complete travesty because of something you see once is internet hyperbole at it's finest, especially when that once comes with the reward of something that is actually pretty @#$% cool when you get right down to it.

Rush is the closest thing to a good CoD style in Vanilla BF3, but you've got to have competent players, on both sides. I can see if it was nothing but straight campers/snipers with those no mortar rules that would suck.

TDM in Vanilla is like the single player. A check box to pull people into conquest and rush. Play those, or get CQ, and you'll probably start rethinking it.

General Discussion / Consumer Media that has made you cry
« on: 10:32 AM - 03/12/13 »
I'm talking anything, from movies to games, books to comics. What's made you cry?

I've got a very, very short list of things that have made this list, although I feel like I've forgotten one. There are more where I've gotten close, but the only media that's ever made me genuinely ball my eyes out were Code Geass (This show. Is so @#$% good. At destroying your hopes and dreams), 7 Pounds (it's like one of those "When you see it, you'll @#$% bricks", except it's "When you figure it out, you'll go drown yourself"), and the DS game 999 (Which is a roller coaster of "Yes! No? NOOOOO, NOOOOOOO!!! Y-yes? Yes! NOOOOOOO!").
Past these, though, I I've never cried in any of it. Not even Harry Potter. As a college student I feel that's supposed to be some big accomplishment. How about you guys?

I can see where it wouldn't be worth an upgrade to a lot of people, but yeah I guess a lot of it is the hatewagon. Sometimes I wonder if people ever objectively looked at the Start Screen as an alternate Start Menu, because if they did they'd probably see more than a few places where it's better, short of just having sub folders within sub folders to open a program, if that's your thing or something.

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