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So, now that there is suppose to be keyboard/mouse support on the Xbox for Halo Infinite, would it be ethical to have the Smart Translator support for it?

Hello all! Long time no see.
Just wondering, what are my options in getting a mouse/keyboard setup to work with the Nintendo Switch?

Splatoon 3 was announced and I want to prep for that by playing Splatoon 2 with a k/m set up. Any ideas?

General Discussion / Nintendo Switch Support
« on: 02:34 AM - 05/24/20 »
Long time no see!

Just wondering if the stance for Nintendo Switch support has changed since it was first brought up many yonks ago, now that there are many more FPS and 3rdPS games since its launch and I'm sure there is more demand for an alternative way of playing Animal Crossing for those who are unable to use the traditional controllers...

General Discussion / Re: PS5 in 2018
« on: 01:52 PM - 04/05/18 »
I expect this to be a hardware refresh for the PS4 Pro. Remember that the PS4 is of x86 architecture, so any hardware upgrades won't mean a new gen console...

Game Support / Support of Operation7 Revolution (PS4)
« on: 03:42 AM - 08/26/17 »
Bit of a long shot, but could you add support for Operation7 Revolution for the PS4? It is only available of the Asian side of the PS Store but is free-to-play, so can be downloaded for free with a Japanese account...

I'm still looking for a decent wireless mechanical keyboard...

1st come, 1 serve Steam codes for the following:

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta (starts 22 Feb 2017 until 1st March)
Eastside Hockey Manager

Message me if you want them...

Thanks everyone for comments and feedback on this -- let's keep on discussing. But, let's do so without bringing politics into the conversation (I know that post wasn't trying to do that -- just making an analogy in XIM's defense, but, of course, things can be interpreted in multiple ways).

You are spot on with my post. It was not my intention to bring up a conversation about the current political climate - we have enough of it elsewhere, and XIM is our sanctuary away from it - my comment was to show a parallels to the suggestion of an extreme solution from the head director and that their words can have a profound effect among those in their community.

My advice is to get Jeff Kaplan to listen to us so that he can make an assertive judgement on whether to stick with his opinions or embrace this community who many have the joy of playing a game without the restrictions of a standard games controller.

It's kinda funny how banning k/m from consoles echos the Muslim ban in America.

General Discussion / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta
« on: 10:57 PM - 02/03/17 »
This um... doesn't feel like a Ghost Recon game.......

Ubisoft's Just Cause 3?

Anyone on Xbox?


Quote from: Jeff Kaplan
The Overwatch team objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console.

We have contacted both first-party console manufacturers and expressed our concern about the use of mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices.

We have lobbied and will continue to lobby for first-party console manufacturers to either:

Disallow mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices


Openly and easily support mouse and keyboard for ALL players

I encourage you to reach out to the hardware manufacturers and express your concerns (but please do so in a productive and respectful way).

Someone contact him with the reasons why we need k/m and alternative input devices, especially those who are not able to use traditional console controllers. Change his narrow mind, please...

UPDATE: Here's the article from Kotaku that ObsIV had commented for:

General Discussion / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta
« on: 06:50 AM - 02/02/17 »
Downloaded mine! Looks like the software is currently showing the 'Technical Test is Closed' screen, so I guess you might be able to play again, tails72... Best to check tomorrow...

General Discussion / Re: Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta
« on: 09:05 PM - 02/01/17 »
Me, too. I'm in for Xbox One...

Well when you let a throw away developer like Raven handle one of the most iconic fps games ever this is what you get.  They should have just ported the orginal game over.

Nothing wrong with Raven. I remember them from the Hexen days and that was a blast.

Most, if not, all games on the Xbox One are region free with the exception of China. We need to know which country you are living in to answer the rest of the questions...

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