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So it finally happened and it looks like the entire check is based off of the controller thumbstick output going from zero to balls-to-the-wall immediately. Artificial deadzones were always a risk, but hopefully it is possible for the software to support emulated sensitivity that ramps up to max over a random, but minuscule, window of time. They might still try it with right stick input, but the more wiggle room they give checks, the more controller users they'll have as collateral.

Nice seeing so many old members after so long. Best of luck getting this bit sorted. Manufacturers and publishers shouldn't have a say in the way we interface with our personal hardware.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Monitor input lag
« on: 05:03 AM - 12/05/11 »
Not so much a mistake as the fault of most manufacturers for not specifying the latency of their screens. I've seen BenQ give input lag numbers on their models before, but no other manufacturers come to mind.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM360 vs XIM3
« on: 03:36 AM - 12/01/11 »
The only advantage the first two XIMs have over the XIM3 is peripheral support, and that's only because of all inputs being run through a PC. We can use joystick or mouse emulation software for headtracking gear to map it to the controller, or can jam on a full HOTAS/pedal setup in to a game. Even voice commands through something like Game Commander are an option. This also allows for macros, although how they are used is subject to scrutiny. It's possible to write a script that maps the mousewheel to a game's radial menu or create a no-recoil autofire macro, so both positive and negative possibilities are introduced. Of course LIVE terms label any macro as a violation, regardless of how harmless the former may be.

XIM2 caters well to sessions where one is playing with unsupported hardware, but if you are looking for mouse accuracy, XIM3's smart translators are unmatched. I was amazed at how well the Halo 3 proof of concept ST for the XIM2 did compared to the config I was using at the time, and the quality of translation has only gone up since then.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Monitors / TV (low input lag)
« on: 03:16 AM - 12/01/11 »
Since I recognize many some (because "many" comes across as me being a dick which was unintentional) of these numbers from TFT Central, there's little harm in linking to them. They're a useful source for monitor reviews, but I never take only their numbers in to consideration.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: xim3 lag possbily?
« on: 05:34 AM - 11/26/11 »
Most plasma screens I have seen have better input lag numbers than their equivalent *VA panels, so chances are this is something else in the connection. Of course the game itself might be lagging due to any number of reasons, as well. Is your console healthy, well-ventilated? Does this happen with other games or just COD8? Are lag spikes present in singleplayer? Since this effect isn't constant, I would blame network latency or possible console overheating first, but it might be something else. Doubtful the screen is to blame if the lag isn't always present in every game played.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 Over [H]ard|Forum
« on: 07:59 PM - 11/05/11 »
Not worth the effort of coming up with anything original. Copy and paste the entire second paragraph from Section 14 at http://www.xbox.com/en-US/legal/livetou if you must contest someone's personal opinion. Most of the mouse and keyboard people at Hardforum are more concerned about performance and cost than gimping themselves for other players' peace of mind, so this argument will probably die out the moment one of the two participants stops posting.

14. Service Operation and Equipment.


We reserve complete and sole discretion with respect to the operation of the Service. We may, among other things: (i) restrict or limit access to the Service; (ii) retrieve information from the Authorized Device and any connected peripheral device used to log onto the Service as necessary to operate and protect the security of the Service, and to enforce this contract; and (iii) upgrade, modify, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any functionality or feature of the Service, any game or other content available or accessible through the Service, or any hardware or software associated with the Service or with an Authorized Device, from time to time without notice. We may do so by the automatic download of related software directly to your Authorized Device, including software that prevents you from accessing the Service, playing pirated games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.

The grey area that was third-party peripherals cleared up back when Microsoft blocked Datel memory units. Since then the terms of service have bothered to both differentiate between authorized devices connected to LIVE and peripherals, and do not bar the use of unlicensed peripherals. With their current agreement Microsoft only reserves the option to, at their own discretion, try to monitor and block them via downloadable update.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Reported for "hacking" ?? :(
« on: 03:24 AM - 06/05/11 »
I see this as rare, as I suspect the average report-happy LIVE subscriber has a higher chance of being suspended for flooding the system than they do of actually tagging an unannounced XIMer. Of course you needn't worry. As has been said in this thread, the XIMs don't violate the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use or Code of Conduct, so you won't catch a ban for using one. Even in Black Ops, where it is supposedly against the rules to use third-party controllers (thanks to an obscure post in Treyarch's forums that probably isn't binding, as no one who wasn't already looking has ever read it), you probably wouldn't be noted.

Then there's the report system, which seems to work more on quantity than it does review. You need a certain number of reports to even throw up a red flag and, depending on protocol, it might not even be risky in doing so. All the console sees when you are playing is the wired gamepad, and it is nigh-impossible to prove anything to the contrary on Microsoft's end. Someone who reviews your gameplay wouldn't have any reason to suspend you unless you were breaking other LIVE rules.

Best course of action is to ignore such messages, or send back inane, smiling emoticons with no context whatsoever. Maybe not the latter, as I have found that it really pisses some people off. Actually, the best course of action would probably be to change your account's privacy settings to limit who can send you messages, provided you don't mind limiting the ability of contacting you to people on your friends list.

General Discussion / Re: anyone read rainbow 6?
« on: 12:59 PM - 05/07/11 »
I enjoyed the book much more before I figured out that the DKL LifeGuard is real and a complete joke. I probably would have read it a fourth time by now if I knew where the book was, but right now all the title does is remind me of the death (or in this case, mutilation) of yet another tactical shooter franchise.

I see no need for removing the thread. The OP pointed out a quote mentioning "oddly accurate aiming", and from that it was amusing enough to quickly ponder if this was due to mouse users, software modders, or the the writer's own paranoia. The mention of aimbots afterward seems more a residual concern over what could be causing this supposed spike in increased aiming ability, and is not at all relevant to the XIMs past the weight one would put on a child crying "HACKS!" in-game after being beaten by a XIMer. Perhaps the original thread name was much less neutral?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: "XIM3 is Legit" - Microsoft
« on: 09:25 PM - 05/03/11 »
Agreeing with the "remove sticky" option. While LIVE's Terms of Use don't bar unlicensed peripherals, they do defer to individual publisher/developer user agreements when concerning their respective games. Thus, violating Treyarch's terms while playing Treyarch's game over LIVE is, in itself, a violation of LIVE's ToU. Because Treyarch's security agreement is so broad that they could technically get away with banning you for using a monitor with a higher maximum resolution than another player, any enforcer who decides he doesn't like XIMers is going to be within the company's self-given rights to report to Microsoft or ban someone for using one.

Not every publisher has taken in to account third-party peripherals, but a common attribute of almost all EULAs is the ability to change immediately and without prior warning or approval from the customer, so just because the XIMs are fair play now doesn't mean they always will be. That said, there is no definite way—unless Microsoft has some way to monitor raw input values in real-time, which a software solution designed to make input scale more closely to the controller would counter—to prove someone is using anything other than a wired controller in the case of all XIMs, so properly enforcing any rule against their use is nigh impossible without admission from the player in question.

As to why so many of us are already using gaming mice, many of the XIM audience enjoy playing on PCs as well as on consoles. These mice were purchased for an improved PC gaming experience and also happen to benefit our playing through the XIMs.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: a 1" difference - LCD-LEDs
« on: 07:03 PM - 04/20/11 »
Speaking of manufacturers hiding specifications, make sure the chosen monitor has what you consider an acceptable amount of input lag.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Beating a dead horse.
« on: 09:34 PM - 04/15/11 »
I had someone posting similar nonsense in a Xbox forums thread, right down to the onscreen cursor with the in-store demo that he played at some brick and mortar shop stocked with several dozen XIM3s. Unfortunately for him, the issue had been gone over several times by that point, and anyone left that cared immediately called ********, negating any credibility he might have had otherwise.

...What was even more troubling is that this same guy claimed he has recently reported upwards of 200 people! 

"Since Christmas I have reported 200 people for cheating, Most of them had outrageously high amount of kills and extremely low deaths. To date 142 of them have banned for cheating. on a side note I have reported almost 3000 people for having offensive emblems..."

He justifies it by saying: "So if I see someone getting 50+ kills with less than 10 deaths I file a cheating report against them..."

Wow. Awell, the chances of me running into him is very slim *now enter Murphy’s Law*.

Ignoring Treyarch's overreaching terms, Xbox LIVE's do not prohibit the use of the XIM3. It falls in to the category inhabited by screens, sound systems, and essentially any non-licensed peripheral attached to the console. This is where Treyarch's conditions fail, as they pretty much set up the same scenario, but then say that banning over an advantage offered by a peripheral is their choice to make. Using these lines, they could get away with banning people with HDTVs for playing against someone with an SDTV. It's moronic, but then Treyarch and Infinity Ward both have nonexistent track records for successfully policing their games, highlighting a general incompetence and lack of concern over the issue.

While the XIM3 is not a violation of Xbox LIVE's Terms of Use, filing false complaints against players is. Chances are that anyone foolish enough to report every person playing well is going to grab a suspension for abusing the complaint system before they manage to successfully retaliate against a single XIMer.

Tell me, how is Torchlight on the 360? I've played it on the PC, and it seems pretty nifty, but unless they added a bunch of @#$% like a new class or something...

Fairly sure it is being sold through the Xbox Marketplace.

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