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Sure XIM 1 works great for PS3. But the XIM 2 software looks more comfortable and has more features. It would be nice to have such improvments also availible as PS3 user.

Playstation / Re: MAG, g9x ,toggle run question
« on: 09:19 AM - 03/10/10 »
You can force every key on a Keyboard to be recognized as hold even if you don`t hold it by using Autohotkey. So you can "toggle" every action/button you want.
Beside the freedom to configure behavior of the mouse thats another advantage with XIM over FragFX, FRAGnstein.

Tutorials / Re: Building XIM Hardware without soldering
« on: 07:53 AM - 03/10/10 »
They should stay in place by their length. Just make sure the PS cable as a whole has no stress.

Tutorials / Re: Is there a How to guide for AutoHotKey
« on: 10:54 AM - 03/09/10 »
You don`t have to "download" a script. Basically you put the code into a *.txt and replace the file-extension with a file-extension Autohotkey recognize.

Tutorials / Re: Building XIM Hardware without soldering
« on: 07:28 AM - 03/09/10 »
Here is a quick sketch to illustrate how it works.

Never touch the device nor the wires while pluged in, just to make sure...

Tutorials / Re: Building XIM Hardware without soldering
« on: 06:46 AM - 03/09/10 »
I am sorry i don`t know the exact translation of it. This connectors are standardized components for electronics. They are called "Kabelschuh" in germany and http://dict.leo.org translates it to "cable socket/cable shoe/cable lug..." which sounds right to me.

Well you just have to remove the insulation of each single cable just like you would to solder them. The blank wires will conduct with the iron of this connectors. You put the wires into the pipe and you can either use a gripper to press the plastic end together,
or you can also solder it, without the risk to destroy your daughtercard if you are not familiar with soldering (like me).  
And finally you can shrink the plastic by heaten it carefully and fix it to the isolation of the cables.

As i mentioned above i bought the wrong size (0,75mm2) and all i did was press it together on each side. For conduction and to keep the cables in place. Ill make a quick sketch and add it later.

btw sry for my bad english ^^

Tutorials / Building XIM Hardware without soldering
« on: 06:19 AM - 03/09/10 »
I am surprised there is no hint how to build a XIM without soldering, at least the search function didn`t show me anything.

Have a look at these, and you probably already know how it works.

Because i couldn`t wait to get my XIM working when the Toolstick arrived i bought some of those connectors without knowing the exact size of the connector-holes at the daughtercard. So by guessing i bought the wrong size with 0,75mm but i managed to make them fit with a gripper ^^
I am pretty sure if you can find some with 0,5mm they will fit well.
I used a cutted cable from a PS2 Dualschock Controller and so far my XIM is working perfect at 62 updates with a Logic3 Converter.

I also noticed the blank wires of a controller cable can break very easy, this is another advantage of this solution. If the wires break for any reason you just have to add a new connector and stick it back to the daugthercard.

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