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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Possibility of xim4 pre-order ?
« on: 04:40 PM - 01/09/14 »
I have a promo vid on youtube for the xim3 i better be on the pre order list lol

General Discussion / Re: XIM bf3 magnum gameplay
« on: 06:27 PM - 05/09/13 »
The rex is actually the best cqc sidearm but i perfer the magnum because its good for all ranges

General Discussion / XIM bf3 magnum gameplay
« on: 07:24 PM - 05/08/13 »
This is rather old but still a great demonstration of xim accuracy !


General Discussion / plans for next gen consoles?
« on: 06:56 PM - 05/08/13 »
Do xim developers have any plans for making a xim for the next gen consoles??
I'm sure that it wouldn't be difficult since they are basically downsized gaming pc's.

Just curious

Yup me and this XIM3 has had some good times...but i am a PC gamer at heart...and now that i have a new PC i am saying farewell to console gaming. I am selling my stand alone XIM3 with the xbox controller and ps3 adapter (for using xim3 on PS3)  and the DC unit. so its the whole shibang for 100 bux (this price includes shipping) PM me if you are interested. (everything is still in great condition!)

XIM 3 Discussions / FPS and the Subconcious Mind
« on: 08:57 AM - 05/28/12 »
I wrote this ariticle  on Battlelog for all the console players....but it can easily be applied to mouse and keyboard. In fact it can be applied to any hand/eye coordination activity.
Here is the original link to the Article i wrote


Whatever you prefer to call it, skill, instinctive shooting, reactive shooting, blah, blah, blah does not matter at all. The bottom line is that it is the use or ones natural hand/eye coordination to puts hits onto a targeted area. It is the ability to make the bullets go to the exact point that your eyes are focused on, from any angle or any position. Hand/eye coordination is simply a teaming up of the mind, the body, and the eyes. The mind simply directs the thumbs to apply the exact pressure to the analog sticks to align the cross-hairs so that the point of aim intersects the line of sight at the focal point. This is easy to understand, but not all that easy to make happen on your own.

   I'm sure there was a time that you were in a situation where you are playing really good and you have good concentration and  you cleared a room of 4 to 5 guys in rapid succession with extreme accuracy and precision. During times like this you think to yourself, " WHOA....I am a [email protected]#$% @#$%." Then a similar situation occurs later in the match. What happens? You @#$% up. You over-snap a target or put too much burst on a target or something stupid like that. Why does this happen? Why can one not do things like this consistently like most pros do?

  Most players, including myself for a while, make the mistake of using the left side logic brain to help aid in the task of aiming and shooting.  Ex: I encounter the enemy....ok hes this far away from my cross-hairs...i need to apply this amount of pressure to the stick to have my cross-hairs go to the exact spot i want, then i need to shoot this many bullets in a controlled burst all while being shot at and @#$% blowing up around you and adrenaline pumping  bla bla you get the picture....By the time you work all this out in your head you got bullets hitting you're @#$% face...This is not efficient...this results in @#$% UP. You are OVER THINKING THE PROCESS.....or in military terms, you are Nuking it.

  You must understand that hand eye coordination is a task performed 100x better  with the right side subconscious mind. How does one use the subconscious mind when playing FPS?

  Ok consider that the following is true. Consider that a person is an avid FPS player. Lets say for 4 hours a day you have been developing muscle memory for snapping to various targets on your screen, Some targets close together, some targets far apart. some high some low. some small some big each with different distances between in accordance with the different variables of pressure needed to apply to the sticks to get these distances
  So you would say that its true that playing as long as you have, your brain knows all the exact pressures needed to apply to the sticks to get these precise alignments. Now that we understand a little better...lets break the habit of using the logic mind shall we?

 Step one:  Find the best sens that works for you and NEVER CHANGE IT. I would suggest you develop mucsle memory for a high sens just because low sens has the disadvantage of making a 180 degree turn compared to a high sens.

Step two:  When you play you need to put your mind in a state of extreme concentration....Give yourself tunnel-vision with the game. Don't think that your aim and accuracy is immaculate....know it is.

Step three: When encountering the enemy look at the exact spot where you want to shoot him.. Now this is where it gets a lil tricky.  When you do this you need not to think about it....just let it happen. Look where you want the crosshairs to go and LET IT HAPPEN. Pretend that you're thumbs are a direct extension of you're eyeballs and go with the flow. When performing this technique remember you must have extreme concentration.

  Now as with any technique one must put in alot of practice and time. Once you hone this technique you will notice that precise aiming becomes as easy as breathing.....it will be like all you have to do is look at the target and your hands will do the rest...almost without any thought process....or on autopilot. This state of mind is what gamers refer to as "BEAST MODE"

 This technique frees up alot of brain space.....as a result you are able to put ALOT more thought into situational awareness...what the enemy is thinking...where the enemy is gonna be next etc.

  You see this technique in action all the time.....alot of pros have this ability naturally and don't even know it...they just think that it comes natural to them, when in fact...this ability is in us all. This often gets mistaken as hacks or things of that nature....have you ever been completely dominated by someone and think to your self " THERE'S NO @#$% WAY THIS GUY CAN BE THAT GOOD"  Well.....yes yes he can...he uses this technique and since one does not understand it....they dismiss it as hacking.

   Now most trolls (if they even read this far) will go look at my stats and find anything that they  can use to ridicule this thread....this is ok. When i play FPS im always looking to develop new techniques and ways to become a more efficient player...this means trial and error....what works and doesnt work etc. My stats totally reflect this.

  I hope that you all enjoyed this thread. If you wish to learn more about any of my techniques do not be afraid to message me for i do not judge anyone by their stats.

Love and Light

Im pc to console...yes you take a graphics hit but i can say ive never ran into a hacker on bf3 ps3 not once. I really enjoy myself on the console...Dont underestimate the sticks either =P

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: I need help with something!!!!
« on: 06:31 PM - 05/18/12 »
smoothness helped alot with angle snapping and pivoting my elbow. now im getting arrow straight sweeps thanks to u all

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: 71-5 on Kill Confirmed
« on: 03:56 PM - 05/18/12 »
this thread reminds me of battlelog...

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: I need help with something!!!!
« on: 04:37 PM - 05/17/12 »
Ive discovered that its difficult to do this because i use high sens with xim, when i lower it i can make danm straight sweeps...but i am a Twitch shooter i need high sens, if i cant pull a 180 in a fraction of a second i am useless in cqc. I tried pivoting my elbow instead of my wrist and this helps alot, I will try that smart advanced option out soon.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: 71-5 on Kill Confirmed
« on: 04:35 PM - 05/17/12 »
I disagree, a master with the sticks + aim assist can be just as deadly as the xim just because the xim is limited to ingame look mechanics.......now if it were pc then thats a different story. Overall you played an awesome match. Keep it up bro

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: 71-5 on Kill Confirmed
« on: 08:36 PM - 05/16/12 »
i havent played mw3 since jan lol....drop shooting seems to be part of the game these days

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: I need help with something!!!!
« on: 05:00 PM - 05/16/12 »
oh yea i seen that feature but had no idea what its for, ill try it out

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 =-)
« on: 04:07 PM - 05/16/12 »
i use the Corsair M60 Vengeance....and its nothing short of amazing, deff one of the top mice on the market

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: I need help with something!!!!
« on: 04:05 PM - 05/16/12 »
is there a setting on the xim that would aid me in this as well?

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