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Ö. And there is a ps5 translator. I am actually happy despite. Will we be getting a returnal translator? Please?

Yes please make the st with dynamic and black ops aa curve settings especially for nexus. This is a far supurior settings for aim assist. You can find videos on youtube on why

I was watching the xim central channel trying to figure out how to make a rapid fire smart action and I realized my app just doesn't have the option. I can go to advanced mode and go to the buttons but I have no plus to create anything and I can see nothing that even references a smart action. I updated my firmware a couple of weeks ago and I am on IOS

Felt fine to me yesterday using mouse and keyboard plugged in on ps5. top of the servers all day with crossplay off..
Just tweak your mouse settings and you should be good to go.. if you ask me just quietly felt better then xim.. go figure

There was no crossplay because it was ps5 only. Was there a toggle? I hope so. I want to play with just ps5 players even if they only put me with k&m players just so I donít have to play with hackers. Xbox doesnít give you a choice. Halo infinite puts you with pc players even if you turn crossplay off at a system level.

General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 11:09 PM - 09/07/22 »
Just get me something that has official ps5 st. I donít care if it has an embedded beloader device. If it has macros then oh well if you donít like them donít use them. I donít because they interfere more than they help but we are put in pc lobbies on most games. Every pc peripheral made has some kind of macro support.

I understand this but they could support what they can during the in between. Itís customer service. It something I always enjoyed about this product and the people who make it. You could request something and they would do it. If you ask for something on Cronus forums they would delete your post and ban you if you if you had something to say about it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Can we get a returnal translator.
« on: 01:02 AM - 07/25/22 »
Is the apex dead now? This forum seems to be. If anyone has got a config there using let me know. I tried cod and itís a zigzag.

I tried some ps5 games:
Demon Souls
Astros playroom
Final fantasy remake
Miles morales
Crash 4
 Öall work

Ghost of tushima
Ö no luck

For apex and nexus

I was wanting to use it and not buy a ps4 controller to play some old ps4 games with apex on ps5.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: To beloader or not
« on: 09:17 PM - 07/01/22 »
XIM central YouTube channel says it only adds 4ms of lag. I donít know where he got the number or if he is just schilling for the beloader company. He did have a sponsored link.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: To beloader or not
« on: 04:07 PM - 06/30/22 »
Iím sorry. yes XIM works fine on Xbox. I was saying I can wait for XIM functionality on the ps5 because I play shooters on the Xbox.

XIM APEX Discussions / To beloader or not
« on: 10:02 PM - 06/29/22 »
I was thinking about getting one but I play multiplayer on Xbox. I am in no hurry. I was thinking this functionality will probably be in the next XIM anyway. I will probably buy the next XIM even if itís not a big update.

Just got a ps5. Wanting to use my series x stuff to work on both consoles. Thanks

? thanks

Game Support / Re: Elden Ring support please!
« on: 02:46 AM - 03/24/22 »
We still getting apex support? Nexus would be nice as well. I donít see it on the list. It sold well. Way better than dark souls and I see support for those games.

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