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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: New Mouse
« on: 03:07 PM - 11/19/22 »
Awesome thanks for the help!  I just got back from the store and I wound up getting the razer viper v2 pro  only reason was that it was $30 cheaper.  the logitech felt a slightly better in my hand but felt very slippery in texture. 
thanks again!

XIM APEX Discussions / New Mouse
« on: 08:20 AM - 11/19/22 »
I am looking to get a new mouse I currently have a wired G502 that is definitely showing its age.  I play on the xbox sx and currently use 250hz on both the Xim and mouse and 3200dpi.  I was considering the Razer Viper V2 Pro or Logitech G Pro X Superlight both using it wirelessly.  Is anyone using these and know of any issues? 
 My next question I have recently started using the 250hz settings (following Od1n's guide)  for more AA do these new mice allow 250hz setting like my old mouse? 
  to have the better AA does the mouse also need to be set at 250hz like the XIM or can it be set higher like 500Hz and get the same results?
 Thanks in advance for any help!

General Discussion / Re: Xim Apex vs Nexus
« on: 05:51 AM - 11/12/22 »
Ok awesome.  Thanks for the info and help.  I will probably hold out and see when the new XIM comes out and then decide.

General Discussion / Xim Apex vs Nexus
« on: 07:10 AM - 11/10/22 »
Hey, I am a long-time XIM user.  I have an apex right now and haven't used it in years just got out of gaming.   I am looking to get into playing MW2 using the Xbox.  I saw the Nexus remote is the newest product but I can't find many reviews on it ( I did see one negative YT video on it).  I am horrible with a controller but the Nexus looks interesting.  Can some of you guys give me some comparisons between the apex and nexus that have both?  I do like the idea of just having a wireless controller to play with and not having to set up a mouse and keyboard.

General Discussion / Re: My kid just asked me for an Apex
« on: 09:27 AM - 12/19/18 »
I remember playing BF1942!  Yeah I think he wants to be able to beat me. It should be interesting as he has never played with a keyboard and mouse.  It will be fun to teach him anyway.

General Discussion / My kid just asked me for an Apex
« on: 03:26 PM - 12/17/18 »
Well I thought this was interesting after using every version of the XIM made all the years my 12year old son just asked for a XIM Apex for Christmas!  Never thought that would happen he also said all his friends are getting it as well.  Its amazing how far this has come
Good Stuff!
 ** Now hopefully it gets to me in time, Just ordered it in the shop.  Fingers Crossed!

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181216)
« on: 08:01 PM - 12/16/18 »
I notice something is different since the update.  Everything was perfect prior with RML's settings.  Now it is feeling slightly off.

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181210)
« on: 05:16 AM - 12/14/18 »
thank you very much for your config. However I try to paste your blackout config and it gave me an error in apex.

Make sure you are using the correct firmware for both the apex and manager. See  OP with details

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181210)
« on: 05:12 AM - 12/13/18 »
Did you update the Multiplayer code as well since the patch? Thanks!

Thanks RML for posting the NO SYNC option!!! I just tried it on Multiplayer and it is awesome better then the previous code and better then the Sync On optional code.  Very happy with it and am running everything stock from the your code.
Thanks as always for putting in all the time and effort into this!!!!!!

So I only play multiplayer and I like the previous code better. So with this new one if I just turn sync off it should be better for MP?

are you guys liking the new code with Multiplayer or just Blackout?

Thanks RML for putting the time in to do this.  I just tried it and feel that I am having a hard time locking onto targets and seemed to have better initial lock on with the previous code.
I am using the code with no changes and same settings on my g502 as yours.
Not sure if I am missing something?

Some are saying too fast, some too slow. Just goes to show how different we can all be. If it's too slow or fast then adj. Your sens accordingly "it's ok". Just keep everything else the same and keep hip at least 1.6x faster then Ads.

I prefer my ads a lil slower than my hip why do you have it faster

I just copied and pasted  RML settings and Hip is at 68 and ADS is at 42

RML Just switched to your newest and it is AWESOME!!! I kept everything the same as yours( using the same mouse and nav).

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