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Oh really.. I thought it was suppose to match what was set on the mouse? I have a G502 hero and its set at 1000hz. Should i change the mouse too or only the Apex? I had been playing before with both set to 1000hz never had the blinking, Is that just something with the remote play causing it?

Oh also this is not related to apex but when i load remote play on my laptop the display on the laptop is so scrambled i cant see it, between rounds it corrects some, i have tried all the resolution options on remote play and they all do it, not that it matters cuz i dont watch that screen its just annoying. I have a thinkpad w520 with a core i7 and Quatro 6600 i would have thought it would display properly at 360p at least. i have 64 bit win10 and i dont see a remote play for 64 bit anywhere, noticed it says (32 bit) in task manager when remote play is running. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for the help

I have been using remote play via laptop and DSv2 to play PS4/PS5 games on my PS5 it had been working fine but a lot of times i would starting spinning and have to unplug apex from pc and reconnect it then im good again. I decided to update firmware but now i keep getting purple lights flashing at me. i replaced the cable connecting the DS but still get the flashing purple any ideas?

manager ver: 5.00.20190719
firm version: 5.00.20211012

I'm not bad in a tank with mouse n keyboard but I can't fly a heli to save my life so I just pick up the dual shock plugged into the xim, I just keep it close since it's on and working anyway.

I would like to use my xim apex with PS5 using RemotePlay.
I have CronusMax Plus and two DS4v1.
Do I really need DS4v2 to use RP?
I heard some people are using T2 which can trick system and appear as DSv2 for RP (or maybe I just misunderstood)
Maybe someone checked it already or if has old DS4 and Cronus can check it?

I believe our developers will crack DualSense in future. I don't want to buy new Dual Shock to use it for let's say 3 months and then just put it in drawer.

I can't try it myself now because I'll get PS5 at beginning of December. I'm already in my home country and I can buy new DS4v2 cheaper than in country where I'm living and working.

Eventually maybe there is cheaper option? Like hori mini or something I can buy instead of DS4v2?
I'll also have my old PS4 and I can use it for RemotePlay. If I'm using PS4 for RP do I need DS4v2?

I'm still not sure which option is better...

If anyone know the answer I would appreciate it!

Dude why all this mess.
I'm playing ps5 games on remote play with xim apex(kb&mouse)and
Dual sense.  That's it my guy. I even posted a video or two in this thread

How do you get it stable? Everytime i try using the duel sence from remote play (pc) it keeps messing up and i have to unplug the apex and plug back in. I switched to DSv2 and it never messes up.

XIM APEX Discussions / Remote play work around / configs
« on: 11:45 AM - 11/15/21 »
I was going to try using the PS5 remote play work around from my PS4 because i was afraid my laptop wasn't going to be good enough however it does have usb 3.0 and a quatro graphix card so tried it from the laptop first... i am pleased to report it works great on battlefield 2024 PS5 and hell let loose on PS5.. i cant get the video on the laptop to look good on any resolution for some reason but the input to the PS5 monitor was great and when i played BF1 it actually felt better like my keyboard movement was faster than having the apex plugged directly into the PS5. might just be me but it works great thankfully... IS there anyway someone would release configs for hell let loose since it doesn't appear to have a ps4 version?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Battlefield 2024
« on: 09:59 PM - 11/13/21 »
I do have a ps4 pro sitting around collecting dust now, i guess i dont understand.... How is accessing a PS5 through a ps4 via remote play any different than just playing the ps4 version of a game. I mean are you still getting all the eye candy that you would get from the ps5 version?

Your PS4 sends the inputs to the PS5 while you play the PS5 version from the TV/monitor connected to the PS5.
So your PS4 basically acts like an extension cable for your XIM thanks to Remote Play.

Oh i see, anything special with setting it up or just plug the apex into the ps4 and starting remote play?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Battlefield 2024
« on: 11:20 AM - 11/11/21 »
I do have a ps4 pro sitting around collecting dust now, i guess i dont understand.... How is accessing a PS5 through a ps4 via remote play any different than just playing the ps4 version of a game. I mean are you still getting all the eye candy that you would get from the ps5 version?

XIM APEX Discussions / Battlefield 2024
« on: 04:18 PM - 11/10/21 »
So i guess im downloading the PS4 version of battlefield 2024 on ps5 until a solution pops up... anyone know how long before a config comes out for ps4 usually? anyone want to trade a series X for a ps5? haha

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: foot pedals
« on: 05:21 PM - 02/10/21 »
Oh i thought the software was only to program the pedal then it saves onto the pedal if i remember right. Then it doesn't need the software anymore it would just act as a keystroke or mouse click. IF that was the case could i use a usb splitter before my keyboard plugs into the apex?

or what about something like this i just found these.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: foot pedals
« on: 04:36 PM - 02/10/21 »
Yeah they came with software you first plugged them into the pc to program them with a keystroke or macro I believe I can't find the company's website anymore they are called pedalpax I found one on Amazon with a screenshot of the software. https://www.amazon.com/Pedalpax-Sa1-Programmable-Foot-Pedal/dp/B00E8ILO6E

XIM APEX Discussions / foot pedals
« on: 11:51 PM - 02/09/21 »
Long time user of xim on PS4 here, just want to first say i still love this product as much as the day i bought it!
I use a keyboard and mouse but i have these 3 foot pedal buttons i bought for pc gaming long ago, just wondering if there was or will ever be a way to plug these in and use them along with my keyboard and mouse? Think it would be cool to bind a function to one pedal at least. Not sure if i posted this in the right place if not sorry. Thanks for any help

XIM 4 Discussions / ps4 d pad
« on: 06:50 PM - 01/30/15 »

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Problem with XIM?
« on: 04:33 PM - 08/25/14 »
Yeah im guessing the DS4 wasnt completely charged? must of been like 99 %.. only thing i did was charge it and shut off all the lights on my keyboard.. its working fine again.

what about the right click flashing yellow and green once everytime i click it...is there an issue with that? doesn't seem to be affecting anything.. Thanks man

XIM 4 Discussions / Problem with XIM?
« on: 10:03 AM - 08/25/14 »
  I havn't changed anything, every things been working fine until today..I can only play BF4 on PS4 for a minute then i look down and the xim is flashing yellow and red for like 10 or 15 times. nothing works at this point i have to un plug xim to ps4 connection and plug back in for it to work again..also i noticed when i hit my right mouse button ( aim down sights) it flashes green and yellow once? dont notice it flash on other buttons...i didnt look to see if the logitec trackball marble mouse was compatible but until today it worked great.

There is also a wireless trackman trackball i wish was compatible . is there a place to make requests?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Sadness of Supply
« on: 01:55 PM - 08/20/14 »
im not sure of the bugs people are talking about , i bought mine on the first day and i am loving it more and more everyday...

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