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General Discussion / Re: Xim Use on PC.
« on: 11:56 AM - 11/28/19 »

Clickbait. XIM isn't detected, the controller is.

The game probably just displays default binding info.

This is the new trend. User error leads to people claiming the XIM is detected. No one trouble shoots anymore.

General Discussion / Re: XIM Collection...
« on: 10:59 AM - 10/30/19 »
I go all the way back to XIM2. I still have it somewhere. Probably in a box in the attic.

But it is cheating, why do you people keep lying to yourself. Xim gives you a degree of precision and mobility that is very very hard to achieve with a controller. It’s that simple. I wouldn’t have such a problem if people would be honest.

Show me on the doll where the XIM touched you.

Sometime next week, probably. COD and Battlefield are usually in the highest demand.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 11:08 AM - 09/21/19 »
Wait... you're actually bragging about running a XIM vs a bunch of scrub PC players? Derp. Of course you're going to hand them their @#$% with AA.

I'm pretty sure Shroud doesn't care about some XIM dweebs opinion, as he rolls around in his mountains of cash obtained by his thousands of subs

For a cloth pad, you should give it a deep soak at least once a year in a decent dish soap (I use Dawn). The reason being that oil from your skin is absorbed into the pad and builds up over time. Eventually your pad will attract dirt and oil to the same spots over and over, and your mouse sensor will read these areas differently.

I noticed my sensor was having issues, remembered I had not washed my pad in over a year. Gave it a good soak (15 minutes) and wash with warm water. The result was better and more consistent tracking. It also helps with your mouse skates to glide smoothly and consistently over the surface.

Also, it's a good idea to entirely replace your cloth mat after about 5 years. It wears down and you may not notice it, but having switched mine out at 6 years, it made my mouse feel like it was gliding on ice compared to syrup on the old pad.

I read through some various posts last night, some from XBOX.com mods and some on Reddit. Basically it boils down to this:

- The XIM is NOT an unauthorized device.

- The XIM is an UNLICENSED device.

There is a difference. Licensed means MS officially licenses and supports the device via support, and guarantees that it will work with their hardware. Unlicensed devices are allowed, but are not officially supported by MS.

Authorized vs Unauthorized basically boils down to actual modification of input and output; i.e. cheating or jtagging, etc. The XIM falls under the authorized device category since it does not modify the controller signal, nor does it attempt to push inputs beyond what the official XBOX controller can do. It took several sources of comments to come to this conclusion, but the MS bottom line is: "We give game developers the ability to use an API to detect the inputs from these adapters. It's up to them to use it. Because we don't care." We saw this with Fortnite a while back, but XIM can bypass that, even.

Microsoft honestly doesn't care, as long as you aren't modifying signals/hardware of theirs.

General Discussion / Re: best gaming pc in 500
« on: 11:30 AM - 04/30/19 »
Thats a good build, but I notices you placed an extra 4gb on top of the 4gb, that doesnt work most of the time as they have to be both same brand and same speed, sell sticks and buy an older 8gb like an older gskill sticks, some go for $30 on ebay

Another thing,  a single 8gb stick will run in single channel, while two 4gb sticks will run in dual channel and give you better performance.

Either way, the 4gb sticks are $17 a piece. If it didn't work I could have bought another one lol

General Discussion / Re: best gaming pc in 500
« on: 08:10 PM - 04/29/19 »
Thats a good build, but I notices you placed an extra 4gb on top of the 4gb, that doesnt work most of the time as they have to be both same brand and same speed, sell sticks and buy an older 8gb like an older gskill sticks, some go for $30 on ebay

They don't have to be the same brand. Just the same speed and size. What I bought is almost q00% identical to the RAM already in the PC, just a different manufacturer

General Discussion / Re: best gaming pc in 500
« on: 11:29 PM - 04/27/19 »
Depends on games.

I feel I can chime in since my PC was $200, its an old optiplex with i.5-3470, 8gb of ram with a used 1050ti, it plays fortnite at steady 108fps capped with RTSS and aided by Freesync.

Who knows what you can do with a better PSU and something like a rx 580

Ha. We just did the same thing (see post above). It's seriously a great and cheap build. Also, kudos for using RTSS... that thing is a lifesaver.

General Discussion / Re: best gaming pc in 500
« on: 11:24 PM - 04/27/19 »
I just built my son a "gaming PC" for under $400. Best way to do it is find a good deal on old prebuilt Dell systems, and do some drop in upgrades. Make sure you research exactly what you are buying (CPU, form factor, etc). We went with the Optiplex 7010 ATX (full tower), because the CPU did pretty well in gaming on UserBenchmark, compared to most Dell PC's of that era. Full tower was also a must for us, because we wanted the option to use a full size video card in the future.

Base System: $100 (Found locally via Craigslist)

Intel i5-3470 Quad Core Processor
Intel Integrated Graphics
250W Power Supply
500GB 5400 RPM HDD
Windows 10 x64 Home

We then ordered and installed the following upgrades:

ASUS nVidia GTX 1050ti 4GB: $120
Patriot 4GB DDR3 1600MHZ: $17
Rosewill Certified 80 450W PSU: $36
DELL 3.5" to 2.5" SSD Caddy: $7

Total Cost: $330

Final Specs:

Intel i5-3470 Quad Core Processor
ASUS GTX 1050ti 4GB
450W Power Supply
500GB 5400 RPM HDD
Windows 10 x64 Home

Haven't tested many games on it yet. But Destiny 2 is running at 1080p at 90 fps on a mixture of low/medium settings. You can lookup identical builds on YouTube to find similar results in many AAA games. It will even run GTA5 on low at 60+ FPS.

Dollar for dollar, it's probably the best route to go, unless you want to go with higher end used parts, or break the $500 barrier. You could even find an Optiplex with an old i7, or upgrade the CPU in the 7010 to a cheaper i7. In that scenario, I would even spend a little extra for a GTX 1060 or 1070, as bottlenecking would be less of a concern. DDR3 is cheap enough to push the system to 16GB on dual channel, as well. But this system was built strictly for Destiny 2 and CSGO, which it performs beautifully with those games.

Although your attitude is total garbage, and you sound like an entitled brat.... I do agree with your general request. Finding basic information like that should be a little easier. I made a cheat sheet for myself

General Discussion / Re: Mw3 Montage (Sniping)
« on: 11:29 AM - 03/23/19 »
A MW3 video in 2019? Man... all the feels.

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