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General Discussion / Re: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
« on: 01:26 PM - 06/05/19 »
Yeah, they said matchmaking will be based on input. It could mean there is native mouse support on consoles but more likely it means that if you have a controller plugged into your PC you'll be matched with console players.

Intresring, any change to use XIM Apex with PC + Pad? If so this set up gives you PC graphics and XIMs advantage :)

General Discussion / Re: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
« on: 10:02 AM - 05/31/19 »
I saw this, dont know where is it taken from;

"Clarification on cross-play; If you're on console, it'll keep you in console lobbies. The only time you will come across PC players as a console player, is if you party up with a friend on PC. Just like how Fortnite does it. So don't worry haha. You won't get obliterated by M+KB!"

General Discussion / Re: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
« on: 12:49 AM - 05/31/19 »
This sounds amazingly good, i mean more realistic, no maps packs, and most of all crossplay.

If crossplay is also in multiplayer, do they force PC to use pads? If so, is possible that XIM Apex is working on PC too to allow mouse? Native mouse with XIM assist would be awesome.

Guys think this through!

General Discussion / Re: Note for Xbox1 X 4k players
« on: 12:09 PM - 04/15/19 »
Tried this one again, definitely more lag when 4k is on.

If you have 4k monitor, try this one:

Set resolution 1080p, set HDMI output manual, set 120Hz on (im playing cod bo4, no matter if game runs 60fps).

Movement  is clearly more solid and sharp, snappier you say. BUT i got this Acer Nitro XV273K witch is 120/144hz 4k monitor, and its understangin Xbox one X as 120Hz even game not supporting that.

I believe thats why its feels lesser laggy with 1080P @ 120Hz forced ON than basic 4k in Xbox one X settings.

Try also if your tv or monitor can do 1080p @ 120Hz !

Thank you for the report. It's nice to see the mx518 around again. :)

Jeps, have to shout it out loud  ;D

MX518 Legendary coming to market was in news on local gaming / PC / electronic website (io-tech.fi) in Finland and have to get that old veteran immediately.

Most important thing: works great with XIM Apex  ;)


If seeking for new mouse:  just got logitech g mx518 legendary. Fits great on hand and performing is at the best as i know. Former G502 did very fine too.

Just like MX518 / G400 too but better tech inside.

Looks like officemouse. More than meets the eye, said.


General Discussion / Re: Note for Xbox1 X 4k players
« on: 08:07 AM - 02/14/19 »
I use same monitor with PC at 4k, no input lag at all.

But it might be HDMI port problem, only 2.0 HDMI so i cant get freesync with Xbox (with PC offcourse can).

It might be possible that 4k via HDMI is presented in 30fps but i think i can notice that easily if it is so. Huge difference between 30fps and 60fps.

I got earlier some similar lag issues on xbox360 when tried some different picture output settings. Cant notice with pad but with XIM its just little floaty, specially at hip.

General Discussion / Note for Xbox1 X 4k players
« on: 12:03 AM - 02/14/19 »

Got some days ago 4k monitor for Xbox1 X and PC (Acer Nitro XV273K), and noticed something when played BO4 with XIM Apex.

When settings changed to 4k on Xbox, my gaming gone little bit worse, ratio lowered. I think i did feel more floatyness on controlls.
Tried to change back to 1080p , HDMI forced on (not auto) and just in case turned 120Hz mode on too in Xbox setting.

—-> huublamama aiming / moving feels more sharp! Ratio rises back and still rising.

You can used to have little lag, but if you are playing CoD BO4 with Xbox1 X + XIM Apex at 4K try 1080p (HDMI forced on + 120Hz on if possible) and report do you see any different?

Maybe its game, 2.0 HDMI port or Xbox itself.

Yes, this monitor has only HDMI 2.0 so i think that is the problem.

Sure some newest Samsung TVs and some monitors got 2.1.

This is mostly For PC gaming 4K @120Hz with G-Sync / freesync both works now on Nvidia cards (Evga 2080Ti) but that freesync could be nive on Xbox x too with XIM Apex.

I can try with another HDMI caple too but if it can put UHD trough i thingk its the HDMI 2.0 port what screw up freesync.


Just bought Acer Nitro XV273K for PC and Xbox1 X gaming monitor, first reasonable priced 4K 120Hz/144Hz screen with now freesync supporting also Nvidia cards.


And i tought it would be perfect for Xbox1 X too because of 4K + Freesync.

But Variable refresh rate on Xbox settings is gray and Freesync in monitors settings is gray too, no choices.

Monitors HDMI ports are 2.0 and Freesync in Xbox1 X needs HDMI 2.1, so no Freesync, dammit.

I am guessing no change to activate freesync from Xbox1 X with HDMI to Display port adapter neither?

Freesync could be very welcome option for XIM Apex users i believe, or do you have other experiences?

General Discussion / Re: Xbox One X input lag fest...
« on: 04:15 AM - 12/21/18 »
Also remember to shut game down manually after playing, i have noticed it might feel stutter / laggy etc. sometimes if its nor shutted down at home page.

About his rubberbanded feel in HIP movement in BO4, if you controll a RC XD scorestreak it feels much more snappier. Hope HIP movement could feel as sharp too, like in PC.

This might be in game engine.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox One X input lag fest...
« on: 11:07 PM - 12/20/18 »

so im not only one who detect some lag. Cant compare PS4 or other Xbox1X with XIM Apex but there is for sure something going on, mostly in HIP movement. I´m playing only BO4 right now, and i can tell its rubberbandish feel at HIP controlls, not so much in ADS.

ADS is fine, smooth and everything with XIM Apex, but HIP feels laggy and rubberbandish for sure when making fast "corner checks" to look from side to side.. Thats easy to detect after played with PC 165Hz. Same monitor (Asus 1440p @ 165Hz). I dont want even try with TV...

Once more i must check monitor settings from Xbox just in case, V-sync etc are forced to be on? Cant remember to see anything else than resolution / colour options etc.

Its not netlag, thats variable and all tested at local game too.

Used first time recon car (RC-XD), easy to controll with mouse and no loose / floaty feel at all!

If its possible to have that sharp movement for hip too, it would be perfect.

After resets (mentioned above) this feels as goos as previuos CoD WW2.

Anybody else got BO4 ST feel better after this:

- XIM factory reset and /or delete BO4 config + download it again.

- Set poll to 125Hz in expert settings in XIM (mouse pollrate dont matter, i think).

- Try first without curves etc, just remapping buttons and setting speeds.

Im using G502 at 12 000 dpi, 1440p reso with monitor and nav. Xbox one X connected to monitor with HDMI caple but that should not add any input lag (?). Monitor is 1440p 165Hz Asus but hertz wont help with console. In PC use its low inputlag monitor so why not with Xbox too.

If i remeber right, i have to do factory reset earlier too with XIM 4 or Edge. Im tuning all the time my settings, maybe XIM dont like this kind of hässling-around with it  :o

Game Support / Re: Official black ops 4 settings
« on: 12:28 AM - 10/16/18 »
I think i got BO4 ST feel better after factory reset and normal settings.

Or maybe enough if just delete BO4 config, and load it back and try just non-modified settings with 125hz first! Possible 1000hz enable is little loose compared to 125hz with this game. Then add curves etc.

My slow ADS gone away also when reloaded ST to XIM.

Try and report?

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