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This looks awesome! How do you handle two separate cables one from headset and one from mic, is it not annoying? I normally connected my headset via optical cable since those two have jacks , is there any issue connecting it to ps4? Thanks mate in advance  :)

you just connect the mic to a cheap 5$ usb soundcard that you attach to the PS4, thats how you get your voice into the PS4
the other sound is grabbed from the optical port of course

once sony comes with a patch you can also attach the mic to the controller, but currently that doesnt work
I use skull candy player 1's fantastic headset IMO, skull candy now owns astro so the tech that is in the A50's is the same/similar tech the the player 1's for a lower price aswell


And the same company that makes Mercedes owns Chrysler but I'm not going to take a Chrysler 300 over a Mercedes-Benz S-series.  I'm not saying they aren't just as good as the Astro's, but just because they are owned by them doesnt make it so.  They've been owned by them for like 3 years and its not like skull candy has taken over the headset market.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ahhh!!! Should I still get xim4
« on: 03:59 PM - 07/17/14 »
Ok so I know the obvious answer is yes but here me out.

Like most here i am a PC gamer, being without a xim for 8 months and forcing myself to play BF4 using a DS4 Ive actually become pretty good. I tend to finish top 5 every match, my K/D ratio is creeping back up to 2.0 but would probably be 3.0 with my current ability if i reset the stats.

So why am I raising the question here?

1. Is any one else torn like me who have got good with a controller?
2. 8 months with no mouse action is gonna feel like im better with controller whilst I retrain muscle memory to use a mouse
3. Other than BF4 atm there aint many other shooters I plan to get this year, im beta testing destiny but not sure i will like it as i wasnt a fan of halo, my game line up for this year is GTA V on PS4, Driveclub and the Crew. Im wondering if i need a xim at launch or atall anymore :(

Dont get me wrong I know ill love the xim if i pick one up but im just not sure if i need one anymore this year. I guess the price point makes less of an impulse buy at the moment.

Feedback welcome, anyone else feeling the same or please convince me im just brain washed by my DS4 and ill own even more again with xim lol

I would say I agree and have been thinking about the same.  But we aren't playing against good XIM players yet for the most part.  When we do we will want a xim too. trust.

I mean obviously the xim is intended for fps MOSTLY (dont kill me) but like others have said you will have your nextgen a while.

Beta / Re: touchpad future and ps4 st's
« on: 02:35 PM - 04/02/14 »
glad to find this post, got concerned very soon into Infamous..

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Input lag: Don't forget!
« on: 02:29 PM - 04/02/14 »
I started out PS4 on my 60" plasma but I have returned to my $100, 3 year old pc monitor with 2ms.  I barely have to move my eye to see every movement.

THE edge will be connected to any console via the USB cable.  as PS4 uses bluetooth only for controller.... and not sound....

Meaning that we'll still need USB mic and headphones for talking? Isn't the PS4 headset plugged in the controller? Got any ideas on how that might work?

Get a wireless headset (or wired) that plugs into the optical audio output. The Astro A40's and A50's do this.

Why do the gaming companies even care, faster on to the next game they are selling...

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I Challenge you xim owners!
« on: 10:37 AM - 03/17/14 »
It will only depend on the players and not the input device.

Back in old counterstrike days I knew a Cal+M/Cal-invite player that used a track ball like the little ball on laptop and he was a beast.  You could take the best gamepad player in the world and he wont have a positive k:d with a trackball pc device.

Whatever you are used to is what you will be best at.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

 Web-head thats the only thing I'm worried about with wand.. that i wont like the limited buttons and/or button placement.

Well, my PC has completely died and its been so long my G500 mouse and G15 keyboard are kind of broken down so its time for new.

Which keyboard and mouse should I go after?

Also, i've been playing so much with gamepad now i'm wondering recommendations for an analog for left hand instead of keyboard also.  Considering using that with a mouse instead.

Yes, everyone go buy this, more XIM for me lol.. .or at least maybe i'll be able to get one at release ;)

I'm starting to get the hang of it.  overall my kd is up to .93 but in the last week its around 1.5.  A few more weeks and I may call it good enough ;)

*edit - Oh yeah, thats on PS4 Ghosts.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: xim4 price?
« on: 07:42 AM - 03/06/14 »
I'd pay 149 for the finished product + beta but not just for beta lol.  I'm not THAT bad with controller.  Its more about consistancy... i just went 39-6 and then 3 matches of 6-14, 23-35, 14-15

42 soon like Obsiv :D but I am older by couple months. That is very important to me LOL

41 here as well, sounds like a good group to be in.  ;)

Oh yeah forgot to add, just got my 1st pair of prescription glasses yesterday, just for gaming! The optometrist thought I was kidding Lol... the ignoranus!

I was thinking of getting some new glasses for gaming lol.  I wear contacts 99% of the time so my glasses are a $20 pair lol.

Is this first set of glasses at all for you or do you prefer glasses to contacts when gaming..

Average   34.0151515151515
Median   33.5
Mode   29
Maximum   58
Minimum   13
Total   66
SD   8.86217966632523
Variance   78.5382284382284

posted earlier im 37... and Im happy to see this thread brought out a lot of folks I have never seen post!

average +3 baby :)

Yes I don't post often, but I've ben using xim and lurking since these guys were putting together their own kits and selling them :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: xim4 price?
« on: 11:34 AM - 03/05/14 »
Sounds good, i paid $299 for headphones i'll def pay $150 to not suck

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